Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release Notes & Highlights

Salesforce Spring 22 Release

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The platform is continuously evolving and improving to deliver optimal performance for its end users. The following article encompasses an overview of the new digital innovations and enhancements users can expect in the upcoming Salesforce Spring ’22 product release. These innovations are targeted to heighten performance in critical business areas such as:

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Commerce
  4. Slack
  5. Financial Services
  6. Platform Services
  7. Platform applications
  8. Lightning experience
  9. Application development
  10. Analytics

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The Spring 22’ release did not neglect the sales enhancements. In fact, Salesforce was keen on ensuring they were delivering multiple enhancements that facilitate, elevate and power their client sales teams from anywhere. This release includes 9 new sales features. These features include Revenue intelligence, Einstein Conversation Insights Enhancements, and High-Velocity Sales Enhancements.

Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Intelligence is a data sales solution that combines Tableau CRM dashboards and analytics with a visual pipeline progress flow chart available via Pipeline inspection. With this feature, sales teams will benefit from improved forecast accuracy, easily comprehensible deal health, identifiable coaching opportunities, increased revenue growth, new out-of-the-box dashboards, and actionable insights.

Pipeline Inspection 1 consolidated view

Pipeline Inspection: 1 consolidated view

Pipeline Inspection My Pipeline

Pipeline Inspection: My Pipeline

Revenue Insights View

Revenue Insights View


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Salesforce CDP Enhancements and Datorama Reports for Ecommerce were introduced during this release with the goal of powering smarter data and analytics with new integrations.

Datorama Enhancements for Ecommerce

Clients can expect an optimized marketing performance and e-commerce experience thanks to the Datorama Enhancements for Ecommerce. This feature includes smart timing of ecommerce sales and marketing programs. Through a Salesforce-compatible Datorama connector, users can heighten the order management processes by linking marketing sales to product order revenue. Additionally, the Datorama connector can be utilized for Amazon seller central and vendor central.

Einstein Budget Recommendations

Einstein Budget Recommendations is a new feature for the Datorama media planning center app. This feature was created to save marketing teams multiple hours of preparation. Through the utilization of AI technology, clients can expect the automatic creation of media plans that include spent allocations to their various channels.

Media Planning Center Budget allocation

Media Planning Center: Budget allocation

Media Planning Center Budget scenarios

Media Planning Center: Budget scenarios


Salesforce invests in its end users by offering enhancements that allow them to grow faster and create deeper customer relationships. B2B and B2B2C Enhancements, Salesforce Payments Enhancements, and Salesforce order management enhancements all exemplify the fortification of customer relationships through storefront improvements.

B2B and B2B2C Enhancements

The new features that are included in the B2B and B2B2C Enhancements focus on facilitating the storefront setup and checkout process. This enhancement encompasses the following features: the ability to bulk import images for products using a CSV file, a new consolidated and facilitated single add product process, several default objects that simplify the store setup process, increased pricing and inventory extensibility that aid in displaying accurate inventory and pricing on the product page and lastly users can also expect to be able to apply multiple promotions per cart.

Salesforce Payment Enhancements & Salesforce Order Management Enhancements

The Salesforce payment enhancement has increased the available storefront payment methods, with the goal of increasing conversion and eliminating friction. The payment methods that are now supported include PayPal express checkout, PayPal Credit, and Pay in 4. Equally, Salesforce order management enhancement allows customer service agents to swap a line item that has been purchased on the order for a same-cost product by selecting an alternative product variation.


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The spring 22’ release presents three Slack enhancements that bring people, tools, customers, and partners together through a digital HQ.

The Huddles feature is a quick way to start a conversation with colleagues, customers, and partners in real time. Contrary to scheduling a video call, this feature can be used to simulate spontaneous conversations that do not warrant a meeting but would be more effective as a live conversation. Similarly, the Clips feature is offered to avoid heavily scheduled meetings. Instead, by creating and sharing audio, video, and screen recordings within any channel or direct message that can be accessed at a convenient time for the receiver. Finally, the Slack connect feature allows users to work with any partner regardless of what Slack plan they are on. Interactions no longer must be limited to only partners on paid Slack channels.

Salesforce - Slack Huddle

Slack Huddle

Financial Services

The objective of the financial enhancements included in this release is to build trusted relationships with high-impact customer experiences. The following is exemplified through enhancements such as Record alerts, Interest Tags, and Insurance Dashboards. Record alerts personalize interactions by providing a streamlined view of relevant alerts generated from within the financial services cloud or other enterprise applications. Similarly, Interest tags function as a structured way to personalize client engagements. Lastly, Tableau CRM for Financial Services: Insurance Dashboards present users with surface key claim metrics and assess performance to support optimal pricing and risk exposure.

Salesforce Financial Services - Record Alerts

Record Alerts

Salesforce Financial Services - Interest Tags

Interest Tags

Platform Services

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Level up the security, resiliency, and privacy of your organization’s data with the new Backup and Restore enhancement! The Backup and Restore enhancement protects data against loss and corruption while maintaining a business’s data resiliency. This feature enables admins to restore selected data from any previous backup to ensure that the correct data exists in either Sandbox or the production environment.

Salesforce Platform Services - Backup & Restore

Backup & Restore

Platform Applications

Platform application enhancements automate and optimize customer experiences. For instance, this release encompasses two new features centered around the Salesforce Scheduler. The first feature is the Salesforce Scheduler: Shift Rostering, which enables resources to manage their own working hours and location. The second feature is Salesforce Scheduler: Holiday Management for Service Territories, which enables territory managers or admins to update schedules based on holidays or unforeseen events.

Salesforce Platform Applications - Shift Rostering

Shift Rostering

Salesforce Platform Applications - Holiday Management

Holiday Management

Lightning Experience

Click for more information about Salesforce Field Service Lightning

The objective of Lightning Experience Enhancements is to captivate customers with engaging user experiences. This has been achieved with the release of the following features; Lightning Web Security and Lighting Design System. Lightning Web Security is flexible and usable security for web components that entails fewer user restrictions with heightened functionality for clients. Whereas the Lighting Design System: Styling Hooks enables developers and UX designers to use custom CSS properties to easily customize the lighting UI and reflect their brand.

Application Development

As seen, the recurring theme for the spring 22’ release is simplicity. The Application Development enhancements are no exception. They were created to simplify application development with connected workflow automation. An example of this is the Orchestrator feature. This enables users to automate and optimize complex internal or external multi-user business processes with the absence or minimal amount of code.


Salesforce wants to help its users make better and more informed decisions by enabling them to unlock rich and dynamic AI-powered insights. The following features support this initiative.

Analytics Tableau CRM: Direct Data for Salesforce CDP

Analytics Tableau CRM: Direct Data for Salesforce CDP allows users to query Salesforce CDP data directly across every cloud and industry without moving data.

Salesforce - Tableau CRM Dashboard

Tableau CRM Dashboard- Directly filter and take action from the dashboard

Analytics tableau CRM: Einstein Discovery: Multiclass Classification

Analytics tableau CRM: Einstein Discovery: Multiclass Classification can classify data into one of three (or up to ten) different classes.

Salesforce Analytics Tableau - Filter by class

Can filter by class

Analytics Tableau CRM: Einstein Discovery: In Salesforce Flow

Analytics Tableau CRM: Einstein Discovery: In Salesforce Flow grants users the ability to build more intelligent business processes. Users can leverage the native flow action to access Einstein Discovery Predictions’ top predictive actors and improvement recommendations.

Salesforce - Einstein Discovery

Adding action to a flow via Einstein Discovery

Analytics Tableau CRM: Repeater Widget

Users can expect a new widget with the Spring 22’ release. This widget lets users create rich scrollable data cards with customizable layouts. This can be easily achieved by simply adding a query to a repeater widget to show your dynamic data.

Salesforce - Repeater Widget

Repeater widget

Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release Next Steps

When will these features take effect? Some features in the Spring ‘22 release apply to all users and immediately took effect when the release went live. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality. Talk to your administrator – and we’ll help you out.

For the detailed release notes: Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Notes.

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Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release Notes & Highlights

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Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release Notes & Highlights

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