Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) for Professional Services Automation

Deliver better service everywhere - from the field to the contact center - using the Salesforce Customer 360 platform.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning software equips your teams with a suite of tools to tackle field service challenges. Managing your mobile workforce gets a lot easier with features designed specifically with all roles in mind – mobile employees, dispatchers, and managers. Address and solve issues quickly and correctly the first time, all via an app that’s right at your fingertips.

Many companies strive to be customer-centric but don’t have the digital capabilities to unite and scale their sales, marketing, and service teams, in a cohesive way. That’s where Salesforce and the platform comes in. Field Service Lightning (FSL) can transform your field operations, offering a complete solution to manage both on and off-site support.

Read on to discover why 150,000 companies worldwide, both big and small, are growing their business with Salesforce.





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Club Sportif MAA

Club Sportif MAA harnesses the power of CRM

Club Sportif MAA harnesses the power of CRM

The multi-sport facility leveled up their skills with Big Bang guidance and training to fully leverage Salesforce CRM for their business.

The multi-sport facility leveled up their skills with Big Bang guidance and training to fully leverage Salesforce CRM for their business.

    Meet the challenges of field service operations in today’s digital landscape and equip your service agents, dispatchers, mobile employees, and managers with the right tools.

    Big Bang helps you manage your mobile workforce with Salesforce SFL (Field Service Lightning)

    Big Bang’s team of trusted business advisors can help you get the most out of Salesforce Field Service Lightning from BSA (Business System Analysis) to implementation, migration, development, and even training. Big Bang’s team of expert consultants has been working with the portfolio for many years, developing sharp expertise on the Salesforce platform and how to best integrate Field Service Lightning with other platforms and additional AppExchange® apps and solutions, to enable your business evolve and grow.

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    With finances and business system optimization at the core of what we do, we can help develop your process for invoice, financial accountability, and ensuring inter-departmental communication – especially between marketing, sales, and service teams. Big Bang’s consultants can help you do more with Field Service Lightning on than the rest.

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    Every software has an advantage

    With our experience with Service Cloud and all the platforms, we’ll make responsible, unbiased suggestions based on your business’s needs and strategic roadmap.

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    Ultra agile and adaptive approach

    Salesforce offers a robust, world-class customer service platform. But that shouldn’t mean you get overwhelmed with all of its potential. Let our experienced consultants simplify your account to get you the right information at your fingertips.

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    Avoid common hiccups

    We are so much more than a software reseller. We don’t just implement a new or improved platform; we consult, train, and support the best use and leverage of Service Cloud and Salesforce. Since Salesforce is flexible to endless customizations, understanding which ones should, and shouldn’t, is critical to avoiding problems down the road.

    Our certifications

    39 Salesforce Certifications

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    Salesforce Platform App Builder
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    Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
    Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant
    Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator
    Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist
    Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist
    MuleSoft Certified Developer - Level 1
    Salesforce Certified Application Architect
    Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer
    Salesforce Certified Data Architecture & Management Designer

    Salesforce Field Service Lightning Features

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    Remote assistance

    Scale your field service and reduce in-person visits by providing virtual support that allows customers to book phone and video appointments through a customer portal.

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    Automate to prioritize

    Prioritize critical projects and intelligently assign tasks to the right workers based on skills, location, and business processes.

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    Increase efficiency

    Give your dispatchers full visibility into the mobile workforce and every job on a single screen.

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    Data-driven decisions

    Use FSL (Field Service Analytics) to give your managers and dispatchers easy, real-time visibility into operational performance and KPIs, from any location, all in one app.

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    Improve first-time fix rates

    With Einstein AI, on-the-go employees can use image recognition to immediately identify assets and relevant specs, ensuring that the right product part is fixed or replaced to eliminate confusion or any additional trips back to the office.

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    Connect to customers seamlessly

    Track service delivery in the field with the Dispatcher Console and easily customize your view to a map or a Gantt chart, and see real-time alerts for jobs that need attention.

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    We have helped them

    “Our people are our greatest asset, we must invest in them for our business to prosper. ”

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    Gabriel, CEO,

    Big Bang

    “I have never worked at a company where I feel as trusted as I do at Big Bang. I’ve been given the chance to prove myself, bring ideas to the table, and work closely with clients. When a coworker comes to me for support I know it’s because they trust and value my opinions.”

    Pablo, Tech Lead,

    Big Bang

    The team at Big Bang went above and beyond to lead us through an otherwise complex process, asking the right questions to extract information about our particular use-case, and accommodating our schedules throughout. We’re very excited to begin to work with this powerful new tool!

    Pat Sandrin, ,,

    GOAL Initiatives

    Big Bang Consulting has quickly become an invaluable partner to the Growpacker organization, with their assistance in integrating the Rootstock ERP system seamlessly with our established business systems. Their technical knowledge of manufacturing best practices, coupled with a deep understanding of cannabis regulations and the challenges associated with compliance, has uniquely positioned Growpacker to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Big Bang’s ability to address unique challenges and to provide turnkey solutions in one of the most complicated and rapidly changing industries is unmatched and has propelled Growpacker to execute at the highest levels and stay ahead of the competition.

    Stephen Boyd, CEO,


    Moving to the cloud, future-proofed our business!

    Harry Chalker, CEO,

    PMC Commercial Interiors

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    Salesforce Field Service Lightning for Every Service Industry

    Support your agents, dispatchers, mobile employees, and managers with software that gives them a complete view of the customer, full context into cases and assets, and access to all the information needed to help the customer anytime, anywhere, and from any device. With features like AI-powered scheduling, resource optimization, guided safety protocols, and more – all on a single platform – you can improve your field service teams’ safety and agility.

    72% of executives use field service management software for faster case resolution. And 68% of service executives agree that field service is an integral part of their customer experience strategy. Simply, it makes sense to use a field service software solution that’s built on Salesforce – the world’s #1 platform for service.

    Plus, with the help of Big Bang expert advisors, you can personalize your organization’s customer journey experience with apps that enhance and connect every part of your service business.

    Increase productivity, on and offline, using a flexible field service solution that:

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    Enhances operations across your entire service chain on one single platform.

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    Enable employees and contractors, with mobile experiences, to share job updates, access knowledge articles, view and update van stock or inventory, and generate service reports from any mobile device, regardless of connectivity.

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    Intuitively schedules and optimizes tasks so that the right mobile worker, asset, contractor, or crew is assigned to the right job.

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    Connect to customers with ease and accountability, tracking service delivery to get real-time alerts for jobs that need attention.

    Field Service Lightning Benefits

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    Deliver consistent support across every channel in the Service Cloud.

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    Boost employee productivity in the field.

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    Automate appointment scheduling.

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    Manage agents, dispatchers, and technicians from anywhere.

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    Optimize mobile workforce allocation.

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    Use Field Service Analytics to identify trends and problems early to optimize your mobile workforce

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    Resolve field service calls faster.

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    Help dispatchers prioritize jobs and schedule crews more efficiently.

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    Predict maintenance and service needs via IoT device data.

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    Get real-time visibility into all operations.

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    Keep customers updated at every step of the delivery.

    Help your team increase productivity, lower costs, and achieve more positive customer experiences with Salesforce Field Service.

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