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To help you make the most of the cloud solutions that we offer and unlock the full potential of your cloud platform, our team of experts provides customized training for individuals or groups. Training is led by expert consultants who have worked first-hand with the software and know the tips and tricks to share.

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Training may be the starting point or the final step in solving your business challenges, lean on us to help you get there.

Leverage the profound knowledge of our certified consultants

The concept of training is inherent in what we do. Big Bang experts are trained alongside our partners. It is our culture of continuous learning that helps our team transfer their knowledge with their team members in addition to your team.

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Looking for a training course?

Big Bang offers pre-packaged training courses for popular cloud solutions in addition to valuable workplace training. With courses running a half-day to two days that cover topics ranging from Accounting 101, Cloud Computing, or even redesigning your Employee Onboarding.

At Big Bang, digital transformation means growth!

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Training can be provided by an expert certified consultant or a senior trainer. When possible the same team that worked on your implementation or support project will also provide training. That way, they know what to highlight as they progress through the training framework. If you are looking to gain specific knowledge outside of a project, we will select the trainer with the team with the right skillset, availability and specialty.

As they say “teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime”. We do our very best to impart the wisdom of our consulting team that was developed thanks to years of hard work. Unlocking the potential of your cloud software can be simple if you are aware of what is possible. Uncover features and dive into the topics that might be harder to grasp or critical for your business. We will always be here to support you, but sometimes we know you simply WANT to “fish”.

It depends on what you plan to do with your knowledge. Big Bang’s senior trainers can help you determine the right order of training – be it courses or 1:1 training to achieve your personal and professional goals. If you work with one software, you may consider the basic or admin certification a great place to start. Great news, in your training you can cover the topics that will reemerge in the exam.


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