Level up with Big Bang’s Certified Experts and Senior Trainers

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Training is part of the Big Bang culture

From our proprietary two-week intensive onboarding to helping hundreds of customers get comfortable with their new cloud solutions, we live and breathe a training culture.

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Format and expertise that fit

Led by an experienced senior-level consultant or Director – with field expertise. Courses run half a day up to two days.

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Have you recently shifted to the cloud? Or changed systems?

Are you looking for your team to become more independent as you navigate your way through leading cloud solutions? Our Cloud Solutions Training modules in either Oracle NetSuite, Rootstock, and Mavenlink are proven to help your team advance.

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Customized to your organizations' needs

We can help add value to your organization in person or leveraging virtual tools at a distance. Even if you are interested in training that you don’t see listed here, ask us, and we will be happy to share more options or create your unique training plan.

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Workplace specific

Internal processes not quite working optimally? Are they in need of a complete overhaul or just tweaking? Our Workplace Training modules can help with either.

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Fully certified and recognized

Certified by our third-party cloud solution providers, our expert team is the most certified per capita. They update and maintain training every quarter. Our training is recognized by the Quebec Government’s The Commission des partenaires du marché du travail program.

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Workplace Training

Business acumen training

Big Bang Workplace training helps you stabilize and scale your organization. In these training sessions, you can improve your communication, create your dream onboarding to strengthen your company culture, and learn the basics of accounting, cloud computing, and even gathering requirements from your customers. Level up your organization’s baseline!

Oracle NetSuite Training

Cloud training

Oracle NetSuite ERP enables companies to manage all key business processes in a single system: from inventory management, financial tracking, hosting e-commerce sites to maintaining customer relationships (CRM). Lean on the certified experts of Big Bang’s talented consulting team to help train you and your team to leverage the robust functionality of Oracle NetSuite fully.

Mavenlink Training

Cloud training

Mavenlink is a software platform for professional, IT, and marketing services organizations helping services firms establish an operational system of record that facilitates their business lifecycle. Leverage the expertise of Big Bang’s trainers who have implemented and use Mavenlink firsthand as they show you how to navigate through the projects, financials, collaboration, resource management, and business intelligence.

Rootstock Training

Cloud training

Rootstock software helps manufacturers and distributors deliver personalized customer experiences, build operations that scale, and out-service their competition. With Big Bang’s manufacturing, outsourced manufacturing and distribution specialists who are Certified Rootstock Experts, you can easily and quickly become a master of Rootstock with specialized and general Rootstock ERP training courses.

Customized Training

Workplace and Cloud Training

Looking for something else? Customized training that meets the needs of both individual users and the organization on a whole is also offered by expert trainers and experienced consultants. Simply get in touch to find out more about Big Bang’s customized training.

Training may be the starting point or the final step in solving your business challenges, lean on us to help you get there.

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