Mavenlink Training and Support with Big Bang

As a longstanding Mavenlink solution provider and partner, Mavenlink reseller, we have a team of experienced certified Mavenlink consultants ready to be deployed. The Big Bang Mavenlink support team provides Mavenlink implementations, Mavenlink integrations, Mavenlink support, and training anywhere in the world through in-person and remote support services.

As Mavenlink’s first partner in Canada (now, worldwide), our Mavenlink practice team trains alongside the Mavenlink team. Leverage the expertise of the Big Bang trainers who have implemented and use Mavenlink firsthand as they show you how to navigate through the projects, financials, collaboration, resource management, and business intelligence.

Our trainers come from various backgrounds, from accounting to project management to marketing, engineering, and advanced degrees. They understand the software system and are very well versed in accounting and business processes specific to your organization’s business’ industry and best practices.

When we implement a Mavenlink solution, we ensure that you are comfortable getting the most out of your professional services automation platform. Didn’t partner with Big Bang for your implementation? No problem! We’re equipped to pick up where others have left off with ongoing support and training to streamline operations, simplify processes and boost performance.

Mavenlink Support Services

As your business grows, your Mavenlink PSA system will too. Our trusted and well-respected team of consultants provides comprehensive support services allowing your business to keep moving forward.

Big Bang offers two main support plans, ongoing support, and on-demand support, depending on your business management needs.

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Ongoing Support:

Ongoing support service assists with all activities related to day-to-day administration and routine tasks. It is a proactive and continuous service that can help reduce any risk associated with internal management (including IT staff and resource time management). Think of it as your safety net to ensure ongoing success.

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On-demand Support

Our on-demand support service provides immediate assistance when you need it most. Our consultants are ready to react to any situation that might arise: new onboarding, new release, feature request, or bug fixes. Think of it as your go-to plan when encountering any technical difficulties.

Mavenlink Training

Big Bang offers training that will ensure a profitable use of your Mavenlink PSA solutions we provide. Our training process consists of 3 main types of training :

1. Training during project implementation (Implementation Training Sessions)

2. Training for new team members (New Hire Training Sessions)

3. Refresher Courses

Our expert consultants will analyze your project and business management needs and develop the required coaching guidelines accordingly. We will let you know what to concentrate on to get the most out of our offerings while making a good impact on your business’s overall operational and financial outcomes.Our training programs includes:

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Role-based and Permission-based Management

bullet point

Administration Fundamentals

bullet point

Project Financials

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Project Reporting, Analytics and Insights

We also offer customized advanced and continued training that meets the needs of both individual users and the organization as a whole—customized training options tailored just for you.

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Dashboard Setup and Customizations

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Project Workspace Management

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Resource Management Fundamentals

Create a tailored training plan or learn more about the available Workplace and Cloud Solution training modules.


You’ve selected Mavenlink as a PSA system to accelerate your growing business. Ensure that you have the training and support solution that levels up the competency in your organization and contributes to fast and ongoing growth and business success. Big Bang optimizes your onboarding, training, and support processes in Mavenlink so that your entire enterprise can enjoy benefits like:

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Increased user adoption

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Maximized productivity

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Streamlined processes

bullet point

Reduced implementation risk

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Maximize your Mavenlink investment

bullet point

Simplified user experience

bullet point

Increased goal achievement

bullet point

Self-sufficient administrator and users

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Strengthened long-term ownership

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Peace of mind

Why choose our certified consultants for support and training

The concept of training is inherent in what we do. Big Bang experts are trained alongside our partners. It is our culture of continuous learning that helps our team transfer their knowledge with their team members in addition to your team. Certified by our third-party cloud solution providers, our expert team is the most certified per capita. They update and maintain training every quarter.

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Get the most from Mavenlink’s all-in-one platform

Mavenlink is powerful and has intuitive functionality. The truth is, sometimes, you don’t even know all the things possible in terms of managing your people, projects, and profitability. Our expert trainers can help you to uncover features you didn’t know about, were recently released or soon to be released.

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Gain knowledge for your Mavenlink Certification

Having a certified Mavenlink team member is a valuable asset and an excellent metric for career growth. Going at it alone can be time-consuming and challenging. Take advantage of our experience helping employees (and clients) pass (with flying colours) the Mavenlink certification exams – hundreds of times over. Our trainers have passed (with flying colors) and are ready to impart their Mavenlink wisdom – using real-life examples the content comes to life.

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Level up your Mavenlink skills - by subject

Choose your training path with courses designed to be in any sequence. You may decide to have customized training or you can complete only one course stand-alone, whereas a power-user may attend more sessions. Big Bang tailors your Mavenlink training to your skill level, an end goal, and schedule.

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Maximize your limited resources

Training courses from half a day up to two days can be customized for your organization’s needs. Best yet, you receive all the materials from the course so you can brush up on the information when needed, or adapt them for your organization’s training materials.

Learn how to increase productivity and better leverage Mavenlink for your business with Big Bang’s functional and technical experts.

Mavenlink Training Courses

We train your team both during the project and support them after go-live. Customized training courses are available at any point in the partnership. When you hire new team members, an Introduction to Mavenlink training course is also available.

mavenlink consultant

105 Certifications

Mavenlink Core Product Certification
Mavenlink Insights Business Intelligence Solution Certification

Lean on the certified experts of Big Bang’s talented consulting team to implement and train your team to fully leverage the robust functionality of Mavenlink.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mavenlink certification?
How much does Mavenlink training cost?
When is Mavenlink support best used?
What is the difference between a help desk and support?
What is the difference between a help desk and support?

Mavenlink offers certifications for people who pass a series of knowledge exams on a given subject.

Big Bang trains with the Mavenlink team, so your trainer has the maximum exposure and understanding of how to teach others to best leverage Mavenlink.

Customized Mavenlink training is either provided 1:1 based on hours scheduled with a consultant or included as part of an implementation.

The Mavenlink training course costs $1,750/2 days, including all the course materials.

Support can be part of your technology roadmap to build out features you didn’t have time or the budget to do initially.

It can be a great option if you have new or changing stakeholders with fresh ideas, a new offering to your customers, or an optimized way of working internally. Fundamentally support should be used to enhance the system and build upon work completed.

A help desk can answer simple questions and provide information for troubleshooting, similar to this FAQ.

Support is customized to the challenges and vision of our customer and is driven by expert consultants, not a database of searchable problems.

A help desk can answer simple questions and provide information for troubleshooting, similar to this FAQ.

Support is customized to the challenges and vision of our customer and is driven by expert consultants, not a database of searchable problems.

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