Executive Dashboard Clinic lead by Big Bang's CEO

Clean-up your technology infrastructure enterprise-wide and reboot your growth with a clean slate.

There’s nothing worse than making a decision based on metrics you thought were accurate only to find out the system was pulling data differently than you realized. In this day and age, organizations have a wealth of information at their fingertips that can be leveraged into making impactful decisions and creating a competitive advantage.

If you’re a pragmatic business operator looking for improvement, join Big Bang’s CEO for a clinic on Executive Dashboards and how they can be used to empower your organization.

Executive Dashboard Clinic
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This could be you...

“On my last family vacation, I was able to check in on my business without my spouse noticing at all. They were happy to see I ‘stopped working’ on this trip.” 

Service Advantages

This three-day clinic will benefit you if:

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Your operations are more typically Reactive than Proactive

Solid KPIs do not need to be 100% accurate but they must raise flags, provide a hint of the answer or a benchmark.

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Decisions are supported by information that is not available in real time

Leaders have to wait for the period close for tangible information.

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You’ve noticed that focus is put in the wrong place

Unless streamlined, collecting information is time-consuming and a burden.

Lacking information spills into other areas and slows the company’s progress.

Executive Dashboard Clinic

Clinic Objectives

Passionate about navigating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), this is the only service provided by the CEO directly. He will take you through the ins and outs of KPIs and how to leverage data to help make intelligent decisions.

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Never log into your system again

With a wealth of information at your fingertips, it can be difficult to single out meaningful metrics – especially if you’re using an outdated system. During this three-day clinic, you will learn how to leverage the information in an insightful dashboard, so that you never again have to log into your system and hunt for information.

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Own your KPIs and make decisions based on facts

Robust and powerful KPIs can be used to help make decisions in real time. As a leader and owner of your KPIs, your responsibility is to use them and check that the information is accurate. Create a data-driven environment, and empower your team to increase productivity and revenue.

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Build your own dashboard

It’s important to make sure you have a good hold on your KPIs to ensure you’re focusing your efforts in the right places. Instead of running around, chasing information, you need to ensure that all valuable metrics are available at a moment’s notice.

Executive dashboards will help you gather, organize and analyze important data. By crafting the dashboard that is most suitable to your business, you’ll be gearing yourself up towards making intelligent, effective decisions.

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Work from anywhere

With the ability to access data and key metrics from anywhere, you’re not limited to working at your desk or computer. Leverage KPIs across business units, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Craft an intelligent dashboard and leverage robust KPIs to empower your decision making and increase your organization’s productivity.

What's in it for you?

The Executive Dashboard Clinic will cover the following material:

Day 1: Back to the drawing board

  • Before we can begin deep dive into the functioning of your business and uncover the best solutions for your organization, you need to get into the right mindset. Through access to Big Bang client examples and the insights of Big Bang’s CEO, you will be able to leverage the best practices that will benefit your business the most.
  • The end goal is to simplify your day-to-day life by centralizing the key information that you need to operate. After this session, you can expect to walk away with a list of homework to complete in the following weeks. After prioritizing your key metrics, this is where it all begins – the right way.


Day 2: A Deep Dive (3 weeks later)

  • After you’ve spent time prioritizing the key metrics of your organization, and what information you need on hand, this is where the fun will begin. Together, we will review your operations and take a deep dive into your organization (without judgment) in order to create an action plan.


Day 3: Fine Tuning (3 months later)

  • After 3 months of operating with an optimized dashboard and key KPIs, we check on the reality of the action plan in order to optimize your business’ dashboard and assess the next steps.

Executive Dashboard Clinic (3)

Leverage powerful KPIs and make use of indicative metrics to make insightful decisions from anywhere, at any time.

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