Procore Construction Management Software for Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Success comes when your field and office teams are all collaborating within one system.

Procore is a construction management software that offers solutions for owners, general contractors, and subcontractors. Imagine all roles being able to manage entire projects from a single platform that’s accessible in the palm of your hand.

Big Bang partners with Procore as the construction management platform of choice because of its widely recognized success rate in the industry and its ease of use. Connect everyone who builds to everything they need in one system with powerful features in preconstruction, project management, resource management, and financial management.

Discover how equipping your teams with Procore will lead to greater efficiencies and advantages that only modern technology could bring to the competitive construction business market.





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Knowledge Management, Documents, Help Desk,
Wiki and Intranet, Chat, Website, Social Media and Sharing

Gain immediate value for your business with the Procore construction management mobile platform designed for how you actually build.

Procore Consulting Services

As trusted business advisors at Big Bang, we are always in-the-know about the leading-edge technology that is right for our customers – no matter what the industry. We can help you get the most out of Procore from BSA (Business System Analysis) to implementation, migration, development, and even training.

We know how to integrate it with other platforms you can use and streamline your planning, managing, and build lifecycles to greater success. Join the over 2 million users that leverage the Procore platform in 125+ countries.

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Software Designed for how you build

Manage your projects, resources, and financials on one open, easy-to-use platform.

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Streamline communication for truly efficient collaboration across teams and project

Seamlessly share data and documents across companies. Eliminate delays and increase productivity by connecting owners, GCs, and specialty contractors in one system. The Procore platform ensures that collaborators have access to project details in real-time, avoiding duplicate entry errors and rework.

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Run your projects with complete visibility

With every app, document, and person stored in Procore’s cloud-based platform, you reduce miscommunications and avoid manual entry errors. You can proactively adapt to stay on schedule and budget and maintain historical records for dispute resolution.

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Effectively scale based on your needs with flexible tools

The Procore platform is built to grow with your organization, adapting as your business does, enabling you to create new processes as you develop and evolve. Get unlimited users, data, and support and customize fields, workflows, and tools to fit your operations.

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Procore construction software product categories

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Features like Project Financials, Invoice Management, and ERP/Accounting integrations keep your office and field in sync with real-time updates to your financials.

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Resource Management

Products that are designed to help you manage your labor, productivity, and plant.

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Project Management

Quality & Safety, Design Coordination, and BIM features help bring your project data and teams together and help you make informed decisions quicker.

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Financial Management

Big Management, Prequalification, Project Financials, Invoice Management, and Accounting Integrations features help minimize risk, save time, and maximize profits.

procore construction erp
procore construction erp

In search of true construction project ROI?

Based on a 2020 global survey of over 650 Procore customers, reported that Procore enabled:

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30% increase in work capacity

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84% greater visibility

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12 hours saved each week

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90% increase in client satisfaction since they began using Procore products

Procore Advantage

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Connect to actionable insights

Gain control over the lifecycle of your project with actionable insights pertaining to project status and financials. With Procore, track cost updates and project status in real-time and access precisely what was built, from any device.

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Mitigate risk

Real insight and visibility help protect you against surprise costs, schedule delays, and vendor disputes. Safeguard functionalities that minimize rework and speed up the closeout process, and allow you to capture the full audit trail, with visibility on who did what and when.

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Make data-driven decisions

with confidence. Dashboards give you a unified view of project performance across a range of vital project and financial metrics.

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Expedite profitability

with automated invoicing keeping your team working on creating something amazing (not creating and sending bills).

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Standardize projects.

Establish scalable and centralized workflows across all projects. Maintain consistent document management across all jobs

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General contractor businesses can operate optimally

the way construction really works – in teams. The entire team is connected to the office on a single mobile platform.

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Improve safety processes

with new visibility. Automate QA/QC analysis and integrate situational data into safety conversations to protect your teams against liability.

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Access to support

from a real person, not a bot. All team members receive unlimited support, available on live chat, email, or by phone to help overcome obstacles.

Discover why over 2 million subcontractors, GCs, and owners around the globe have made Procore the most used construction management software.

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