The Ultimate Kantata (Mavenlink) Implementation Guide with Big Bang

Big Bang can help you implement, reimplement, or rescue the Kantata (Mavenlink) PSA system for companies of any size, industry, and market.

With more Kantata (Mavenlink) certifications than any partner, and the first to partner in Canada and France, we’ve deployed hundreds of successful implementation projects – and many rescue missions to pick up where others could not succeed. With this experience comes in-depth knowledge of all checkpoints and possible issues that could come up during a PSA implementation – simple or more complex.

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It’s our job to guide you to get the best out of the solution immediately and in the long term.

Did you know that approximately half of our customers come from a failed implementation? They come to us because they know we’re Kantata (Mavenlink)’s biggest and strongest partner in the world and have a thorough and global understanding of the award-winning, modern all-in-one-professional services solution implementation process.

Big Bang’s expert consultants’ team offers unique end-to-end implementation services that are agile to your business needs. From our proprietary GAB’s Pyramid™ framework to our rescue services, Big Bang makes it a point to understand your business processes and the project’s reality altogether.

How to do a Kantata (Mavenlink) Implementation

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First things first, plan

Our team of consultants will conduct a Business Process Review (BPR), including interviews with key players in your company to determine business needs for each department.

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Oversee the implementation team

Big Bang consultants will do the complete implementation for you or work alongside your in-house experts.

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Kantata (Mavenlink) implementation process, through to completion

After presenting and agreeing on the implementation plan, our team will get to work! Expect to receive regular communication and updates throughout the implementation process so that the final system meets all business requirements. Your team’s stakeholders will participate, minimally, in weekly syncs to ensure proper knowledge transfer and that things progress as they should.

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A natural fit for success

Big Bang’s experts have a strong background in professional services automation, which is why much research went into choosing the optimal tool to run our business. We became an early adopter of Kantata (Mavenlink), and haven’t looked back since. Kantata (Mavenlink), as a modern collaborative platform made by consultants for consultants and implemented by – you guessed it: consultants.

Leveraging our proprietary 7-step methodology, The Big Bang Experience®, Big Bang collaborates with our clients to transform how they do business with Kantata (Mavenlink) – a services platform that drives success.

Achieve REAL Digital Transformation by aligning your business plan and growth strategy with your systems with Big Bang’s functional and technical experts.

Kantata (Mavenlink) Implementation Steps:

As a modern all-in-one professional services solution that connects well with CRM, ERP and HCM systems, Kantata (Mavenlink) will likely interact with all company departments – directly or indirectly. As is the case, a thorough review of the business process is required because changing your process or bringing your systems online will affect everyone.

At Big Bang, we treat your business like your own, which is why we give advice based on best practices, leading solutions, and valuable experience. We are versed in implementing and integrating software, remaining grounded to the reality of what happens after the software selection- what is the reality, what works, what does not work, what should work based on what you read, but does not.

Big Bang has been involved in the digital transformation of over 500 organizations. Our experts know which pitfalls to look out for and proactively avoid – across various industries and geographies while leveraging the best-practices. We know how to ensure a smooth transition through times of change, and it starts with our proprietary implementation methodology, The Big Bang Experience®.

The Big Bang Experience® is the standard delivery methodology for any Cloud Solution, and the steps outline the main activities involved in the delivery of each phase. Even though our 7-steps are structured, we’re flexible to remain within your budget and timeline; let us know so we can show you how we adapt our process when required.

Learn more about The Big Bang Experience® and Our Approach

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The implementation process is not complete without proper testing of the system.

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Big Bang implementation consultants make sure the interface is as user-friendly as possible, with features that help new and existing users like custom reports and documentation tailored to your needs.

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Do as we do, not as we say. At Big Bang we believe in and support Kantata (Mavenlink) as the product evolves.

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Big Bang consultants know the right mix of customizations.

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We organize a demonstration working session in which the delivered work is shown.

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We train your team both during the project and support them after go-live. Customized training courses are available at any point in the partnership. When you hire new team members, training courses for Kantata (Mavenlink) are also available.

Lean on the certified experts of Big Bang’s talented consulting team to implement and train your team to fully leverage Kantata (Mavenlink)’s innovations and separate your services delivery business from the rest.

Kantata (Mavenlink) Implementation Issues: Big Bang to the Rescue

Professional Services Automation Software are robust and powerful tools that bring alignment and visibility to service organizations. Many have propelled their growth by being able to achieve increased profitability. But beware, some common yet easily avoidable pitfalls can harm your ability to thrive. Customization is one of the most significant ways to get the most out of PSA systems. Workflows save time and reduce errors, but only if systems are connected and programmed correctly. Perhaps you had an internal team conduct a self implementation, and there was a turnover, leaving a gap in expertise or an unfinished implementation project. Big Bang consultants can jump in where the others left off to remediate an issue or rescue the project as a whole.

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We quickly re-validate from the beginning where decisions were made: Is the problem the partner, the product, the approach, a combination of issues, or something else?

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We have trained capacity ready to go like a 911 Emergency Service, skilled in expediting fixes to your implementation issues.

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We believe that a crisis is not an excuse to skip best practices because you’ll be no better off.

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Any good implementation needs great optimization, and that's why so many people come to us. Big Bang is proud that we have more support and rescue missions, meaning we have proven success fixing problems others couldn't.

Our certifications

105 Kantata (Mavenlink) Certifications

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Mavenlink Insights Business Intelligence Solution Certification
Kantata Mavenlink Certification Logo
Mavenlink Core Product Certification
Kantata Mavenlink Certification Logo
Mavenlink Partner Contextual Training Certification

Important ways to ensure a great Kantata (Mavenlink) implementation:

With Big Bang consulting services, you’re not just getting the technical knowledge to implement Kantata (Mavenlink) – we partner with your team every step of the way to drive results.

As your implementation partner with a strong Kantata (Mavenlink) practice, you can expect:

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We stack our consultancy team with consulting expertise – so we give you the best cloud solution, backed with practical insight - notably for professional services (just like us). Our expert consultants are trained alongside the Kantata (Mavenlink) team. We’ll leverage best practices for Kantata (Mavenlink) and your industry’s challenges.

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We advise, configure, and work alongside you as the customer to test and validate on an ongoing basis throughout the development.

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Full collaboration between the implementation team and your team.

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Customization of best-of-breed PSA software that is personalized to your business needs. Kantata (Mavenlink) connects well with many other products and solutions - and we know them all. Our implementation team understands how to bridge core project, operational, and financial planning and accounting systems in a single operating environment.

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Close collaboration between partner and customer throughout the implementation process.

Great Place to Work Certification Badge November 2021 to October 2022
2023 Forbes Technology Council Official Member: Gabriel Tupula
2020 Growth List Accolade
Salesforce - Registered Consulting Partner

Big Bang’s team can get you thriving with Kantata (Mavenlink) in as little as weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an implementation take?
How much does an implementation cost?
What are my implementation options?

A Kantata (Mavenlink) implementation can take anywhere from 4 weeks (sometimes less) to a couple of months, depending on the project’s scale. Accurate timelines are scoped out at the beginning of the project so that the business can accommodate, adapt, or expect accordingly. Our goal is to implement Kantata (Mavenlink) as quickly as possible while managing the potential risks while changing systems and business processes. When a consulting firm takes too long to implement, the benefits are hard to achieve since the ROI (including time invested by your team) needs to be recouped.

There is the base cost that depends on the size of the project. And adding on extra modules and third-party apps and connectors above the base will come at an additional cost. But often, this doesn’t have to come all at once. We can work with you to determine the level of priority for all features and build a customized plan, including pricing, based off of your IT strategy and growth goals.

Perhaps you spent weeks building reports on different tools, but they are not connected or adaptable to the ever- changing service landscape – like the remote workplace. Or perhaps through recent years of growth, your PSA system has amounted to so many customizations and has become too robust and cumbersome to function optimally, and you require a rescue mission. As your implementation partner, we assess the best option that is unique to your needs, an PSA system that links your organization’s transactions from start to end.


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