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Big Bang is a true trusted advisor for all of your cloud solutions needs, from deployment and integration to customization, training, and every other step of the process. We manage the full life cycle of your cloud solutions and ensure that your system naturally evolves with your growing business. Experts quickly assess your specific needs and the appropriate actions required to bring your organization alignment and help create growth.

cloud consulting services

Big Bang is in it with you, for you. Get in touch and discover our unbiased consultative approach with expertly trained and well-versed cloud specialists.

Cloud solutions, simplified.

Our in-depth experience with the leading cloud-based products and applications enables us to create tailored solutions for clients from all industries.

cloud consulting services

Customization & Development

Our cloud business management software experts help you streamline and standardize your business data and processes. We understand that every business is unique, so make sure to tailor your software to your specific needs.


Make the most of the cloud solutions that we offer and unlock the full potential of your organization’s online business management platform by becoming a power-user.

At Big Bang, digital transformation means

Frequently Asked Questions

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What cloud service do I need?
How is my organization charged for the services provided by Big Bang’s experts?
Does our organization need to be close to the Big Bang office to get services?

The great thing about Big Bang’s expert team is that the same person who works on your implementation will also be the one to support and train your team.

That means no matter the service you need, you will be able to build a relationship with your team of consultants. If you are not sure where to start, get in touch, and we can help you.

Big Bang offers multiple options, including:

  • Time and material, you are billed for the time worked on your project, or
  • Fixed bid, you are billed for the project at hand

Sometimes the first portion of a project is fixed bid and the second part. Let our business development team know what you prefer, and we can give you more detailed information as it relates to your specific project.

Big Bang has offices that span all timezones, which means so does the service we offer.

Best of all? Because of the varied background of our team, we can work with customers in any country around the world! ¿Hablas español? Us too! When required, our friendly consultants will come to see you in person (such as for project kickoff or closure). When being face-to-face in person is not possible, we leverage virtual conferencing.



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Discover the Big Bang unbiased consultative approach with expertly trained and well-versed cloud specialists.


The Big Bang Experience®.

Maximize the success of your cloud business transformation with The Big Bang Experience®, our 7-step proven methodology. It is designed to implement cutting edge solutions seamlessly.