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The strongest asset a company has are the people who work there – their ideas, commitment, and throughput. The truth is, a company’s success requires successful people, but even successful people need to be managed successfully. Even when company leaders are on board with the Big Bang Approach, you need to have alignment with your Plan and the skills available to make it a reality.

Co-llectively complement your business

&Co was created based on the demand of our customers who wanted to leverage our training methodology and the talented people from Big Bang. &Co is for those who want to learn from the best, leverage their team’s growing skill sets, and, when needed, fill gaps with Big Bang’s experts who live up to our strict recruiting standards.

Fast track the development of valuable expertise with Big Bang &Co providing the critical skills to help you thrive.

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&Co stands for the collective support of Big Bang.

It means we, as a collective, are here to support your growing company with resources, training, and advice.

The cause of many failed internal projects is that something has gone “wrong”.

It can be the wrong decision-maker, the wrong brief, the wrong person completing the task, the wrong communication tactic – it all boils down to lacking soft (and even technical) skills. &Co can help you to fix any communication gaps, before they happen, level up technical expertise, even parachute in the skills missing from a given project, for the duration of time required by you and your team.

By starting with your current situation and desired state, we can uncover which resources in your company need to be optimized or trained.

&Co is just as diverse as your business is, meaning we can adapt the plan to your organization with ease – allowing you to get the most out of your time with Big Bang’s experts. Certain Training Courses are designed for a specific audience in mind, like HR or IT admins, where others cover broader material suitable for most business professionals.


The benefits

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One-stop shop

Big Bang is a one-stop-shop for all your business processes and IT challenges, including training and hiring. You can count on expert consultants who know your business to provide tangible advice.

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Help comes in many formats to make it work best for your organization. Be it an online course, 1:1 training, or staff augmentation. We are flexible to your needs, timeline, and budget.

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Expert trainers

The concept of training is inherent in what we do. From our proprietary two-week intensive onboarding to helping hundreds of customers get comfortable with their new cloud solutions, we live and breathe a training culture – so you know we always know what is latest and most modern.

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At Big Bang, we are committed to staying at the forefront of industry and solution news. When we share our knowledge rest assured, it is up to date with the latest software version, trend, and best practices known.

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Our Team acts as a natural extension of your organization with an unbiased consultative approach designed to help you grow.

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Take away distractions and focus on the challenge at hand. When you leverage our team, you only pay for the time planned, and with our training, you can master a new topic or skill set in less time than you ever imagined.

Are you looking to manage your resources and people? Big Bang can help level-up skills and increase productivity.

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