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HR Management Made Easy

Folks HR offers companies the ability to organize their human resources management, aiming to enhance performance while ensuring the management team operates with maximum efficiency. The user-friendly software can be set up effortlessly and provides small and medium-sized businesses with powerful HR software solutions at a reduced cost.

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Big Bang Expertise

Big Bang’s team of trusted business advisors can help you get the most out of Folks HR from BSA (Business System Analysis) to implementation, integration, development, and even training. We know how to integrate the software with other platforms best to help your business evolve and grow.

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Two Modules

Folks HR includes software for HR management, Human Resources Information System (HRIS), and software specifically for hiring management, Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Both software work together to empower your HR professionals with better visibility of employee data and improved efficiency.





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Build strong workplace management with all-in-one Folks HR.

Folks HR to systemize Human Capital Management (HCM)

Join more than 1000 customers across Canada, achieving workplace excellence with Folks HR.

Human Resources cloud software solutions like Folks HR are made to provide Human Resources teams with the knowledge, technology, and time necessary for management to focus on people, rather than time-consuming and manual processes. Empower HR to create a culture and policies that drive success by freeing up valuable time with automated tasks. The Folks HR software is tailored for SMEs to facilitate growth. It simplifies the collection, maintenance, and analysis of people data, streamlines recruitment processes, enhances the onboarding of new employees, simplifies compensation management, and facilitates the development of company culture.

Folks HR provides a comprehensive suite of user-friendly tools that can facilitate every stage of your Human Resources processes. By leveraging our service and technical support, your HR practices will be optimized for efficiency, resulting in a better company culture and employee retention in a short period.

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Trusted consultants with proven best-practices help high user adoption.

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Insight and ability to recommend and implement the right integrations, customization, and upgrades.

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Avoid surprises and common pitfalls while maximizing the flow of information from one system to another.

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People serving people. Our goal is to automate, but never lose the human touch.

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Folks HR KPI

Folks HR tackles fundamental Human Resources needs

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Applicant Tracking & Hiring

With Folks HR’s all-in-one Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can easily locate prior job postings and hiring procedures, along with potential candidates who previously applied. Customize your recruitment processes by generating email and interview questionnaire templates. The ATS module can also be used as a communication tool for recruiters within a team, enabling notes and applications exchange. Centralize your candidate files, record notes and the hiring process, and construct your candidate database with Folks HR’s ATS.

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Folks HR allows you to onboard new employees effectively and improve retention rates. The platform’s module features scheduled deadlines and automated reminders, enabling you to assign tasks to various individuals and verify that everything is finished on schedule.

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Great company culture comes when people feel valued and supported. Folks HR gives you the tools you need to gauge employee satisfaction, measure performance, and manage training – all the necessary insights to better understand your team’s engagement, what they want, and where they need your help.

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Employee Data & Analysis

Managing personnel data efficiently and precisely is a critical aspect of HR for many organizations. Folks HR provides a secure database that stores all employee information, making it simple to access and edit with powerful reporting tools. The KPI module allows your HR managers to visualize and analyze the organization’s performance regarding your people.

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Timesheet & Absence Management

You can opt for either conventional or project-based timesheets with Folks HR to meet your organization’s requirements. In either situation, various statistics and integration features are provided to streamline payroll administration and invoicing. Employees can verify their time bank balance, which reduces the number of inquiries and saves time for everyone involved. Additionally, you can promptly receive and authorize any requests for employee absences and vacations.

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Created for sharing

Folks HR knows that information regarding your most important asset needs to be easily shared. That’s why the User Interface is set up like many other tools we know, and easily exported for sharing within and outside your organization (with the right permissions).

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Folks HR Benefits

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Folks HR has positioned itself as the standard for HR solutions by presenting an exceptional product and an attractive pricing structure tailored to the financial realities of SMEs. The Folks HR software is offered at an all-in-one price base. Get unlimited document storage and unlimited historical data included with no additional cost.

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Folks HR was designed to allow alignment between your HCM software solution and your unique business processes. Customizations to your specific needs are possible with Folks HR’s technical support.

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Folks HR helps SMEs manage their workforce to the best of their abilities with more than 30 features and modules, dozens of integrations, and the support of HR specialists. The Folks HR information system includes expense reports and many more functionalities and uses highly advanced encryption algorithms to protect your data.

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Folks HR is an intuitive and user-friendly tool for managers and HR professionals who wish to streamline their HR operations and provide the best employee experience. It allows users to export data to Microsoft Word documents, Google Docs CSV, and more. The software is easy to integrate into different solutions through an API connection, including various payroll management software.

Gain more time and visibility with Folks HR to focus on your most important asset – your people.

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