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Looking to manage your people, skill sets and capacity with ease? &Co services are designed to help Big Bang customers level-up the quality of resources available within their organization. From training, to help with staff augmentation or even recruiting, Big Bang has a legacy of successfully selecting the right resource to hire, helping those individuals hone their skills to create and add tangible value for your organization – everyday.

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Fast track developing valuable expertise with Big Bang. Tailored to your organizations’ challenges, we can deliver the critical skills to help you thrive.

The most common reason for failure: lacking the proper skillset at the right time

You don’t know, what you don’t know. We have seen that lack of planning for the skills required for a project or implementation can lead to many issues down the road including failure. Whether it be technical, functional, or even soft skills, a lacking skill leads to communication and technical gaps. Proactively tackle lacking skill sets to avoid costly communication gaps in the future.

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Staff Augmentation: expand your team with the right resources

In the short or long term, who better to bring onboard to your organization than someone who is fully trained and versed to tackle your internal needs – today. Reduce the time, cost and effort of finding the right talent, minimize ramp up costs and better manage resources expertise during a project or period. Best yet, Big Bang ensures that your resource(s) continue to stay up to date with the latest training and industry trends. 

Training courses

Training may be the starting point of your continuous improvement or the missing link to propel your growth and consolidate your achievements. Courses can inspire your team to overhaul a process that is not working quite right in Workplace Training, or to improve your skills with a certain software in our Cloud Solution Training. Big Bang’s certified expert trainers can help you level-up your skill set in as little as half a day – in person or leveraging conference tools at a distance.

Customized training

Looking for something else? Customized training that meets the needs of both individual users and the organization on a whole is also offered by expert trainers and experienced consultants. Simply get in touch to find out more about Big Bang’s customized training.

Recruiting aid

Since our inception, Big Bang has greatly invested in our recruitment process to help us hire the very best talent that fits our corporate culture. If you are looking to emulate our hiring process or require a certain profile to be onboarded to your organization, Big Bang can help you streamline your process, select recruiting tools and provide, test and interview candidates on your behalf. 

Training, recruiting and staff augmentation – Big Bang’s highly skilled experts have you and your organization covered.


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