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Garbage in, garbage out! After cleaning your data, expert consultants will seamlessly integrate your people, processes, applications, and data across your business can contribute to streamlined operations and support your growth. That way, you have a solution with clean, accurate data so you can make impactful decisions with confidence. Consultants are versed in multiple platforms, making it easy to connect systems, and to avoid common communication gaps from one system to another, or from one integrator to another.

erp integration

Experienced and responsive Big Bang consultants are available to help you integrate seamlessly.

When possible, we leverage our integration partner’s robust connectors

Big Bang’s expert consultants are trained alongside our partners. With this level of expertise and industry experience, our consultants may suggest Complementary Platforms to support your integration – rather than code for the sake of it (and being able to show off their robust skillset). Our team of expert coders prefers out-of-the-box integration to save our customer’s time and resources in the long run. When you leverage a Power Tool, your integration will automatically update with scheduled product releases.

erp integration

Mavenlink Integration

Oracle NetSuite Integration

Salesforce Integration

Rootstock Integration, Customization and Development

FinancialForce Integration, Customization and Development

ServiceNow Integration, Customization and Development

Sage Intacct Integration, Customization and Development

Another solution to customize and develop?

If you don’t see the product name that you have or are planning to have customized and developed, listed above, don’t worry – we likely already have the skills. The great thing about knowing how to work with multiple platforms is that we understand what is similar and different in each system and because our team is diverse, we track the skill set of each consultant so we can leverage varied expertise.

At Big Bang, digital transformation means growth!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What needs to be integrated?
Is integration necessary?
What is ERP system integration?

Another finance, production, relation, or promotion software such as your webstore, calendar, time tracking, expense, or inventory tool needs to be integrated with your main cloud platform.

That way, there is one single source-of-truth for decision-makers to lean on.

It would be best to integrate your software to get the most out of it.

That said, when possible, our team of expert consultants will suggest out-of-the-box Complementary Solutions to connect multiple systems with ease.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a type of software that all industries use to manage finances.

ERP integration is no different than another kind of platform, such as CRM. Integrations allow you to avoid wasting time and resources on manual or repetitive tasks and save you time and create value for your organization quickly.


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