Complementary Solutions Level-Up Your Software

The solutions for effective communication and integration amongst your system architecture

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Our suite of complementary solutions at Big Bang is mighty and ever-evolving with the latest, yet tested-and-true technology and innovations.

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Complementary Solutions can help level up your software, or they can stand on their own. They help tie together all the stages of GAB's Pyramid with fluid, effective communication.

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Complementary Solutions are the integrators that we rely on to bring applications to work together as one, in a way that is simple and easy.

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As business needs continue to evolve, so might the cloud applications that manage. Having multiple applications and platforms connected in a way that is specific to your business is crucial to avoiding the costly mistakes of a fragmented system architecture.

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Knowledge Management,
Help Desk,
Wiki and Intranet,
Chat, Website,
Social Media and Sharing

Knowledge Management, Documents, Help Desk,
Wiki and Intranet, Chat, Website, Social Media and Sharing

Tailor your cloud solution for your specific business needs with the right integration.


Celigo offers integration solutions that enable applications to work together as one. Celigo is a powerful and intuitive integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that makes integrations accessible to both technical and non-technical users. Nearly 2000 customers worldwide rely on Celigo’s to synchronize data, automate processes, and streamline operations by integrating popular cloud applications.


ServiceNow’s platform is a cloud-based solution whose primary goal is to simplify the management of daily operations by delivering a service focused on creating workflows that are easier to manage and utilize. As a result, your technology services business will run “smarter, better, and faster.” With steady growth and global presence, ServiceNow has reached more than 3,000 enterprise customers worldwide. ServiceNow’s platform makes use of artificial intelligence to offer a multitude of benefits spread out to all departments.


Zuora creates cloud-based software on a subscription basis that enables any company in any industry to successfully launch, manage, and transform into a subscription business. It is the only SaaS platform that automates all subscription order-to-revenue operations in real-time for any business.

Stripe x NetSuite Connector

Stripe is one of, if not the most recognized online payment processing platforms for digital businesses. Stripe’s software and a suite of APIs power commerce for online businesses of all sizes — used to accept payments, send payouts, and manage business globally. And now, Big Bang has built the first affordable Stripe to NetSuite Integration – with no middleware. Make online transactions seamless with Stripe x NetSuite connector, in real-time, for reliable payment processing integrated with the #1 cloud ERP.



Boomi is an industry-leading integration platform as a Service (iPaaS) that seamlessly connects applications, data, and people, across your business and partner ecosystem. More than 10,000 customers use it for its speed, ease-of-use, and lower total cost of ownership.

Remote Working Tools

In the modern world of all things cloud, one of the greatest benefits is getting real-time insights from anywhere. The same is true with working remotely. With the help of Big Bang, systemize your business for greater scalability, profitability and freedom. It isn’t always easy and can be cumbersome if the tools don’t work together, or they aren’t easy for stakeholders to adapt. Big Bang is happy to help you optimize tools like Zoom, GSuite, Slack and show you how we leverage them to allow employees to work-from-anywhere all over the globe.

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What is iPaaS?
Who uses iPaaS?
What is the best cloud-integrated solution?
Do I need to have any existing cloud solution to use a Complementary Solution?

Integrations can break between systems with scheduled updates. Take the guesswork and the work out of the equation. With a connector, they ensure to upgrade the integration with each software update proactive versus waiting for something to break, and then fix it.

Integration platform as a Service (iPaaS) is a cloud-based platform that connects multiple applications, systems, and technologies with the cloud or on-premise.

It is often used by large B2B enterprises that need to integrate cloud applications with data, or on-premise applications and data into one unified solution.

Choosing the best cloud-integrated solution for your business depends on factors such as company size, existing applications, security requirements, and pricing.

While most complementary solutions are built to connect information amongst existing products, some have since become stand-alone products on their own. Their optimal use depends on the current state of your business and your vision for future growth.

Connect your data and processes in one unified approach with powerful integration tools.

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