Oracle NetSuite for Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Oracle NetSuite PSA is the first cloud-native solution to consolidate all of the ERP and professional services automation functionality to meet your business requirements – of both product and services companies – in one single system. Supported by Oracle’s strength as a platform for global finance, NetSuite SPR & OpenAir shine as a necessary tool for project accounting. It’s vast capabilities extend beyond this to include project and resource management, billing, timesheet and expense management, and analytics.

Read on to discover how NetSuite PSA tools can streamline your business processes. 





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Case studies

Customer Success with Big Bang and Oracle NetSuite SRP & OpenAir

Africa HR Solutions Scales Business with Oracle NetSuite

Big Bang's local consultants migrate and implement Africa HR Solutions' financial management system to supports its global expansion.

Africa HR Solutions Scales Business with Oracle NetSuite

Big Bang’s local consultants migrate and implement Africa HR Solutions’ financial management system to supports its global expansion.

    Elevate your services delivery business with a Big Bang expert implementation of the right NetSuite PSA tools

    Big Bang optimizes Oracle NetSuite

    Big Bang’s team of trusted business advisors can help you get the most out of Oracle NetSuite from BSA (Business System Analysis) to implementation, migration, development, and even training. Big Bang’s team of expert consultants has been working with Oracle NetSuite for over a decade, developing sharp expertise on the Oracle NetSuite platform. We know how to integrate it with other platforms best to help your business evolve and grow.

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    Avoid common pitfalls

    Hiccups, while implementing a new system, can happen. By leveraging Big Bang’s experience with Oracle NetSuite, you can avoid wasting time and resources. With more Oracle NetSuite certifications per capita than any other partner, the Big Bang team can show your team the ropes and avoid unforeseen problems. 

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    Find the right balance between customizations and upgrades

    Everything is possible with open APIs and customizations. However, sometimes knowing where to stop and leverage a pre-built tool, platform, extender, or module can save time, money, and bi-annual upgrade costs. With the team at Big Bang, you will get the best advice on when customization is too much, or when it is the elegant solution required.  

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    Leverage industry expertise

    There is something to be said for having “been there and done that.” By understanding the challenges in a given industry, the industry specialists at Big Bang will help Oracle NetSuite work with your other software and real business challenges.  

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    No surprises

    Surprises can be great, but let’s leave them for Birthdays! With Big Bang’s team of expert Oracle NetSuite consultants, there are no surprises because we lay everything on the table before we even start. By following Big Bang’s proprietary 7-step methodology called The Big Bang Experience® , we ensure your project runs as promised.

    Our certifications

    115 NetSuite Certifications

    NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management (PS)
    NetSuite Certified Administrator
    NetSuite Certified Financial User
    NetSuite Certified SuiteFoundation
    NetSuite ERP Consultant
    NetSuite Multi-book (PS)
    NetSuite OpenAir Essentials
    NetSuite SuiteAnalytics User
    NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer
    NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer II
    NetSuite SuiteCommerce Developer
    NetSuite SuitePeople : Fundamentals
    NetSuite SuitePeople for Pre-Sales
    NetSuite SuitePeople for Sales
    NetSuite SuiteSuccess Enablement
    NetSuite SuiteSuccess Service (Sales)

    NetSuite Professional Services Automation Features

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    Project Management

    Collaborative real-time project status updates. Identify and quickly resolve potential threats and better track results against key deliverables. 

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    Project Accounting

    Automate project accounting and invoicing, and maintain tight strategic control over your project direction, ensure your projects meet set budgets and timelines. 

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    Timesheet management

    Time tracking – from anywhere – becomes easy. Organize timesheets in a way that makes the most sense for your business down to levels of details required and approval process workflows. 

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    Dashboard and reporting solutions so that stakeholders can monitor, report, and analyze project performance in real-time with metrics such as resource utilization, profit margins, budgets versus actual. 

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    Resource Management

    Optimize profit margins, improve billable resources, retain top talent, and increase client satisfaction with a comprehensive resources management system. 

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    An agile, unified billing framework that supports transaction, subscription, usage-based, and hybrid-models while accurately managing revenues.

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    Expense Management

    Improve productivity through an accessible interface that allows for better tracking and compliance of resources, maximizing the accuracy and timeliness of expense reporting.

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    We have helped them

    “Our people are our greatest asset, we must invest in them for our business to prosper. ”

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    Gabriel, CEO,

    Big Bang

    “I have never worked at a company where I feel as trusted as I do at Big Bang. I’ve been given the chance to prove myself, bring ideas to the table, and work closely with clients. When a coworker comes to me for support I know it’s because they trust and value my opinions.”

    Pablo, Tech Lead,

    Big Bang

    The team at Big Bang went above and beyond to lead us through an otherwise complex process, asking the right questions to extract information about our particular use-case, and accommodating our schedules throughout. We’re very excited to begin to work with this powerful new tool!

    Pat Sandrin, ,,

    GOAL Initiatives

    Big Bang Consulting has quickly become an invaluable partner to the Growpacker organization, with their assistance in integrating the Rootstock ERP system seamlessly with our established business systems. Their technical knowledge of manufacturing best practices, coupled with a deep understanding of cannabis regulations and the challenges associated with compliance, has uniquely positioned Growpacker to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Big Bang’s ability to address unique challenges and to provide turnkey solutions in one of the most complicated and rapidly changing industries is unmatched and has propelled Growpacker to execute at the highest levels and stay ahead of the competition.

    Stephen Boyd, CEO,


    Moving to the cloud, future-proofed our business!

    Harry Chalker, CEO,

    PMC Commercial Interiors

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    What are some advantages of using NetSuite for Professional Services Automation?

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    Provides seamless functionality for customer service, from invoicing to recording payments, whether your project uses billing charge rules, time and material, or fixed fees.

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    End-to-end (CRM-to-ERP) business process means that users don't have to re-enter data on separate applications - everything is synced and updated automatically.

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    A massive assemblage of automation, customization, and integration possibilities - making it easier for users to complete multiple tasks in one spot.

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    User-friendly with intuitive views into resource allocations and project tasks assignments.


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    Increased visibility into project performance

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    Eliminate manual processes

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    Complete bid-to-bill processes synchronized

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    Flexible and automated invoicing

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    Real-time access to information so that you can make data-driven decisions

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    Improve collaboration between and amongst project managers and team members

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    Accessible reporting in the office or on the road “Centralized Resource Management”

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    Simple and straightforward interface

    Maximize your project profitability and enhance your employee satisfaction  with the right PSA tools

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