Level up your organization’s baseline with Workplace Training by Big Bang

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Scaling your organization is challenging

Designed to help you stabilize and scale your business, Big Bang’s Workplace Training imparts the skills it takes to your team and aligns them with the culture and values of your company.

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Master (beyond) the basics

Beyond strengthening your company culture, these courses present the real-life expertise of accounting, cloud computing, and even gathering requirements from your customers. Expert trainers will guide your team members to sharpen their skills.

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Align your corporate culture to your onboarding for new hires

In Workplace Training, you can improve your communication, create your dream onboarding to strengthen your company culture, and allow your employees to progress on their career path.

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Maximize your limited resources

With courses from half a day up to two days can be customized for your organization’s needs. Best yet, you receive all the materials from the course so you can brush up on the information when needed, or adapt them for your organization’s training materials.

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Learn best practices for your workplace with Big Bang certified experts and senior trainers.

Business Communication

Mastering the Art of Business Communication

Between your emails, chats, and text messages, are you losing sight of what is critical and important? Would you like everyone in your organization to operate following the same guidelines when it comes to communication? Learn how to change your business culture through easy-to-implement steps and action-oriented approaches.

Business Communication Training will cover the best practices for

  • Communication Tools
  • The “Pick up the Phone” Philosophy
  • Meeting Procedures
  • Writing Understandable Content
  • Demo Preparation
  • Onsite Readiness including preparation, onsite and the return and follow up
  • Standardized Output/Coding Norms

Details about Mastering the Art of Business Communication Training
Course Duration: 1 Days

Price per participant: $950

Includes: Course and all materials in English

Training Workplace BC

business communication training
cloud computing training
Cloud Computing

Success in the Cloud: Understanding Cloud Computing

You have heard about the cloud but are not quite sure how it will evolve your business? This introduction to the world of cloud computing will get you closer to the cloud and able to make the right strategic decisions. Discover the benefits of the cloud to determine whether or not it is time to make the leap.

Cloud Computing Training will cover the following material

  • Introduction to Cloud Business Systems
  • Signs and Symptoms it’s time to upgrade
  • Global Architecture of Business Systems Workshop to illustrate the
    current state of your information systems and uncover the vision for your future

Details about Cloud Computing Training

Course Duration: ½ Day

Price per participant:$750

Includes: Course and all materials in English

Training Workplace CD

Employee Onboarding

The WOW Effect: Redesigning Your Onboarding to Work for your organization

One of the key practices in retaining incredible talent is to start their employee journey off on the right foot with a successful onboarding. Welcome new team members into the organization and focus on the key elements that will ensure their success. Using our onboarding process, we have structured a backbone that can allow you to roll it out quickly within your organization. From giving your new team members access to critical resources to allowing them to understand their role within the organization, this onboarding process will increase their sense of belonging and strengthen the corporate culture company-wide. You never have a second chance for a first impression.

In this two-day training you will cover all the content on the first day. Then you will have some homework that will help you prepare to create your organization’s onboarding plan and templates on the second day of the workshop—perfectly designed for your HR department.

Redesigning your employee Onboarding Training will cover the following material

  • Company Overview
  • “Welcome to (Organization Name)”
  • Internal Infrastructure
  • HR Paperwork
  • Job Context
  • Job Integration Overview
  • Introduction to Consulting
  • Job Specific Tools and Processes

Details about Redesigning Your Onboarding Training
Course Duration: 2 Days

Price per participant: $2,500


  • The creation of your own Onboarding Assets
  • Course and all materials in English

Training Workplace EO

onboarding training
onboarding training cloud computing training business communication training
Accounting Basics

Accounting Basics for ERP Consulting

Are you in Human Resources, Finance, Sales, or Marketing, and you want to be able to communicate with your Accounting Department, Banks, Government entities, Shareholders, Investors, or even your own ERP customers? You need to brush up on your accounting lingo and understand high-level best practices, including monitoring the overall performance of your company? A CPA-certified Accountant leads this training..

The Successful Accountant Training will cover the following material

  • Key-concepts and accounting basics
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Accounting Basics
  • Balancing Debits & Credits and Assets & Liabilities
  • Financial Statements
  • Trial Balance
  • Ledger Account Entry
  • Journal Entry
  • Quiz to cover comprehension that will be reviewed and discussed

Details about The Successful Accountant Training
Course Duration: ½ Day

Price per participant: $750

Includes: Course and all materials, including Quiz, in English

Training Workplace AB

Requirement Gathering

Success in Business Analysis by Gathering Requirements

The true measure of success is how the outcome meets or succeeds the initially identified needs or problems. However, more often than not, the requirement gathering phase is omitted, rushed, or poorly planned. With the principles exposed through this course, you will learn the tips and tricks to properly define measurable requirements and manage scope throughout your implementation. Avoid scope creep and disappointed customers by simply uncovering their needs thoughtfully and systematically.

Business Requirement Gathering Training will cover the following material

  • Introduction to Business Process Maps
  • Business Process Maps: Wholesale & Distribution
  • Understanding Business Gathering Requirements
  • Customization Documents

Details about Business Requirement Gathering Trainin
Course Duration: 1 Day

Price per participant: $950

Includes: Course and all materials, including sample process maps, in English

Training Workplace RG

onboarding training

Frequently Asked Questions

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New hires can learn your culture and the proper way to represent your company and values, new job training for those switching roles or taking on new responsibility, and developmental training to reach career and personal goals.

Training courses are provided in person or over video conferences.

Options will be shared with you once you sign up. If you have specific questions about an upcoming training, drop us a note, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Big Bang offers general training courses for the workplace (featured here) and specific product training for the best-of-breed cloud solutions that our customers use.

All training covers technical and functional training – with real- life examples.


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Enterprise Resources Planning


The single-source of truth lives here with all cumulative data in one system enabling visibility on reporting, finances, true ROI, operations and the consolidation of all business centers.

Manufacturing Resource Planning


Track visibility and traceability on the shop floor and optimize machine productivity and staff allocation. Maximize production while staying on top of the operating costs and considering demand planning, seasonality and lead time.

Professional Services Automation


Gain visibility in real-time on your customers and projects, including accuracy on staffing (time tracked vs. payments), allocation of resources and skill sets, project profitability and the proper forecast to staff at the right time.

Supply Chain Management


Optimize the layout and productivity of your shop floor and delivery routes for raw and finished goods, taking into consideration the units of measure, bins, purchase patterns, seasonality and other small details. Managing these logistics will keep your production organized and clear.

Human Capital Management


Simplify the retention of your best talent with a 360-degree experience for your employees. Promote your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), track individual career paths and monitor performance reviews from one centralized system.

Customer Relationship Management


Enable your sales force to go from reactive to proactive customer relationship management and clear pipeline forecasting. Dashboards and tasks will drive the customer journey so your team can focus on closing the deal.

Marketing Automation Software


Actively promote your brand and upsell products and services to the right person at the right time with the right message.

Workplace Training

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

Workplace Training

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

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