Salesforce Summer ’18 Release

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Top 13 Features According to Big Bang ERP

It’s (un)officially summer and, like every year, Salesforce, World’s #1 CRM software,  has revealed its new Summer ‘18 Release with more than 450 pages of information about the new features and upgrades.

You probably don’t have time to read the huge manual, this is what Big Bang ERP is here for. We have handpicked the top 13 New Features that should not go unnoticed, whether you are a user or an administrator.

Moreover, each of the Top features will be accompanied by a demonstration video, since, let’s face it if a picture is worth a thousand words than a video is worth so much more! Click on the feature to watch them.

Platform Services

1. Hourly Event Logs:  You can now get richer visibility into user behavior, Salesforce adoption, and custom application performance. Receive event log filed in hourly increments for recent activity.

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Einstein Analytics

2. Conditional formatting: Reimagine dashboards with conditional formatting and pages. You can set rules using measures and dimension values for conditional formatting. You may use it on charts, tables and number widgets.

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3. Analytics Templates: Get out-of-the-box insights for your data with App Templates. Choose your analytics from specific use cases, including Quoting Analytics, Analytics Adoption, Snapshot Analytics, Pipeline Trending Builder, Fundraising Analytics, and Change Analytics.

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4. Lightning Reports – Folders and Subfolders: Now you can build reports faster and more easily directly in the Lightning Experience. Organize your reports by subfolders, and keep stakeholders and teams up to date by subscribing them to relevant dashboards.

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5. List View Filtering Enhancements: Do you ever feel like it takes forever to pull out some information sometimes? With this new feature, you can apply filters on lists for Teams, Queues and Campaigns to gain direct visibility into the information you need, whether that be Teams, Queues, or Campaigns. For example, case managers can use the Queue view to organize cases for their reps, and marketers can look at Campaigns to get the results on the latest holiday push. Enhanced list View Filtering gives you more ways to sift through your data fast.

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6. Personalized Navigation Enhancements: Administrators and users can both benefit from this feature. Get greater flexibility and control for your navigation using drag-and-drop tools to customize your navigation bar. End users can easily add and reorder items and tabs. Admins can enable or disable personalized navigation by app.

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Sales Cloud

7. Setup Home: If you ever encountered difficulties getting started with Salesforce it’s your lucky day! It has never been faster or easier to put in place because of the in-app setup home dedicated to helping you customize Salesforce Essentials to for your business. If you’re already set up, there are lots of tips to help you get more out of Essentials.

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Service Cloud

8. Einstein Bots: You can now get scale support with AI-powered chatbots. Einstein Bots increase case deflection and reduce handle time and come pre-integrated into your CRM data and real-time channels. Use Einstein Bots to collect and qualify customer information to resolve routine issues or seamlessly escalate to an agent for fast resolution.

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9. Omni-Channel Skills-Based Routing : Close cases faster by ensuring cases are always routed to the right agent to solve the case the first time with Omni-Channel Skills-Based Routing. Automatically push cases to agents based on their skill set, availability, and capacity.

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Marketing Cloud

10. Marketing Cloud Integration with Google Analytics 360: You will now be able to visualize and analyze engagement on the web and in emails coming from both Google and Salesforce. You can also create seamless customer journeys over multiple touchpoints with Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360. Finally, use engagement data collected from Marketing Cloud Emails to personalize web experiences and analyze marketing attribution with Google Optimize 360 and Google Attribution 360.

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11. Distributed Marketing – Quick Send: Deliver an on-brand, personalized message to your contacts in a few simple clicks. With Quick Send, advisors, owners, and partners can quickly personalize and send a single, on-brand email to customers and prospects directly from the individual’s record.

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Community Cloud

12. Pinned Posts : Use Pinned posts to make sure the most important content in your community gets maximum exposure. Pin up to three posts to the top of each topic of group feed and unpin them when you’re finished.

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13. Community 360 Enhancements : Give your agents the tools to deliver seamless service with new enhancements to Community 360. Get a full view of customer interaction with assets, contracts, custom objects, orders, products, and tasks in the community.

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BONUS Feature: G Suite Integration

Salesforce recently announced a new partnership with G Suite by Google Cloud. Existing Salesforce customers can sign up for G Suite no cost for up to a year (with an eligible Salesforce license). In about 2 minutes Big Bang ERP can connect your G Suite and Salesforce accounts. It’s that easy.

Read on @ Salesforce

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge, it is time to apply it! We hope you enjoy the new features as much as we do at Big Bang ERP. If you want to know more about how Salesforce can help your business, talk to us. Big Bang ERP will make sure you to give you the best recommendation for your needs. We are just a phone call away.

Nicolas is a consultant at Big Bang ERP his specialty is Salesforce. Nicolas has traveled to more than 35 countries and has a cumulative experience from working in different environments for different types of companies. From Banks to Startups in Finance, to Multinational companies, he always works hard to reach his objectives. He has recently obtained his second Salesforce certification and has contributed to projects that involve the CRM solution.

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