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NetSuite’s Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing 4.0 is taking the industry by storm in, what some are calling, “the next industrial revolution”. From sensors and software, all the way to robots and IoT connected devices, the manufacturing workflow has become a hub for efficiency and scalability.

The Advanced Manufacturing module is NetSuite’s response to the rapidly changing manufacturing industry. By providing a single integrated cloud-based solution, Advanced Manufacturing replaces disconnected legacy systems used for manufacturing. The module offers extensive functionality that is designed to reduce the cost of operations and improve supply chain processes for manufacturers of all sizes.

Some key benefits of Advanced Manufacturing include:

  • Improved supply chain processes
  • Operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Unified System – Eliminating the need for 3rd party integrations
  • Enhanced quality of service and throughput
  • Reduced ‘Cost to Produce’
  • Business & Manufacturing intelligence
  • Variance management
  • Plant to Enterprise Integration
  • Inventory & Manufacturing Visibility
  • Additional Reporting & KPI’s
  • 40+ built-in manufacturing reports

Advanced Manufacturing offers the same functionality and benefits of NetSuite core, allowing businesses to manage all departments using a unified web-based system. The module’s key features consist of:

Capacity Planning
  • Determining whether there is sufficient resource capacity to meet the scheduling requirements
Finite Scheduling
  • Ensuring that operations are done at an even and efficient pace through the facility
Shop Floor Execution
  • Allowing the collection of downtime, production loss and production results
  • Gathering Shop Floor Information and status in real-time allowing you to make better decisions

To determine which type of manufacturing is the best fit for an organization, it is important to understand the different kinds. Here are the top 5 types of manufacturing that are best suited for the module:

1. Make to Stock / Forecast

Manufacturing products in order to meet forecasts and add them to stock. Many manufacturers who produce fast moving consumer goods can make good use of this category as they can produce in large amounts to achieve economies of scale. Most retail, fashion, and food manufacturers are likely to deploy the Make to Stock/Forecast manufacturing.

2. Assemble to Order

Assembling products after receiving an order (and often producing sub-components for stock/forecast). A classic example of an AOT manufacturer is Dell Computers. They Provide consumers with the option to choose among several components that go into the computer.

3. Make to Order

Manufacturing products after receiving an order, carefully tracking labour and burden costs. Examples of MTO manufacturing include construction equipment, specialized machinery, and aircraft.

4. Process-driven

Manufacturing using formulas or recipes, instead of BOMs, and often produced in batches. The goods are manufactured in bulk and typically cannot be disassembled to their original components. An example of this would be cake, or pastries. Once they are produced, they cannot be broken down into the initial ingredients.

5. Field Repair & Service

Providing a service that repairs and/or enhances products made by a third-party. An example of this is the repair service organizations.

If any of the types mentioned above applies to your situation, then the Advanced Manufacturing module is essential to consider as a general system solution.
For more information regarding the Advanced Manufacturing Module, or to see a demo of it in action, contact us today!
Joey is an Account Manager at Big Bang ERP with a focus on the Manufacturing and Biomedical industries.


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Spearheading the Manufacturing 4.0 Movement:

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Spearheading the Manufacturing 4.0 Movement:

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.