The Big Bang Experience® for Cloud Implementations

Maximize the success of your Cloud Transformation with Big Bang

At Big Bang, we leverage our proprietary 7-step methodology to maximize the success of your cloud business transformation. The Big Bang Experience® ensures that the project team ramps up effectively, needs are documented, solutions are proposed and reviewed, development work is validated, and your system is deployed smoothly.

The Big Bang Experience® is the standard delivery methodology for any Cloud Solution, and the steps outline the main activities involved in the delivery of each phase. Even though our 7-steps are structured, we’re flexible to remain within your budget and timeline, let us know so we can show you how we adapt our process, when required. It is vital to approach every cloud transformation with an agile mindset, a dynamic scope, and committed stakeholders.

Overview of The Big Bang Experience®

Step 1: Kick-Off

Proactively plan your success story by creating alignment between your organization and Big Bang’s expert consultant.

This phase starts with an introductory kick-off meeting between stakeholders to identify the roles and contributions, running through a project overview and timeline. Our expert consultants work with you to define your goals, approach, scope, success criteria, project phases, and timeline with a project statement. A communication plan will be prepared to ensure clear and effective communication during the entire project life cycle, including recurring meeting schedules, addressing any possible project challenges and escalation paths. Finally, a key risk mitigation strategy addresses the risks and issues involved, particularly those that may affect project schedules. The Kick-Off step includes:

Project Statement

During The Big Bang Experience® expert consultants work with you to define your goals, scope, and objectives with a Project Statement.

Project Kick-off

This phase starts with a Kick-Off Meeting between stakeholders to identify the roles and contributions and to address the risks and issues involved, particularly those that may affect project schedules.

Stakeholder handshake


A Communication Plan will also be prepared to ensure clear and effective communication during the entire project life cycle, including recurring meeting schedules and escalation paths.

Clear stakeholder alignment

Anticipate and plan time commitments proactively

Communicate and sign-off on project delivery plan

Start your business transformation on the right foot by:

Preparing your teams

Having all the right people around the table

Being open to stepping outside your comfort zone!

Step 2: Analyze

Measure twice, cut once: create a game plan for your business.

Big Bang starts each engagement with an on-site review and documentation of your business processes, gaps, requirements, and desired future state. This step ensures that our team of certified cloud consultants have a clear understanding of how your business is currently operating and what challenges need to be solved, so we can configure your cloud solution to meet your business goals. In the Analyze phase, expert consultants:

Review Business Processes

Analysis of business processes during the Business Process Review (BPR) can identify inefficiencies, and their correction can reduce costs and improve the quality of their outputs.

Identify any Process Gaps

The Gap analysis involves determining, documenting, and approving the difference between business requirements and current capabilities.

Validate Business Requirements

A centralized document of your Business Requirements details the business solution for a project, including the documentation of customer needs and expectations to be shared with Stakeholders.

Develop your desired future state with you

Experts will provide valuable input based on best-practices and their industry knowledge to help you redesign your process to better support your business strategy

Document your business with current and future-state process maps.

On-site collaborative design and analysis workshops

Hands-on industry expertise provided by Big Bang’s

Best-practices are recommended to meet your business needs

Alignment across parties, when many stakeholders are involved, is ensured

The best of breed approach for your system architecture provided

A tiered design approach to meet your team’s capacity

Help us make this the most thorough analysis process by:

Providing all the required documents available

Making processes owners available to Big Bang’s consultants

A willingness for change and improvement

Ensuring the right stakeholders are engaged and available when required

Communicating your expectations in terms of the rollout. No need to be shy, tell us what does and doesn't work and why!

Step 3 : Design

Build a better tomorrow: design your success and future with ease.

In the Design phase, the project team determines how to implement the reengineered business processes, which processes are available “out of the box,” and which ones will require customization or integration by the Big Bang experts. Specifically, the team will:

Plan the documentation of your Data Management strategy

Plan the documentation of your system integration management strategy

Deliver multi-solution designs based on your business needs

Provide you with grounded recommendations and user adoption strategies

Ensure your success by tailoring delivery timelines if necessary

Nurtures a collaborative approach

Proactive preparation for change and system improvements

Thoroughly evaluated business case

Ensures feasibility

Optimize the design phase by:

Collaborating and validating the proposed plan,

Keeping an open-mindedness towards change, and;

Embracing optimized solutions!

Step 4 : Build

Your vision, our expertise. Your vision, our people. Your vision, our code. Your vision becomes our mission.

The Build phase is where the experts at Big Bang dig in and create magic for our customers. Building your new system is one of the most critical parts of the process. In this phase, expert consultants:

Build & Configure

This is when the consultants ensure that the Cloud Solution is built and configured to meet your business’ financial, language, shipping, and customer-facing needs.

Develop Customizations & Integrations

Once the basic configuration tasks are complete, the Big Bang project team will move on to more involved tasks such as developing Customizations and Integrations to ensure that the Cloud Solution addresses each of your business' needs.

Finalize the Migration Map

The final step is to create the Migration Map, a document that details which information to migrate and which object and fields to identify from the source system to the target system.

Demonstrate system capabilities and adapt to your needs

Undergo scope validation sessions with your team

Conduct tailored working sessions with the right stakeholders by business process

Expose Super Users to their optimized systems through assigned homework, User Guides, and documented recommendations

Hybrid, agile, waterfall methodology

Highly flexible to meet your timeline, budget, and needs

Transparent communication and presenting you real impacts of your project decisions

Continuous Client learning throughout the project

Maximize the result of the Build by:

“Owning” your project by ensuring that the correct stakeholders are available when needed

“Super Users” complete homework promptly

Working collaboratively and providing feedback on system functionality

Being fully engaged in the working sessions! You are shaping your future day-to-day systems

Committing to the decisions made during the working sessions

Getting out of your comfort zone!

Continuous honest communication concerning expectations

Step 5 : Validate

A glimpse into the future: test-drive and empower your users.

One of the most critical steps in any implementation is testing and validation. Failing to perform proper testing can be costly in both the short and long run. The Big Bang Experience® validation processes covers:

Functional Testing

of all system features to ensure that the cloud solution conforms to specifications and meets requirements

User Acceptance Testing

of the system functionalities

Proper setting of the stage for Go-Live

Training of end-users

through our “Train the Trainer” approach

Soliciting feedback

and making any necessary adjustments accordingly

Responsive engagement

throughout the end-to-end process testing

Empowering you in system hand-off

and encouraging “Super Users” to take ownership of their processes

Stakeholders own their process and manage change

Processes are in alignment with the future state

The future state can adequately support your operations and growth plans

Ensure the success of the implementation by:

Engaging throughout the end-to-end process testing

Super Users taking ownership of their processes

Step 6 : Deploy

Get live! Experience BIG changes in real-time.

After all the preparation, planning, and development, we're ready to deploy your solution - with a BANG! Deployment is when your Cloud Solution goes from a concept to reality. In the Deploy phase, expert consultants:

Prepare for Go-live and train users

Deploy the configuration, customization, and integration

Migrate source data, and

Recommend a Transition Plan

to get everyone up and running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

You dictate the benefits depending on the design you selected

Nearing the end of the process, it is essential that you:

“Manage your house” ensuring that everyone is available during this critical phase

Communicate throughout the process, including flagging any hiccups

Provide timely data

Enforce client adoption: Ensure your team is committed to using the system

Fight the urge to go back to your old ways! Let go of legacy systems and embrace the change.

Step 7 : Optimize

Maximize your ROI: take it to the next level and elevate your efficiency.

After deployment, we get the Project Sign Off and gather any feedback from you and your team. Like your organization, all cloud solutions continue to evolve. Big Bang ensures that you always have the Support and Training you need to grow. Once you're more comfortable with the system, we can help you point out possible areas that can be optimized, like the streamlining of systems or processes. We also offer Business System Advisory (BSA), so our customers can plan your technology roadmap for the year, and budget, proactively.

Identify areas for further improvement

Unlock additional improvements

Users become familiarized with the system

In this exciting final stage please:

Be honest and communicate areas of the platform and of your business that can be optimized

Provide continuous user feedback and answer NPS surveys sent via email

Ensure users have support throughout the transition

Celebrate your success

With so many products available, get help choosing the right mix of cloud software to create your elegant solution

Affiliated Services to Optimize the results of The Big Bang Experience®


Unlock the full potential of your organization’s online business management platform, our team of experts offers customized training and training courses

Ongoing Support

Big Bang has a complete support team versed in a variety of industries that can accompany your organization in the most critical moments of your business operations. You are only charged for work completed. No retainers or upfront costs.

Business System Advisory (BSA)

Align your strategic plan with your business architecture and IT strategy to invest in the right places.

*The Big Bang Experience® is registered to Big Bang ERP Inc. 2019

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