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Big Bang’s customers have turned to our experts for advice not only on how systems work together but specifically on how their IT infrastructure, which is often composed of multiple systems, can be optimized. Unison amongst systems ensures that there is one single truth shared among company leaders. By planning your digital strategy you can leverage technology to be a real competitive advantage for your organization, enabling growth and refocusing your resources where they matter most. Below you will find the four divisions of planning services offered by Big Bang Plan.

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Start your customer journey where Digital Transformation is more than buzz-words or a slideshow.

Agility enables disruption for growth

When you Plan with Big Bang experts, you will be encouraged to rethink how your organization uses its technology to maximize business development opportunities, offer better customer experience, and level-up your operational efficiency. By planning, you follow the adage of measure twice, cut once, avoiding costly decisions down the road when you likely do not have the bandwidth or resources to manage them.

BSA & Enterprise Architecture

Clean-up your technology infrastructure enterprise-wide and reboot your growth with a clean slate.

Every decision should be driven by your vision that takes place within a strategic plan, a business architecture and/or IT strategy – and when it isn’t, you invest in the wrong places, or the wrong processes. Redesign (or design) and optimize your enterprise architecture to gain valuable advice on the right product mix for your organization.

Tech Strategy & CIO Advisory

Overcome any road bump or blockage by leveraging your tech strategy.

Develop or revise your organization’s digital strategy to optimize your IT infrastructure and empower your CIO to leverage to be technology champions.

Change Management & Project Management

Execute your plan with ease! Big Bang’s army will progress and track on behalf of your organization.

The two pillars required to support a true digital transformation are change management and project management. Plan your change properly to maximize your cloud transformation while avoiding common pitfalls that can distract from the important changes at hand.

Innovation & Growth

Take a few steps back to challenge your organization to find multiple angles to support growth.

Develop a new revenue stream or engage in new expertise by learning how to cultivate innovation, leverage technology, and evolve for your growth.

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