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As your business grows, as too, will your cloud system. Our expert consultants provide a full support team to ensure your business keeps moving forward. Our consultants understand your processes and potential business challenges. They will accompany you in the most critical moments of your business operations. When it comes time to understand the cost of something that isn’t working, your consultant will understand the complexity and urgency of your request in addition to the impact of the problem if it is not solved – quickly.

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Experienced and responsive Big Bang consultants are available to support you every step of the way.

Consistency is key!

We have a complete support team that will accompany you in the most critical moments of your business operations. Best-of-all, the team who is responsible for the success of your implementation will also be the team providing your support. We don’t pass the buck, and we genuinely want to see your organization succeed. The capacity of your support team will be dependent on your needs and reality.

Mavenlink Support and Training

Oracle NetSuite Support and Training

Salesforce Support and Training

Rootstock Support and Training

FinancialForce Support and Training

ServiceNow Support and Training

Sage Intacct Support and Training

Another solution to support?

If you don’t see the product name that you have or are planning to have supported, listed above, don’t worry – we likely already have the skills. The great thing about knowing how to work with multiple platforms is that we understand what is similar and different in each system and because our team is diverse, we track the skill set of each consultant so we can leverage varied expertise.

At Big Bang, digital transformation means growth!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

When is support best used?
What is the difference between a help desk and support?
What is ERP support?

Support can be part of your technology roadmap to build out features you didn't have time or the budget to do initially.

It can be a great option if you have new or changing stakeholders with fresh ideas, a new offering to your customers, or an optimized way of working internally. Fundamentally support should be used to enhance the system and build upon work completed.

A help desk can answer simple questions and provide information for troubleshooting, similar to this FAQ.

Support is customized to the challenges and vision of our customer and is driven by expert consultants, not a database of searchable problems.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a type of software that all industries use to manage finances.

It is a type of software that all industries use to manage finances. Support for ERP is no different than another kind of platform, such as CRM. Support allows you to get back to work, letting your consultant manage your system updates, upgrades or challenges.


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