Develop a customized ERP: which functionalities to prioritize?

Develop a customized ERP which functionalities to prioritize|

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Every company is unique, and as a result, it can sometimes be hard — or even impossible — to find a one size fits all ERP solution. Because of this, many companies choose to develop a customized ERP system in the hopes that it will better meet the needs of their business.

While a software development company may have the capabilities to meet your specific corporate needs, this doesn’t mean that the standard functionalities of ERP systems should go by the wayside. For best results, you need to include both industry-specific features while still accounting for other user-friendly features.

To ensure that your customized ERP software will actually benefit your company, the following attributes should be a top priority throughout the development process:

Industry-Specific Functions

Every industry has its own set of business processes. Your customized ERP platform should account for industry best practices and other tasks that are unique to your company. After all, the needs of a security guard company are dramatically different than those of a sales software provider.

By conducting a thorough analysis of your industry-specific tasks (especially those that require tracking and data input) and integrating them into your ERP software, you can create a more streamlined software system that addresses your company’s chief concerns.

Ease of Use

A customized ERP system won’t be much help to your company if it is difficult to implement. Consider how much training will be required to help your employees understand how to use the program, as well as how much effort you’ll need to dedicate to getting the system up and running. While every customized ERP system will have a bit of a learning curve, your vendor should be able to provide a solution that doesn’t lead to significant workflow disruptions.


One thing that improves the implementation of a customized ERP system is easy integration with pre-existing software. Even if your old software platform is out of date and inefficient, it likely contains thousands — if not millions — of pieces of vital business data. Your new platform should facilitate a quick and secure transfer of these data points so nothing is lost.

In addition, there are many situations in which your team will continue to rely on other software programs after the customized ERP system is implemented. Your new platform should be able to integrate with these complementary programs, enabling your team to work more effectively.

Have you already implemented your solution? Discover the different steps to include for a successful ERP implementation.


You expect and plan for your business to grow in the years to come — shouldn’t your customized ERP system be able to keep up? Make sure that your system is capable of handling increased data input, the addition of new users, connections to new software programs, and other changes that may come as your business continues to expand.

Even the best customized ERP system will soon grow obsolete if it does not allow for scalability. The ability to create or add new processes and data entry points can also play a significant role in helping your ERP system grow alongside your business.


No matter how well-developed your customized ERP system is, there will always be questions and hiccups along the way as you and your staff learn to use the software in your daily routines. It is essential that your team is provided with adequate support to resolve questions and troubleshooting concerns as they arise.

Whether your developer includes a user guide to help employees learn to use the software or provides on-call (or even in-person) tech support, the knowledge that you have information at your disposal to resolve user issues can provide much-needed peace of mind as you begin using your new system.

At Big Bang, our consultants understand the complex business processes and expectations you may have regarding the development and customization of a cloud solution. To learn more about how Big Bang manages the process, visit our page dedicated to cloud solution development and customization.

FAQ: 4 questions to ask yourself before opting for a customized ERP

Does the ERP software meet my company’s current and future needs?

Before choosing to implement a customized ERP, it is important to have a long-term vision for your company’s growth and critical needs. Is the ERP flexible and can it adapt to business growth?

As a first step, you should analyze your business processes and know your budget, time, and team resources that you can dedicate to the project. This analysis can help you avoid over-customization which, instead of optimizing your processes, would make your ERP software heavy, expensive and difficult to use.

Is the ERP software right for your business or industry?

Do you have visibility on key business data? Do you know what inventory looks like in real time? Can you trace the origin of your products?

Knowing the business processes related to your company’s operations will help you determine if the ERP you choose will be able to meet your critical needs or if it will require customization in order to give you a competitive advantage.

Big Bang consultants have the skills and experience to plan and understand the realities of your industry.

Is your ERP easy to use?

It can be difficult, if not impossible, to find finance software that will perfectly meet all of your business needs. If your ERP doesn’t contain the features you need, it can become cumbersome and difficult to use. ERP customization allows you to eliminate some of these features to make it more user-friendly and simple to use.

Will customization save me money in the long run?

Some ERP customizations may seem expensive at first, but in the long run, they can save a lot of time and money by eliminating repetitive manual processes.

In a service company, customization could, for example, make it possible to offer the services more quickly and efficiently.


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Develop a customized ERP: which functionalities to prioritize?

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

Develop a customized ERP: which functionalities to prioritize?

Complete the form to download your workbook today.

Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.