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Each employee is hand-picked, and the backgrounds of our team members are diverse; some come from IT, engineering, and business career paths, with experience and education from around the world. From CEO to intern, we pride ourselves on being hands-on experts who are agile, experienced, and knowledgeable.

We manage the full life cycle of your cloud solutions and ensure that your system naturally evolves with your growing business. Experts quickly assess your specific needs and the appropriate actions required to bring your organization alignment and help create growth.

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Emmanuelle Marineau



Qing X Ouyang


Tristan Gosset



Christophe Beauchamp-Gagne

Project Manager

Oussama Abdelkader Boukela

Project Manager

Sabrina Chan



Benoît Boucher



Francisco Garcia



Jean-Baptiste Gobin



Syed Saad Rasool


Tatiana Gabriel



Jayshree Boodhoo Sam


With so many products available, get help choosing the right mix of cloud software to create your elegant solution.

The benefits of working with expertly trained consultants

The benefits of working with expertly trained consultants

Additionally, we expect everyone to be versed in multiple products and business challenges so they can understand how systems differ and work together.

Multi-Product approach

Big Bang experts are versed in multiple products so they can offer an unbiased consultative approach. Being product agnostic, we can honestly recommend the best solutions based on your unique business needs.

Leading know-how

Simplify the retention of your best talent with a 360-degree experience for your employees. Promote your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), track individual career paths and monitor performance reviews from one centralized system.


We can work with customers in any industry, offering expertise based on experience. Acting as true advisors, we contribute our diverse skills and in-depth business and technical knowledge to the success of our customers.

A focus on career advancement

Our employees interact with clients and are encouraged to tap into fellow teammate’s knowledge and experience - starting from day one. Ramping up in Big Bang’s knowledge-sharing environment is easy, and participation in our growing library of technical resources is encouraged. Career paths are clearly outlined; so your consultant will be motivated to stay with you, and Big Bang, for a long time.

International team

With head offices in a multicultural and international business hub, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and offices in Paris, Mauritius, and the United States - our reach is global. Our consultants come from various backgrounds and experiences. We have a global presence serving our customers in multiple time zones and languages.

Obsessed about training

The concept of training is inherent in what we do. From our proprietary two-week intensive onboarding to helping hundreds of customers get comfortable with their new cloud solutions, we live and breathe a training culture - so you know we always know what is latest and newest.

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