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Upgrade your operational and financial solutions, and compete in today’s global market with Dynamics 365 Business Central’s MRP. A successfully executed and well-maintained manufacturing planning system will give your company a competitive advantage, and help streamline operations across the board.

MS Business Central will provide you with the tools to make accurate decisions in real time, increasing the rate of and accuracy of your response times. The vigorous manufacturing modules in Dynamics 365 Business Central offer unparalleled functionality and customizability. The software’s intuitive design and flexibility makes it a great fit for a variety of industries in the manufacturing sector.





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Modernize your manufacturing business and gain a competitive edge with Dynamics 365 Business Central MRP.

Why choose Big Bang as your MS Business Central MRP consultants?

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Big Bang will help you build a customized end-to-end solution in order to scale and optimize your business

Big Bang experts will help you customize MS Business Central’s built-in intelligence capabilities to optimize your business processes. Big Bang consultants have the knowledge to recognize what industry-specific extensions will best fit your needs.

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Leverage industry expertise

As an experienced consulting company backed by the best talent in the industry, our consultants are trained to understand your challenges and customize the software in order to provide you with the best service out there. Even more, with years of experience under their belt, Big Bang industry specialists understand the challenges in your industry and can customize MS Business Central to fit your needs.

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Find the right balance between customizations and upgrades

With every implementation, it’s important to know how much to customize and what built-in features should be maintained out-of-the-box. Critical value can be drawn from leveraging pre-built tools and platforms. With the team at Big Bang, you will get the best advice on when customization is too much, or when it is the elegant solution required to support your organizations business processes.

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No surprises

At Big Bang, we pride ourselves on our transparent approach and thorough research. Ultimately, this means complete transparency from the get-go, and no surprises along the way. By following Big Bang’s proprietary 7-step methodology called The Big Bang Experience®, we ensure your project runs as promised.

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The advantages of Dynamics 365 Material Requirement Planning

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Streamline Business Processes:

Data pertaining to thousands of parts, assemblies, and finished goods is organized through a shared portal between engineering and purchasing.

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Intuitive Interface:

Not only is the software super easy to use, but it’s also fully integrated with MS Office products, allowing easy uploads and downloads to Excel and MS word.

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Create production or sales forecasts within the system and use those as part of a Sales and Operations Planning process to generate a Master Production Schedule.

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Order Management:

Predicts future demand using calculations derived from previous sales orders, service orders, multi-level BOMs, and more for ultimate accuracy and forecasting ability

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Flexible and customizable:

Whether it’s general accounting, fixed assets, budgeting needs or forecasting needs, the software can be customized to fit business requirements.

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Automates the creation of bills of materials for production and generates the BoM from sales orders.

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Inventory Management:

The Manufacturing functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central combined with its Warehouse Management module helps manage the inventory process. Business Central has a shared list for all inventory items, which includes raw ingredients, intermediates, products, packaging, finished inventory, etc which users can easily filter and create groups to view necessary information.

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Supply Chain Management:

Optimize supply chain management using the Lot for Lot feature. MS Dynamics MRP can help determine when and how many items to order, relying on only a few simple planning factors and accurate lead time from vendors.

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How will best-in-class cloud architecture increase your manufacturing business’ competitive edge?

Modernize your infrastructure and enter new markets faster. With access to information that is available in real-time, from anywhere, you will gain a competitive advantage with the accuracy and speed of your forecasting

Improve the accuracy of your processes. The ability to create sales orders from quotations rather than manual re-entry reduces redundant tasks and leaves less room for error.

Drive smarter decision-making and quicker executions at any point during the product life cycle with real-time data specific to your business at your fingertips.

Capitalize on the ecosystem of add-ons and enhancements for customizable business solutions that will provide a full picture of your business operations and increase your productivity.


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With lower upfront costs than legacy systems, MS Dynamics MRP offers exceptional functionality.

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Increased agility:

Real-time data and relevant reporting will enable better responsiveness and increase organizations’ ability to process and respond to changing business environments.



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With an accessible and well-thought-out design interface, the software is easy to learn and use.

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Accurate reporting:

Real-time data will enable your business to identify areas to address and further streamline your operations.



Gain control and total visibility of your manufacturing business process with Big Bang and MS Business Central

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