NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing, How Can it Help?

Advanced manufacturing

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On August 2nd, I presented an “Advanced Manufacturing” demo to internal stakeholders of Big Bang ERP which included Team Woody, the team that specializes in manufacturing. The goal of this project was to share the knowledge I had gained with my colleagues so that they could improve upon their expertise. I was really very nervous at first to present anything let alone something of such value within NetSuite to people who have been using this cloud ERP for years. I knew I had a lot of content to cover during the presentation so I needed to find a way to make it dynamic and interactive!

How do you make a NetSuite Manufacturing demo dynamic? Easy! Roleplaying!


Who does the “Advanced Manufacturing” bundle help?


Planning Clerk

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing has great functionalities for production planners and production managers. The bundles provide powerful planning tools such as finite capacity planning, work order management, and task scheduler. This was perfect to assign the role of a planning clerk to someone in the audience.

Receiving Manager

An objective of mine for this demo was to showcase the ease of use of mobile devices to perform common activities seen on a shop floor. The mobile devices supported by Advanced Manufacturing are the RF Scanner and the Tablet. This is where the receiving manager role stepped in! When the receiving manager performs the receipt of a purchase order using the scanner you can see the transaction instantly  in NetSuite.

Quality Assurance Manager

The delegated Quality Assurance Manager of this demo was able to perform an incoming inspection on the raw materials that were just received because YES, Advanced Manufacturing supports Quality Management!

Production Worker

Later in the presentation, one of the assembly items that was being built was damaged by an angry worker (we shall not point fingers but…)! Which obviously meant that we had to record the damages in the ERP for reporting purposes. The delegated production worker was able to record the production loss using the scanner by selecting “Breakage” as the reason. This action can be done on a tablet as well.

Production Manager

In order to keep the demo interactive and cover the entire scope of the bundle’s features, we made sure it was an eventful day on the demo factory floor. We included production downtime due to a jammed line which was easily and rapidly recorded by the production manager on his tablet in order to instantly update the work order record in NetSuite.

Manufacturing Clerk

To wrap it all up we reviewed the productivity metrics of our assembly line. This is where our manufacturing clerk became very helpful! Advanced Manufacturing has strong reporting capabilities so we could easily access the right information at the right time.

All in all, I strongly believe that it was a successful demo that improved the entire team’s expertise and appreciation for NetSuite’s “Advanced Manufacturing” bundle and, helped us, as a company find new ways to train our teams for future updates. At Big Bang ERP we firmly believe that continuous training and analysis of the cutting-edge solutions we provide is a necessary part of the job and the only way to ensure that our customers receive the best possible services and software for their needs.

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NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing, How Can it Help?

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NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing, How Can it Help?

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.