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Clean-up your technology infrastructure enterprise-wide and reboot your growth with a clean slate.

The overwhelming panoply of software and systems

It takes time to get comfortable with the slew of acronyms and types of software, let alone understanding how each software differs and evolves. Big Bang invests time collectively to ensure we offer the best-of-breed solutions to our customers and master the best way to leverage each software with other platforms and even legacy systems. Take the legwork and guesswork out of choosing the right solution for your organization, needs, and industry. It’s a costly mistake you don’t need to make.

Alignment is easier said than done

Big Bang’s consultants will ask the right questions to align your processes with your software. Improvements suggested may include an optimization or overhaul of a particular process, a suggestion of a new tool, or even an entire re-architecture of your organization – all to create the alignment that enables accurate strategic decision-making. Working with experts that can complete the work suggested, creates alignment from your plan to reality.

Short vs. long-term

Making decisions for tomorrow, without considering the path to get there doesn’t add value. Neither does making a choice for today that doesn’t consider how you can grow, expand, or better service your customers into the future. That’s why every decision we make, considers the investment already made, the current situation and the moving target you are aiming to hit. Our consultants will help you manage your dynamic plan, adapting it as your organization and the marketplace evolve.

Digital Enterprises beat the competition

Big Bang can help you to outsmart and react faster than your competition. When your organization transforms to become a Digital Enterprise, you will leverage technology as a competitive advantage both externally, and internally.

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Achieve REAL Digital Transformation by aligning your business plan and growth strategy with your systems with Big Bang’s functional and technical experts.


BSA & Enterprise Architecture. Your way!

Big Bang’s experts can adapt the BSA or Enterprise Architecture to your organization and even your preferred methodology, be it TOGAF, Zachman, FEAF, or even Gartner. With years of experience, we have developed our proprietary methodology for BSA called The Big Bang BSA5.

Business System Advisory (BSA)

The BSA aims to create a proper strategic roadmap to help you achieve organizational alignment. With the understanding that every decision should be driven by your vision that takes place within a strategic plan, a business architecture and/or IT strategy – and when it isn’t, you invest in the wrong places, or the wrong processes. Investing early in your business saves you time, resources, and unpleasant surprises down the road, something we can all agree is worth it.

Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Ready to take your entire business operations to the next level? Want to proactively solve your business problems, before you have them? Work with Big Bang’s architecture experts to create or refine your plan for technology and change management. Empower your business leaders thanks to concrete recommendations allowing you to level-up your organization and streamline the flow of information. Improve upon your current Enterprise Architecture, or we can create a new architecture for your organization, depending on the results sought and the current state of your organization.

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No matter your starting point, Big Bang can help streamline your organization’s processes and systems.

The Big Bang BSA5

Big Bang’s proprietary Business Systems Analysis methodology

Achieve REAL Digital Transformation by aligning your business plan and growth strategy with your systems. The BSA team of expert consultants will work with your key stakeholders to create organizational alignment spanning 3 to 5 years. Tailored deliverables for each BSA cover marketplace analysis (current state and pain points), business analysis with business requirements and evaluation matrix, and a final recommendation including the future state, flowcharts, and strategic roadmap specific to your organization.

The benefits of the BSA5 methodology include:


At Big Bang, we treat your business like your own, which is why we give advice based on best practices, leading solutions, and valuable experience.


Big Bang experts are exposed to a profound mix of products so they can offer a genuinely unbiased consultative approach, enabling them to select the most appropriate product or a combination of products for your organization instead of what is merely available. Our recommendations will include the best solution based on your unique business needs, always putting you, our customer, first.

*Don’t worry – if we do not have a partnership with a solution we recommend for you, we will either train a team member or refer you to someone who can help – it’s our unbiased promise.


Short on time? Great things can happen in as little as 1-2 days when you work with Big Bang’s expert BSA consultants. When we move quickly, as we are known for, it is not an excuse to skip any steps of your BSA. Instead, we work smarter, leveraging our focus, methodology, experience, structure, and team to make it happen – faster than expected.


A key aim of the BSA5 is to achieve alignment for your organization. To achieve success, your organization’s IT strategy needs to be part of a cohesive plan, taking into account industry-specifications, your track record, and your company’s goals.


The whole point of a BSA is to get a quality roadmap for your IT strategy or digital transformation. When the Big Bang consultants make a recommendation, we stand behind it. Unlike many others who simply give advice, at Big Bang, we can deliver the plan we propose. So when it comes time to make plans a reality, we are accountable to make it happen as promised.

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