NetSuite SuitePeople for Human Capital Management (HCM)

NetSuite's SuitePeople is a unified human resource management software solution that connects HR data with financial, procurement, project, payroll, planning, and budgeting processes.

One of Big Bang’s most popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is Oracle NetSuite. SuitePeople leverages the SuiteCloud platform, connecting right out-of-the-box with other departments in a unified business management suite including Cloud CRM and Manufacturing software.

Read on to discover why more than 40,000 organizations are growing their business on Oracle NetSuite.





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Case studies

Customer Success with Big Bang and Oracle NetSuite​

Agile Transformation at Optimum Talent

Big Bang helped one of Canada's largest talent management firms improve their business systems with an integrated software solution.

“I really enjoyed working with the Big Bang team, which was great! We didn’t just buy software; we understand the added value of working closely with a team of consultants. Big Bang consultants take into account our needs and constraints to offer us personalized solutions. A real business partner!”​​​

    Gain complete visibility into workforce performance

    Big Bang optimizes Oracle NetSuite

    Big Bang’s team of trusted business advisors can help you get the most out of Oracle NetSuite from BSA (Business System Analysis) to implementation, migration, development, and even training. Big Bang’s team of expert consultants has been working with Oracle NetSuite for over a decade, developing sharp expertise on the Oracle NetSuite platform. We know how to integrate it with other platforms best to help your business evolve and grow.

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    Avoid common pitfalls

    Hiccups, while implementing a new system, can happen. By leveraging Big Bang’s experience with Oracle NetSuite, you can avoid wasting time and resources. With more Oracle NetSuite certifications per capita than any other partner, the Big Bang team can show your team the ropes and avoid unforeseen problems.

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    Find the right balance between customizations and upgrades

    Everything is possible with open APIs and customizations. However, sometimes knowing where to stop and leverage a pre-built tool, platform, extender, or module can save time, money, and bi-annual upgrade costs. With the team at Big Bang, you will get the best advice on when customization is too much, or when it is the elegant solution required.

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    Leverage industry expertise

    There is something to be said for having “been there and done that.” By understanding the challenges in a given industry, the industry specialists at Big Bang will help Oracle NetSuite work with your other software and real business challenges.

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    No surprises

    Surprises can be great, but let’s leave them for Birthdays! With Big Bang’s team of expert Oracle NetSuite consultants, there are no surprises because we lay everything on the table before we even start. By following Big Bang’s proprietary 7-step methodology called The Big Bang Experience®, we ensure your project runs as promised.

    Our certifications

    96 NetSuite Certifications

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    NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management (PS)
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    NetSuite Certified Administrator
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite Certified Financial User
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite Certified SuiteFoundation
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite ERP Consultant
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite Multi-book (PS)
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite OpenAir Essentials
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite SuiteAnalytics User
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite SuiteCommerce Developer
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer II
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite SuitePeople : Fundamentals
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite SuitePeople for Pre-Sales
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite SuitePeople for Sales
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite SuiteSuccess Service (Sales)
    oracle-netsuite-logo for certifications
    NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) Enabled

    Key Features of Oracle NetSuite SuitePeople

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    Easily manage payroll with a streamlined user interface including multi-jurisdiction taxes, benefits and deductions.

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    HR Analytics

    More than just headcount. Get the full picture of your organization’s growth and turnover trends, segmented by departments, locations, employee class, and subsidiaries.

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    Employee Center

    Prioritize your employees, providing clarity around usage and status of their benefits, visibility into the organization, and access to information that matters to them.

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    Performance Management

    Enable greater performance review processes, easily administered within a central place to help employees stay engaged with goal creation, progress monitoring, and achievement recognition.

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    HR Capabilities

    Equip your Human Resources department with the best-in-class systems for operation with native organization design, job management, workflows, and compliance management.

    Leverage the Power of NetSuite to Manage Your Workforce

    Join the more than 40,000 organizations growing their business on Oracle NetSuite. NetSuite’s HCM, SuitePeople, is software that securely connects employee data through the Suite platform, giving companies complete control of their HR and workforce management processes. HR functionality is integrated into the NetSuite suite of applications, eliminating many repetitive and manual processes so that your HR teams don’t waste time reconciling information from multiple systems. Real-time people analytics alongside financial analytics means you can produce reports for decision-makers and auditors quicker. 

    Easily integrated with NetSuite ERP, NetSuite HCM centralizes HR data within NetSuite so that it’s accessible to your HR teams and your finance teams. Gain visibility into how your workforce performance impacts financial performance all in one place. With no hardware costs, no recurring software maintenance costs, and up-front per user license fees, Oracle NetSuite offers a robust CRM solution for many of today’s growing enterprises, especially those already leveraging the NetSuite ERP ecosystem. The human capital management system delivers powerful capabilities to improve employee experiences, along with other advantages such as:

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    Centralized Global Human Resource Management

    Access all your global resources in a single system of employee profiles, directories, and timelines, making job management efficient.

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    Organized Compensation and Recognition

    Use tools that help motivate, retain, and develop valuable talent from compensation and benefits details to bonuses, referrals, and kudos to foster a positive work culture.

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    Workforce Management

    Streamline everyday tasks like requesting time off, onboarding, and offboarding to free up your HR staff’s workload so that they can focus on the people – not the processes!

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    Customer Success with SuiteSuccess

    SuiteSuccess for SuitePeople HR employs a coherent approach to HR, with leading practices, insightful KPIs, making for a more engaging and modern way to manage people.

    financialforce erp


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    Role-Based Security

    Sophisticated role-based security allows executives, managers, supervisors and employees to support both themselves and their teams.

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    Universal Data

    Part of NetSuite’s unified data model, people information is available throughout the enterprise allowing companies to nurture, protect, and develop their talent.

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    Unified Access

    Report and analyze people data seamlessly from services to the shop floor and warehouse.

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    Leveraging the SuiteCloud platform, it can be customized and integrated into and always up to date on the latest release.

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    Global Reach

    Enhanced HR localizations, built on NetSuite’s global platform, ensures that companies can manage global workforces.

    Manage your most important assets your people with ease and efficiency with NetSuite SuitePeople.

    Oracle Netsuite 4-star Award 2017
    Oracle Netsuite 2019 4-Star Award
    Oracle Netsuite 4-star Award 2020
    Oracle Netsuite 4-star Award 2021
    Celigo Platinum Partner Badge
    2020 Growth List Accolade
    Great place to Work Certified 22-23
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