Agile Transformation at Optimum Talent

The Challenge

Replace outdated technical systems with reliable software that optimizes complex internal processes for the matrix organizational structure company, especially in finance and accounting.

The Solution

The Big Bang team applied its unique The Big Bang Experience® methodology to understand, assess, and analyze the management needs and executed a large-scale deployment of NetSuite.

The Benefits

The talent management firm now has a system that can grow in synergy with the organization. Billing and reporting process are simplified, and they have better visibility of data in real-time.

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Integrated software solution to support one of Canada’s largest talent management firms

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About Optimum Talent

Founded over 40 years ago, Optimum Talent has over 260 colleagues located in 14 offices from coast to coast. The company offers integrated solutions for Executive Search, Leadership, Assessment and Development, Career Transition, and Outplacement.

Optimum Talent specializes in integrated talent management. As a consulting firm, they support organizations optimize talent through strategic and holistic solutions at all stages of the career cycle. The best software must support the organization in the execution of its mission on a national scale. It is in this context that Optimum Talent turned to Big Bang.

“We knew we had to improve our systems, but we had to find the best solution for our business model. Obviously, we did our research to find a service provider that would best meet our needs, and that led us to Big Bang – the only company that answered our call right away. We appreciated being able to chat with a person and not with a machine!”

Optimum Talent enables organizations to achieve success through people. Leading organizations call on the firm to recruit, engage, retain, and transition talent. The result for their clients is a stronger employer brand and a team with the capability to achieve their business goals.


Having a matrix organizational structure further emphasized the need to find reliable software that simplifies processes while respecting the organizational needs of the company.

  • Find the right tools with a limited budget that will meet the operational needs of the company
  • Replace outdated technical systems to optimize complex internal processes, especially in finance and accounting
  • Centralize data while respecting the matrix structure of the company
  • Have better visibility of data in real-time

The Big Bang solution

For Big Bang experts, the solution was clear: NetSuite. Optimum Talent needed a reliable and sustainable solution that would be able to respond to its matrix structure and that:

  • would require little customization;
  • simplify the billing and reporting process consistently;
  • deliver real-time results accessible from anywhere.

The Big Bang team applies its unique The Big Bang Experience™ methodology to understand, assess, and analyze the management needs of Optimum Talent. According to Beauséjour, the real value of Big Bang is their approach.

“They took the time to analyze our internal processes and fully understand our systems. In addition, they sat down with each of user to write down the different requests and requirements, something that we had never had with other suppliers. “

Big Bang presented NetSuite to the Optimum Talent team, who were impressed by the quality of the presentation and the software, and decided to make the leap to this new system. From the start of the project’s implementation, Big Bang worked closely with Optimum Talent to ensure that it met its requests and needs. Each week, Big Bang updated the Optimum Talent team on the progress and informed them about the roles, responsibilities, and risks inherent in the project. These calls allowed Optimum Talent to have better control over schedule and budget. Optimum Talent was also able to adjust its requests and expectations along the way, thanks to these weekly follow-ups.

A few days after the large-scale deployment of the system, the Optimum Talent team had already seen the added value of Big Bang’s work.

Optimum Talent stands out for its reach

With 14 offices across Canada and 180 NetSuite users, NetSuite is the only system that was able to centralize data to properly represent markets and submarkets.

The flexibility of NetSuite allows customization of the system to facilitate the visualization of critical data for each department.

The product: NetSuite ERP

“It’s a system that can grow in synergy with the organization – especially at the level of the project management module! We are confident that this solution will meet our needs for a very long time to come.

The frequent follow-ups with Big Bang allowed us to prioritize the stages of the project. We could also detect the risks more quickly and make the necessary corrections. The planning, organization, and flexibility of Big Bang made our experience even more enjoyable!

The Big Bang consultants are people who have supported us well and who have been good partners.”

“I really enjoyed working with the Big Bang team, which was great! We didn’t just buy software; we understand the added value of working closely with a team of consultants. Big Bang consultants take into account our needs and constraints to offer us personalized solutions. A real business partner!”

Advice for new NetSuite users

“Above all, do not try to reproduce a system that you did not like. When you face challenges, trust your consultants. They will help you eliminate some unnecessary processes in order to better manage, or even eliminate the technical problems which you could have been confronted. The team of consultants must be your partner in order to guide you towards best practices. ”

All quotes by
Alain Beauséjour

Vice-President, Finance, Optimum Talent

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Agile Transformation at Optimum Talent

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Agile Transformation at Optimum Talent

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.