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Big Bang’s team of trusted business advisors can help you get the most out of Kantata (Mavenlink) from, BSA (Business System Analysis) to implementation, migration, development, and even training. Big Bang’s team of expert consultants have a strong background in professional services automation, which is why a lot of research went into choosing the optimal tool to run our business.

Kantata (Mavenlink), as a modern collaborative platform, that is made by consultants, for consultants – was a natural fit. We became an early adopter of Kantata (Mavenlink), and haven’t looked back since. With robust features in project management, project accounting, resource management, business intelligence, and team collaboration, all housed within a quick, intuitive interface.

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Precisely determine the optimal mix of resources for the ideal outcomes across every project, every client, every consultant, every contractor, every practice area, every time. Big Bang’s consultants can help you do more with Kantata (Mavenlink) than the rest.

Do you want to maximize your sales, customer service, and marketing? Our team can advise you on how to do so. Every software has an advantage. With our Kantata (Mavenlink) experience, we’ll make responsible, unbiased suggestions based on your business’s needs and strategic roadmap.

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Ultra agile and adaptive approach

Kantata (Mavenlink) is one of the best PSA in the world for a reason – it’s robust! But that shouldn’t mean you get overwhelmed with all of its potential. Let our experienced consultants simplify your account to get you the right information at your fingertips.

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Built by, and designed for, service delivery professionals

Kantata (Mavenlink) allows your service company to stay on top of the latest technology that will help you scale and grow your business. 

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Avoid common hiccups

We are so much more than a software reseller. We don’t just implement a new or improved platform; we work as a partner and consult, train, and support the best use and leverage of Kantata (Mavenlink).

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Your team will be fully supported

Our consultants do their training alongside Kantata (Mavenlink) so that we can offer the same level of expertise when introducing the solution to your business. We deliver digital transformation across the enterprise through a strategic approach, process optimization, implementation, and managed services support.

Our Kantata (Mavenlink) Consultant Partners & Certifications

105 Kantata (Mavenlink) Certifications

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Mavenlink Insights Business Intelligence Solution Certification
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Mavenlink Core Product Certification
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Mavenlink Partner Contextual Training Certification

Working with the best certified Kantata (Mavenlink) Consultants at the right Consulting firm is the best move

Implementation with a team of Kantata (Mavenlink) consulting expert

Our cloud solutions and Kantata (Mavenlink) consultants have both the business and technical expertise to analyze, configure, test, and deploy your most critical business data and process management platforms. Kantata (Mavenlink) Cloud Implementation will help you run your projects with ease, bridging core projects, operational, financial planning, and accounting systems in a single operating environment.

Integration with a certified team of Kantata (Mavenlink) consulting partner

Seamlessly integrating your people, processes, applications, and data across your business can contribute to streamlined operations, improved project delivery and execution, and support your growth.

Customization with a team of Kantata (Mavenlink) consulting expert

Our cloud business management and professional services automation software experts help you streamline and standardize your business data and processes. We understand that every business is unique, so make sure to tailor your software to your specific needs.

Kantata (Mavenlink) Rescue Mission

Things might not always be as they seem. The same is true when you hire a consulting company without the track record of Big Bang. We are versed in fixing any possible Kantata (Mavenlink) issues and problems.

Support and Training with a team of Kantata (Mavenlink) Consultants

A highly-skilled support team is there to accompany you as a partner in the most critical moments of your business operations, as you need it. Our consultants do their training alongside Kantata (Mavenlink) so that we can offer the same level of expertise when introducing the solution to your business.

#1 Professional Services Automation platform

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Collaboration and transparency in a single unified environment

Teams using Kantata (Mavenlink) can collaborate, execute, and thrive like never before with projects, financials, collaboration, resource management, and business intelligence in a single, intuitive platform.

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Manage your resources with full control

Gain a greater understanding of allocating and optimizing your resources and your financial performance in detail (real-time) with Kantata (Mavenlink) Master Planning capabilities. Efficiently staff and plan your team utilization rates throughout the project lifecycle for healthy margins and long-term success.

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Unite your teams for optimum delivery

Distributed teams, outsourcing contractors, and the need to work remotely all require the right technology to bring teams together. Kantata (Mavenlink) is a modern, enterprise-class Software as a Service (SaaS) that transforms how service organizations work.

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Workflows that are in sync

With Kantata (Mavenlink), you’ll establish an Operational System of Record (OSR) that connects your entire organization, empowering teams with increased visibility, greater control, and richer, more actionable data.

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Great Place to Work Certification Badge November 2021 to October 2022
2023 Forbes Technology Council Official Member: Gabriel Tupula
2020 Growth List Accolade
Salesforce - Registered Consulting Partner

Big Bang’s team of Kantata (Mavenlink) consulting experts can help sustain your organization’s growth by aligning business strategy, processes, and systems.

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