BSA5®: Enables Cost-Effective Digital Transformation

The proprietary Business Systems Analysis by Big Bang aligns strategy and operations


Achieve REAL Digital Transformation by aligning your business plan and growth strategy with your systems. The BSA5® team of expert consultants will work with your key stakeholders to create organizational alignment spanning 3 to 5 years.

At Big Bang, we leverage our proprietary BSA5® methodology to maximize the success of your cloud business transformation by ensuring that strategy and growth are front of mind when making technical and system decisions today - and in the future.

Tailored deliverables for each BSA5® cover marketplace analysis (current state and pain points), business analysis with business requirements and evaluation matrix, and a final recommendation including the future state, flowcharts, and strategic roadmap specific to the organization at hand. The Business Systems Analysis provided by Big Bang’s team of consultants not only recommend but also implement their concepts into a reality. Read on to uncover the BSA5® approach and the value it brings to customers and organizations alike.

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Achieve REAL Digital Transformation by aligning your business plan and growth strategy with your systems with Big Bang’s functional and technical experts.


Big Bang’s solution consultants give the best realistic advice

At Big Bang, we treat your business like our own, which is why we give advice based on best practices, leading solutions, and valuable experience. We don’t merely give advice for advice’s sake. The team at Big Bang is also versed in implementing and integrating software, remaining grounded to the reality of what happens after the software selection- what is the reality, what works, what does not work, what should work based on what you read, but does not.

Big Bang has been involved in the digital transformation of over 500 organizations, so our experts know which pitfalls to look out for and proactively avoid - across a variety of industries and geographies while leveraging the best-practices. So while you are the experts of your own business, Big Bang remains the expert of which products fit your organization’s processes and strategy. The team provides advice backed by experience, something that just can’t be faked.

Le BSA5® : favorise la transformation numérique rentable


Create cohesion with technology

Your organization’s IT strategy needs to be part of a cohesive plan to achieve success, taking into account industry- specifications, your track record, and your company’s goals. It is not as simple as copying a successful organization. Each company has its own DNA, challenges, and opportunities - and your stakeholders are in the best position to share and improve your organization.

Big Bang adds value in a way that our experts will uncover all elements (you may have missed some) that need to be included in the strategy for a cohesive, all encompassing approach that answers your needs and growth goals. Together we can create alignment between your system solution, business processes, and the reality of your business.

Le BSA5® : favorise la transformation numérique rentable


A selection process based on your organization, not the products mix available

Big Bang offers the best-of-breed cloud solutions available on the market. Our consultants are not bound to any product line or product type (ERP, CRM, PSA…). The team sees them as robust “information systems” to be integrated into a global system architecture. Because of this, Big Bang experts are exposed to a profound mix of products, enabling them to select the most appropriate product or a combination of products for your organization instead of what is merely available.

With the exposure to so many products and experience working with different software types, Big Bang’s team knows the differences between each solution. They know when it is best to choose a certain one depending on the process, priorities (e.g., multi-subsidiary) and other products in the system architecture. Because Big Bang’s team supports a vast product portfolio, subject-matter experts stay abreast of new information about the products we know and work with every day in addition to cutting edge, pertinent news and trends related to cloud software and transformation.

Don’t worry – if we do not have a partnership with a solution we recommend for you, we will either train a team member or refer you to someone who can help – it’s our unbiased promise.

Le BSA5® : favorise la transformation numérique rentable


2-for-1: The BSA5® is the action plan

When the Big Bang consultants make a recommendation, we stand behind it. Because our expert consultants are versed in the actual implementation and customization of cloud software they understand the digital transformation reality - common pitfalls to avoid, proactive change management, and even when a process needs an overhaul. Unlike many others who advise without any stake in the game, at Big Bang, we can deliver the plan we propose because we make recommendations based on experience.

So when it comes time to make plans a reality, we are accountable to make it happen as promised. The BSA5® will become the action plan for your digital transformation and the roadmap answering:

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What cloud solution(s) to implement,

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Why the product(s) selection - i.e., what problems are being solved

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When to deploy and in the proper order, and

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How much to budget in terms of resources, time, and investment

Instead of being sold a pipedream of “Digital Transformation,” Big Bang’s consultants will realistically create a plan that works for your organization, strategy, and goals.



Achieve results in weeks, not months or years

Short on time? Great things can happen in as little as 1-2 days. We work smarter, leveraging our focus, methodology, experience, structure, and team to make it happen – faster than expected. If the analysis takes too long, the organization’s reality will be different than when the information was gathered. Avoid working in circles or creating analysis for analysis sake. Big Bang’s BSA5® is designed for busy operators who are looking to expand and grow.

Don't waste your time on overanalysis that will end up suggesting a plan that is not realistic to your organization’s reality (budget, resources, timing). Big Bang experts keep the overall goal in mind at every turn. To maximize the value of analysis, to us, the analysis should be complete in the shortest amount of time. Our aim is to complete a high-value analysis accessible to any organization short on time and even budget.

Based on the needs of your organization, consultants will deliver:

Marketplace analysis including

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Current state your organizations GAB’s Pyramid (Global Architecture of Business Systems)

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Pain points

Business analysis including

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Business requirements list with critical requirements

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Evaluation matrix that assesses features from different solutions

Final recommendation including

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Future state GAB’s Pyramid (Global Architecture of Business Systems)

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Integration flow chart

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Current and proposed process flow chart

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Strategic roadmap with budgets and timeline that fits with the original goals

Le BSA5® : favorise la transformation numérique rentable
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No matter your starting point, Big Bang can help streamline your organization’s processes and systems.

Phases of the BSA5®

Get a full plan in only 5 steps

Affiliated services to optimize the results of BSA5®

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By planning your digital strategy, you can leverage technology to be a real competitive advantage for your organization, enabling growth, and refocusing your resources where they matter most.

Change Management

Execute your plan with ease! Big Bang’s experts can help your organization with managerial skills, improving organizational culture, and help develop your people through the process.

Solution Implementation

Our cloud solutions consultants have both the business and technical expertise to analyze, configure, test, and deploy your most critical business data and process management platforms.

BSA5® is registered to Big Bang ERP Inc. 2021

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