Cloud Solution Customization and Development with Big Bang Expert Consultants

Consultants thoroughly understand complex business processes and the demands you may expect from a solution. Having highly technical and skilled people working on your project increases the overall quality and lends to elegant solutions. Big Bang’s consultants will fill any gaps you may encounter through smartly built and expertly deployed customization.


Big Bang is in it with you, for you. Get in touch and discover our unbiased consultative approach with expertly trained and well-versed cloud specialists.

To customize or not to customize?

When we say that the team at Big Bang is unbiased, we will always suggest the best option for your business. That means, by default, we do not want to over-code or customize your cloud software. We will challenge you and your team to see if customization is essential before investing in it. Generally, our experts will recommend leveraging the robust built-in best-practices of your cloud software and, when required, leveraging Complementary Platforms to level up your solution or even integrate multiple software. That way, when software updates, as it should continually, complex customizations will not need to be redone – the solution will update automatically too.


Mavenlink Customization and Development

Oracle NetSuite Customization and Development

Salesforce Customization and Development

Rootstock Customization and Development

FinancialForce Customization and Development

ServiceNow Customization and Development

Sage Intacct Customization and Development

Another solution to customize and develop?

If you don’t see the product name that you have or are planning to have customized and developed, listed above, don’t worry – we likely already have the skills. The great thing about knowing how to work with multiple platforms is that we understand what is similar and different in each system and because our team is diverse, we track the skill set of each consultant so we can leverage varied expertise.

At Big Bang, digital transformation means growth!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

What are the pros and cons of customization and development?
When should customization and development be leveraged?

The benefit of customization and development is to create what you want, as you want it.

There is no limit to the code we can create. The downside is (a) complex customizations and development have to be maintained with bi-annual (or more) software updates, and (b) what you want might not be what you need (i.e., are you following an old process vs. progressing with best practices).

Customization and development are necessary to tailor the cloud solution to your businesses’ realities.

Another great use, if you want to test a concept before investing in a Complementary Platforms. The most costly, but sometimes most necessary, customization and development can be in creating a connector or feature that is not currently available on the market. Here, the cost and upgrade costs need to be calculated to ensure the ROI is present.


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