Expand Your Business in the France Market With French Localization

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French Localization

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What Is French Localization?

French localization in IT is the process of adapting software to French regulations. This is an important step for companies and organizations looking to expand their reach and tap into the French market. One way to ensure that your localization efforts are successful is to work with native French speakers who are familiar with the local culture and laws. This can help you to avoid common pitfalls and ensure that your software and content are accurate and appropriate for the target audience.

In addition to fiscal laws and regulations, companies and organizations also need to consider other factors such as currency, date and time formats, and other local conventions when localizing for the French market.

How Can Big Bang Help?

Are you a company arriving in France or purchasing a new entity in France, looking to adapt your processes for the French market? Are you desperately trying to figure out how you will manage the VAT intracom, generate the FEC (fichier écriture comptable), etc? Big Bang is the partner you need. Established in Paris in 2018, Big Bang has already proven to be a consulting firm of choice when it comes to companies that need to configure NetSuite for market opening or acquisition purposes. Our local team of 25+ consultants has extensive experience in the consolidation of French localization projects, having realized a dozen of them already in the last five years.

The Big Bang Edge

Big Bang consultants located in Paris are a valuable resource for companies and organizations looking to localize their products or content for the French market. Our team is composed of native French speakers who are familiar with the region’s language, culture, and local customs, as well as being mostly fluent in English, making it easier to communicate with their anglophone clients.

One of the main ways our consultants can help with French localization is by providing valuable insights into the local market and helping companies understand the unique needs, challenges, and preferences of their French audience. They can customize their ERP software functionalities and interface to better resonate with the target audience and increase the chances of success in the market. Our consultants know the regulations and the French accounting system, making them an asset when it comes to configuring a software system like NetSuite’s ERP for the French market and the French fiscal laws.

What We Offer

Big Bang offers extensive services to help your French localization project go smoothly. With in-depth knowledge of government processes and regulations, our consultants can help you structure your implementation in the French market. Concretely, our pre-packaged offer includes the configuration of:

Additionally, we can update your already established:

  • Workflows
  • Scripted customizations
  • EFT templates
  • Bank Feed Connection (Société Générale, Crédit Mutuel, BNP,…)


In conclusion, French localization is a complex process that requires a deep understanding of French regulations and market. By working with experienced local consultants and taking into account France’s unique characteristics, companies and organizations can effectively communicate with their French-speaking audience and successfully expand their reach. Ultimately, investing in French localization can be a smart business decision that allows companies to tap into the significant potential of the French market. With Big Bang consultants by your side, you can rest assured that your French localization project will be a success.

To learn more about the financial details to consider in order to operate successfully in the France market, watch this webinar by Big Bang’s European localization experts. Get familiar with the elements necessary for successful operations in France, and how NetSuite works for you and your company in compliance with local laws!

Frederic Poirier

Executive Sales Manager, EMEA
Frederic has over five years of experience in cloud consulting and development and industry expertise in Financial Services, Professional Services, Consulting, and Recruiting. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Information Technology) from HEC Montreal. Strong and steady under pressure, Frederic is a consultant you can trust pulling through even with last-minute requests. He once jumped in to save a customer go-live in South America by re-working their workflows all in a single Friday afternoon. Specializing in Implementation &…

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Expand Your Business in the France Market With French Localization

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

Expand Your Business in the France Market With French Localization

Complete the form to download your workbook today.

Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.