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Synchronize data, Automate Processes, and Streamline Operations with Celigo's integrator.io iPaaS Platform

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Systems that are not properly connected create data gaps

Celigo offers integration solutions that enable applications to work together as one. Celigo integrator.io is a powerful and intuitive integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that makes integration accessible to both technical and non-technical users.


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Seamless integration saves time and headaches

Celigo is the only iPaaS with pre-built integration apps, quickstart templates and other connectors built right into the platform.

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Custom connectors can be costly to maintain

Nearly 2,000 customers worldwide rely on Celigo’s integrator.io to synchronize data, automate processes, and streamline operations by integrating popular cloud applications, such as NetSuite, Salesforce, Shopify, Amazon, banks, and many others.

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All in-one connectivity

Designed for IT and business users, as a complete iPaaS, it offers an adaptive solution that can be tailored for your industry, enterprise, department, and ecosystem. 

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Knowledge Management, Documents, Help Desk,
Wiki and Intranet, Chat, Website, Social Media and Sharing

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Why Celigo?

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Accelerated Integrations:

Use integration templates and tools to build integrations quickly, thanks to Celigo.

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Single Platform:

Integrate your entire business using pre-built SmartConnectors, integration templates, and application adaptors for hundreds of applications, with ease.

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Integration Expertise:

Rely on Celigo’s built-in best-practices thanks to their extensive experience with cloud integrations.

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Business and technical users can build and maintain integrations using either integrator.io’s point-and-click interface or developer tools.

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Visibility and Control:

Gain visibility and control using powerful management tools to update integrations, identify and troubleshoot errors, and set up access rights and alerts.

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Flat-Rate Pricing:

Celigo’s subscription model offers predictable, consistent costs regardless of the number of transactions processed.

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Our certifications

108 Celigo Certifications

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Celigo software

Celigo Products

Cloud integration Celigo integrator.io is the next-generation iPaaS platform for connecting applications via REST/JSON, HTTP, XML, SQL, EDI, FTP, on-premise agents, and other protocols, and offering a guided approach to creating and managing integrations

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E-commerce SmartConnectors

Prebuilt, fully managed integration applications for NetSuite and popular e-commerce applications, including Shopify, SuiteCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, Jet, and Walmart.

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Banking Integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations between NetSuite and banks to automate banking transactions for processing accounts receivables and accounts payables.

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Salesforce x NetSuite SmartConnector

Prebuilt, fully managed integration application to automate lead-to-cash between Salesforce and NetSuite.

Celigo Benefits with Big Bang

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Intuitive Interface

Integration wizard, drop-down menus, and data mapping tool make it easy to integrate any applications or files

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Actionable Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard for monitoring, managing, and updating integrations with access to error details and ability to re-run integrations

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Flow-Based Subscription Model

Pricing is based on integration flows rather than on the number of endpoints allowing companies to add capacity easily

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Pre-built integrations

Integration templates, SmartConnectors, and application adapters and connections help deliver fast time-to-value on integration projects, built with the requirements of both endpoints in mind

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Developer Tools

Advanced tools for using javascript, creating and sharing code stacks, generating tokens for direct API calls, building wrappers, and more

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Built for NetSuite Functionality

NetSuite Certified, passing rigorous testing to meet NetSuite requirements, building solutions that work

Streamline communication between your software for a seamless system architecture.

2023 Forbes Technology Council Official Member: Gabriel Tupula
2020 Growth List Accolade
Celigo Platinum Partner Badge
Great place to Work Certified 22-23
The Globe and Mail 2022 Report on Business Canada's Top Growing Companies

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