Maximizing Your Marketing ROI Across the Buyer Journey

Maximizing your Marketing ROI across the Buyer Journey

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Measuring return on investment (ROI) on marketing continues to be a major challenge for B2B and professional services marketers. And as buyer behavior and marketplace trends continue to shift it has never been more vital for marketers to have access to credible data to guide their decision making.

Join Hinge Senior Partner Liz Harr and Big Bang’s Director of Alliances and Marketing Kimberly Marx as they guide you through the five key stages of your buyer’s journey and show you how you can effectively measure and report on marketing ROI. In this webinar, they’ll look at some of the latest buyer behavior data and provide real examples of how this data can inform your marketing spend and strategy. They’ll also discuss the necessary role that technology plays in modern marketing programs and provide you with actionable steps you can implement at your firm.

What you’ll learn:

  • The most effective ways to research your buyers
  • How do you measure ROI in the five stages of the customer relationship journey
  • Strategies for improving your firm’s technology maturity
  • The latest data on B2B and professional services buyer behavior
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Maximizing Your Marketing ROI Across the Buyer/Customer Journey

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About HINGE:

Hinge Marketing

At Hinge, we’re pioneering the new science of growth for professional services firms. We publish ground-breaking research that is uncovering why high growth firms outperform their peers. Using this information, we help firms refocus, re-brand, launch new services, expand into new markets, and take their game to a higher level. Our services include research, strategy, award-winning creative, online marketing, and helping experts become more visible in their industry. We serve the architecture, engineering, construction, technology, government contracting, accounting, finance, consulting, and legal industries. If you’ve been seeking a research-based approach to branding, marketing, and growth, Hinge puts the power of science in your grasp.


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Maximizing Your Marketing ROI Across the Buyer Journey

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