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Get the most from NetSuite’s all-in-one platform

NetSuite is powerful and robust; sometimes, you don’t even know all the possible capabilities of this popular system. In the NetSuite training, you can uncover features you didn’t know about or were recently released. Big Bang NetSuite practice members, consultants, and senior trainers with a decade of NetSuite experience provide this training.

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Level up your NetSuite skills - by subject

Choose your training path with courses  designed to be in any sequence.You may complete only one course stand-alone, whereas a power-user may attend more sessions or benefit from customized training. Big Bang tailors your NetSuite training to your skill level, an end goal, and schedule.

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Gain knowledge for your NetSuite Certification

Having a certified NetSuite team member is a valuable asset and an excellent metric for career growth. Going at it alone can be time-consuming and challenging. Our trainers have passed (with flying colors) and are ready to impart their NetSuite wisdom – using real-life examples the content comes to life.

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Maximize your limited resources

Courses from half a day up to two days can be customized for your organization’s needs. Best yet, you receive all the materials from the course so you can brush up on the information when needed, or adapt them for your organization’s training materials.

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Lean on the certified experts of Big Bang’s talented consulting team to help train you and your team to fully leverage the robust functionality of Oracle NetSuite.

Introduction to Oracle NetSuite Distribution

Introduction to Oracle NetSuite Distribution

Learn how NetSuite can help you manage your distribution workflows. In this class, you will understand how the accounting setup will drive the transactions that will drive your business. Learn how to set up Locations, manage inventory, and reserve stock for specific orders. Within this twoday course, you will learn the setup as well as walkthrough the purchasing and selling workflows.
Oracle NetSuite Distribution Training will cover the following material 

  • Foundation (NetSuite’s Introduction Course)
  • Record to Report – Financials
  • Procure to Pay – Return to Debit
  • Order to Cash – Return to Credit

Details about the Oracle NetSuite Distribution Training
Course Duration: 2 Days

Price per participant: $1,750

Includes: Course and all materials in English

Training NetSuite Distribution

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Introduction to Oracle NetSuite Professional Services Automation (PSA)

If you are looking to understand the tools that are available in NetSuite’s PSA bundle, look no further. This twoday course will help you understand how NetSuite helps you plan and manage your project from resourcing to revenue recognition. The class will present the basic package and help you understand the capabilities of the tool.

The Oracle NetSuite PSA Training will cover the following material 

  • Foundation (NetSuite’s Introduction Course)
  • Record to Report – Financials
  • Resource to Project>
  • Order to Cash for PSA>
  • Project to Cash>

Details about Oracle NetSuite PSA Training

Course Duration: 2 Days

Price per participant: $1,750

Includes: Course and all materials in English

Training NetSuite PSA


Introduction to Oracle NetSuite Manufacturing

Do you need to manage components and build out assembled product? Using NetSuite Light Manufacturing features, you can accurately follow the accounting related to the work, progress, and individual component usage. Learn how to manage inventory and manage the component usage to ensure you are never short on stock.

Oracle NetSuite Manufacturing Training will cover the following material 

  • Foundation (NetSuite’s Introduction Course)
  • Record to Report – Financials
  • Design to Build

Details about Oracle NetSuite Manufacturing Training

Course Duration: 2 Days

Price per participant: $1,750

Includes: Course and all materials in English

Training NetSuite Manufacturing

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Oracle NetSuite easy to learn?
What are Oracle NetSuite certifications?
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Why NetSuite Training is essential?
What to Expect from NetSuite Training?
How much does Oracle NetSuite training cost?
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Oracle NetSuite is robust and can be overwhelming due to its extensive functionalities. However, we have designed our training programs to address this complexity to cater to various skill levels and roles. We understand that not everyone needs to master every aspect of NetSuite, so we offer a modular approach with different NetSuite training courses, each focusing on specific functions within NetSuite.

This flexibility allows you to tailor your learning experience to your particular needs, whether it’s gaining an in-depth understanding of the entire platform or concentrating on the functionalities directly relevant to your department. It ensures that your training is efficient and targeted, making it easier to grasp and apply to your business processes.

Oracle NetSuite offers certifications for people who pass a series of knowledge exams on a given subject. These certifications fall into two main categories: Administrator Certifications, which focus on managing and configuring NetSuite systems, and User Certifications, which assess proficiency in using NetSuite's various modules.

User-level certifications typically require less prior experience with NetSuite and are ideal for accounting and financial management professionals.

On the other hand, administrator-level certifications are more extensive and demanding, suitable for managers, consultants, and developers. They require a deeper understanding of NetSuite’s setup, configurations, and the distinction between standard and custom processes.

The most popular certification is the SuiteFoundation Certification. It serves as a strong foundation for anyone seeking further specialization or advanced training later on.

Our NetSuite training courses offer a structured learning path to discover the system's key features and capabilities. We offer a flexible range of courses. Each is led by our team of NetSuite certified trainers, tailored to your skill level, objectives, and schedule.

Our trainers use real-life examples to make the content engaging and practical, ensuring you grasp the material effectively. Moreover, our courses can be customized to meet your organization’s requirements, making ongoing training a seamless part of your business processes.

NetSuite Training focuses on practical skills and fundamental concepts, accommodating various learning styles. The program focuses on real-world applications, enhancing learners' abilities to excel in industry projects while adhering to best practices. Given the platform's diverse product range, the high demand for NetSuite experts underscores the importance of such training options.

Our instructors lead practical exercises and training sessions, preparing learners to earn their NetSuite certificate of accomplishment. This certification signifies proficiency to potential employers and professional networks, making NetSuite Training a pivotal step for career advancement in business management solutions.

Whether your expertise lies in specific ERP NetSuite functions or you aim to enhance your admin skills, we carefully provide a customized-designed learning path. We offer courses or personalized one-on-one sessions to align with your goals.

Our training content closely mirrors certification exam topics, preparing you thoroughly for the examination. All necessary materials are conveniently included in your training package, streamlining the continuous learning process and making it easier for you to adapt to industry experts’ recommendations.

With strategic planning and expert guidance, we ensure you gain a profound understanding of NetSuite. We work to empower you to achieve your professional objectives in financial management and business processes.

Big Bang’s Oracle NetSuite training is either provided 1:1 based on hours scheduled with a consultant or included as part of an implementation.

The training courses cost $750/half day to $1,750/2 days, including all the course materials.

Big Bang operates in all time zones.

Based on your schedule, we will make the training possible when it is ideal for you, and when we have the best NetSuite trainers available for the course.


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Track visibility and traceability on the shop floor and optimize machine productivity and staff allocation. Maximize production while staying on top of the operating costs and considering demand planning, seasonality and lead time.

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

Oracle NetSuite Training

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.