Staff Augmentation

Have a skilled Big Bang consultant dedicated to the success of your organization for a day, week, month or year with both business and technical skills

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Reduce the cost of finding the right talent

Finding skilled resources can be a significant demand on time and resources. Moreso hiring the wrong person for the job can be even more costly. With staff augmentation, Big Bang takes the onus of finding, interviewing, vetting, onboarding and even training our consultants, no matter if they work for our team internally or directly for a customer.

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Better manage resource expertise during a project

Are you looking to fill a part-time role or need help for a limited time until a project is complete? Or perhaps you are looking for unique skills you simply don’t know how to find or train? With Big Bang’s staff augmentation, you choose from a resource pool with varying skills and expertise. Leverage a shared knowledge pool from all our resources and call upon the right resources at the right time.

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Minimize ramp up and training costs

Employees cost your organization more than just their salary with costs for bonuses, benefits, training, IT infrastructure adding up – impacting the overall cost of an employee. When you hire Big Bang to fill your role, all these additional expenses remain the responsibility of Big Bang. No surprises for you or your AP department.

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Best of both worlds

Want to try before you buy? We get it. Sometimes creating a role temporarily or having an expert available when needed is invaluable to your success. We also understand that you need to balance your needs with your budget. With Big Bang Staff Augmentation, you get the skills, knowledge, and expertise from Big Bang training while being able to call upon the resource directly. This method can help inform how you want to staff in the future. Just like many of our customers, you might end up preferring the flexibility of staff augmentation.

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Are you looking for the best talent? With staff augmentation, you can have the best expertise with none of the hassles of hiring a new employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long is a staff augmentation contract?
What if we need varied skill sets?
How can you ensure the skill set of the staff hired?

You can schedule a Big Bang employee for staff augmentation by the day, week, month, or year.

During the mandate, the Big Bang employee(s) will still receive training as part of the Big Bang team and keep up-to-date in industry trends and other relevant information that keeps their expertise ahead of the curve.

The great news with staff augmentation is we help you plan which resources you will need and when.

That means you can get help from a web specialist on Tuesday, a Project Manager on Wednesday, and a Senior Consultant on Friday – whatever is needed to help your organization achieve your goals.

We test, train, and develop the skills of Big Bang employees, ensuring that quality is tested and certifications are kept up to date.

Best of all, we track which skills each employee has, so when we suggest someone, it is for the right reasons – for you. That way if you are working with software, your Big Bang rep will be a master in that solution and an expert in your industry.

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