FinancialForce ERP

Accounting software that scales to meet your business requirements

FinancialForce is the number one Salesforce native cloud ERP application. It uses the existing data in the CRM , eliminating the need to maintain several systems of record, resulting in a highly efficient, error-free, and cost-effective solution that goes far beyond basic bookkeeping. FinancialForce offers two cloud solutions: a customer-centric ERP and a PSA (services automation solution).

The customer-centric ERP handles financial management, like no other. Offering real-time financials for real-time business so you can close the books faster, adopt new business models, and automate your accounting department and finances.

FinancialForce accounting software will scale to meet your business requirements for small-to-medium-sized growing businesses as well as the most complex multinational organizations. Read on to discover how FinancialForce ERP can help you gain complete control over your company’s financials and reap unparalleled benefits.





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Case study

7-step success for Hawthorn Creative

7-step success for Hawthorn Creative

Big Bang successfully guided the digital marketing agency, Hawthorn Creative system migration using the 7-step proprietary method, The Big Bang Experience®

”Big Bang did a great job of understanding the platform that we had been on and the platform that we were moving to. And I felt like our consultant really had a good grasp on that to be able to answer our questions with a yes or no. There wasn’t a lot of “I’ll get an answer and come back to you” It was “Yes. I can do this” or “No. I can’t do that” which to me, demonstrated great knowledge.”

    Unblock back-office bottlenecks, automate for efficiency and achieve financial transparency.

    Why choose Big Bang as your FinancialForce ERP Consultants ?

    Big Bang’s team of trusted business advisors can help you get the most out of FinancialForce from BSA (Business System Analysis) to implementation, migration, development, and even training. By choosing Big Bang to implement and optimize FinancialForce as your ERP solution, you get the most out of the entire solution. Trained experts, with a great track record, will customize your FinancialForce instance specifically to your business. Implement faster with experts who know how to properly configure and optimize FinancialForce for your industry. Big Bang consultants can advise you when to customize and when to leverage connectors to best integrate FinancialForce with other platforms. The number one goal is to help your business evolve and grow, taking in consideration your organization’s best interest in every decision made and advice provided.

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    Ahead of the curve, an established partner

    As an early North American partner, the first FinancialForce partner in Canada and France, Big Bang has a longstanding relationship with FinancialForce and expertly trained consultants who have been there since the start, gaining thorough understanding and deep familiarity with the product suite through all its iterations and usages.

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    Strong financial expertise

    Big Bang’s financial-first mindset enables us to fully capitalize on our team’s extensive business knowledge to enhance technical expertise. Our team will share our insights and best practices with you to get the most out of FinancialForce.

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    Delivering elegant solutions, rather than over customizing

    FinancialForce comes ready to integrate with your business, with an approachable interface and next-generation UX. With our sharp eye for detail and accurate experience, we’ll help you access the right level of customization required for your business or when to call on complementary platforms or product extenders to maximize the flow of information between systems with ease.

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    We have a strong practice.

    And we stack our consultancy team with those who have industry expertise –  so we give you the best cloud solution, backed with practical insight. Our consultants are trained alongside the Rootstock tea

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    Full picture consulting

    Our succinct knowledge of multiple software and processes allows us to bring you a tool in one platform to help you respond to demand and align it with your sales process.

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    Our® proficiency for the win, again

    The Big Bang team has a comprehensive knowledge of® – the Salesforce platform that FinancialForce is built on. Salesforce is the most popular CRM software and integrates seamlessly with FinancialForce when you leverage our developed best practices and streamlined methodology, enabling your team to fully tap into the platform’s power, avoiding common pitfalls.

    FinancialForce Cloud-ERP Product Features

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    From the opportunity level, share one customer master record across all departments. Empower your sales teams to efficiently price and quote goods and services.

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    Billing & Receivables

    With multiple billing models, 1-click invoicing and configurable plans, create one billing center for the front and back-office without any costly integration or data losses.

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    Accounting & Finance

    As a sophisticated yet straightforward software, FinancialForce accommodates diverse and complex financial needs, it eliminates spreadsheets and painful audits and introduces spot-on forecasting, global support, and more. Configurable and extensible, it’s able to recognize multiple revenue streams from a single solution.

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    Simplify the order and fulfillment of both goods and services and handle orders from multiple channels from a single system and UI. With 1-click order creation, you can create sales orders directly and automatically from opportunities, quotes, or custom objects.

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    Gain visibility and control over the entire procure-to-pay process with cost control policies and workflows and supplier management.

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    With better data, you can make better decisions. Get comprehensive reporting for actual and budgeted values with just one click. Dashboards that make it easier to analyze data from any app of the platform at any stage and take action from there.

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    We have helped them

    Wow I like the breakdown detail of the project! thanks guys!

    Jason Serfaty, IT & Special Projects Manager,

    financialforce erp

    The FinancialForce Advantage

    FinancialForce is a customer-centric cloud ERP solution with software features that can help you manage the entire process from the opportunity to the renewal.

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    Plan with Confidence

    By removing barriers and breaking down internal silos, you can increase visibility and improve business operations. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with FinancialForce does just that by aligning systems and business processes and giving real-time data, dashboards, and reports to provide the right people exactly what they need to know – when they need it.

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    Accounting Transparency

    Automate revenue recognition and achieve financial transparency. Put your core financial management functions all on one® platform.

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    Time & Expense Management

    FinancialForce time and expenses is highly configurable and easy to use so your team can submit time and expenses from anywhere,even a mobile device. Users have the access, automation, and visibility to the information they need to make informed purchases and stay within budget.

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    Billing & Revenue Recognition

    Keeping the cycles moving and revenue accurate from sales through delivery, billing, and revenue recognition. Bill fast and accurately to get paid quicker and more seamlessly.

    FinancialForce Benefits

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    Stimulate business value with a system based on comprehensive best practices and intelligent analytics

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    Improve close times by 50-100% and increase YoY PS Revenue Growth average increase of 143% (stat as of 2018)

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    Generates powerful reports in seconds and empowers sales teams with the right details to efficiently price and quote goods and services

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    Automate your finance functions - from timesheet approvals through the revenue recognition.

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    Intuitive role-based UX on Salesforce Lightning helps run more predictable business operations

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    Unify your business around the customer thereby increasing customer lifetime value

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    Leverages Chatter, a social networking tool, to initiate real-time collaboration around customer issues.

    Gain a complete, customer-centric view of your business finances with FinancialForce ERP on the #1 CRM platform.

    Great Place to Work Certification Badge November 2021 to October 2022
    2020 Growth List Accolade
    Salesforce - Registered Consulting Partner
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    Awards Accolades - Web section

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