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Our Community Commitment

Big Bang believes that “if you can, you should.” We prioritize our investment into both the lives of our team, as well as the community at large. Below you will find some of the ways Big Bang gets involved. If you have questions or are looking for support from Big Bang you can reach out to

community big bang
community big bang

Future Employees and Students

Hands-On Paid Internships

Big Bang offers valuable PAID internships that allow students to live the life of being a cloud consultant. We train and treat our Interns as we do our full-time employees. To find out more, check your Co-op programs or the career section of our website.

Case Study Competitions and Judging

Big Bang participates as judges in case study competitions to help enrich the feedback and credibility of Case Study competitions.

Guest Lecturing

Big Bang’s experts lend time to universities as guest lecturers to enlighten students into the life of working as a cloud consultant and what solutions and technologies exist in the marketplace.

Pro Bono, Charity and Giving Back

Pro Bono Development Projects

Partners give licenses, but they need to be implemented so that charities can also achieve organizational alignment. Big Bang selects charities for a complimentary 30-hour bank of hours to be used for development, training, and support (within one quarter).

Charity Donations and Experiences

It’s not uncommon to hear we have donated tickets to a show or another experience to a local children’s charities and hospitals to help alleviate the stress of being unwell on a family, especially children. When we have the opportunity to give, we run with it. Never do we ask for public acknowledgment everyone deserves their privacy too.

Charity Work and Team Building

From our annual Christmas Giving Moisson Montreal team building to allocated working-hours for our team, we encourage our team to get involved, on the front-lines. Each team member takes it upon themselves to give back to those who need it most in our communities.

community big bang
community big bang

Neighbors, Friends, and Customers

Big Bang believes that we are part of a collective. With this in mind, we open our doors and minds to those around us. We know we are stronger when we create relationships with those around us. For us, Big Bang is our second home, so we want to enjoy being at work, and with those around us.

Fitness and Yoga Programs

Since 2015, Big Bang has been offering Yoga and Fitness programs to staff, neighbors, and friends at no cost from the third phase of our Montreal office.

Yoga on Tuesdays at Noon
Every Tuesday, join Big Bang and our yoga instructor for a 60-minute class starting at noon. Please arrive at least 5-minutes in advance. We ask you to clean and put away your mat and other props borrowed from Big Bang. To keep up to date with the yoga program visit:

HIIT on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30 PM
Every Monday and Wednesday, join Big Bang and our fitness instructors, 60-minute class High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), starting at 5:30 PM. Please arrive at least 5-minutes in advance with a water bottle and workout shoes. We ask you to clean and put away your props and weights borrowed from Big Bang. To keep up to date with the fitness program visit:

SDC District Central Support

The SDC District Central is a non-profit association that aims to strengthen the economic development of the emerging area of ​​3 square KMs, with more than 25,000 jobs in more than 1,700 companies. The District Central supports Design, Urban Manufacturing, and Technology Businesses in the area of our head office in Montreal. In support of our neighborhood, Big Bang regularly is involved in SDC Events and Projects.


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