My #BigBangNation Story: From Montreal to Paris, and Back Again

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Remote Work: Eating Croissants in Front of the Arc-the-Triomphe

I remember when I was working in Mexico from 8AM to 6PM, my dream was to be part of a company that allowed me to work from wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Now that I live in Canada, two weeks of vacation a year is simply not enough to be able to visit my family in my home country and fulfill my dreams of exploring and visiting all the countries in the world.

Working from outside your corporate office has been possible for more than a decade now, but for many companies, working remotely since the Covid-19 pandemic has become the new norm. Little by little, they have been adapting work methodologies to allow explorers like me to visit the world while working. Surely you have heard the phrases “I’m working remotely now,” “I’m working from home,” or “I’ve managed to travel and work at the same time.”

But What Does Remote Work Mean?

Remote work is a working style that allows professionals to work from anywhere outside their corporate office. People have the opportunity to design their professional and personal life in a better way and enjoy different work environments as time goes by.

If you want to work and travel, and you’re not used to doing so just yet, you’ll probably need to change your mindset. Keep in mind that this type of work is not for everyone. Working in a different time zone, for example, will require you to keep track of your pre-established commitments and meetings, which often times will come in the way of your trip’s plans. However, with good management of priorities and time, this adaptation may turn out to be a piece of cake.

Why do people work remotely?

The main reason why employees want to work remotely is that they are looking for a more flexible lifestyle, one where they are not necessarily required to be in the office. By working remotely, employees can also focus on what is going on outside of the office – their families, their homes, enjoying different landscapes, trying new foods, etc.

Some benefits you will experience when working remotely include a better mental health and rediscovering the passion for your work. Some employees choose this mode of working to reconnect with their family who lives abroad without cutting into vacation time. Other notable benefits from the employer’s perspective include increased productivity, cost savings, and more engaged employees.

Big Bang’s vision of remote work

Big Bang employees are encouraged to visit its different offices around the world. Imagine one month waking up in Paris and eating a croissant in front of the Arc de Triomphe, the next one visiting Mauritius and working with your feet in the sand, then halfway through your year visiting London and eating amazing fish and chips. All of this while meeting your work objectives and getting to know your colleagues in person, removing a lot of the unnecessary friction a Zoom meeting can cause.

My Experience at the Big Bang France Office

I have only been working for Big Bang for six months now, and I am proud to work for a company that is so open in its work methodology, that understands the balance between work and personal activities, and where your boss encourages you to work from any of our offices around the world.

Big Bang understands that a good employee can work from anywhere without affecting the company’s performance, as long as they have their objectives and goals well determined.

This February, I had the opportunity to work from Big Bang’s Paris office, which not only allowed me to meet my co-workers, but also to understand a different methodology and a way of working that is unique to France. For example, the French team starts working a little later in the morning in order to coordinate with the Canadian team’s time zone. I also learned how to introduce myself to a new contact in the Parisian way. Meeting my colleagues in person gave me the chance to create a better bond which will surely benefit my future collaborative projects.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the office is located in one of the best neighborhoods of the city. During my lunch hours, I was able to visit charming places just around the corner, such as the Arc de Triomphe which is only a 5 minute walk away. Besides, it was very good for me to be able to escape, if only for a little while, the cold Montreal winter.

My next destination will be Mauritius Island, because I can’t wait to visit this paradisiacal place and meet my colleagues at the Mauritius office.

If you want to work at Big Bang, click here for open positions.

Aída Lucero Rodriguez Hernandez

Channel Manager
Lucero is a results-oriented marketer with 8+ years of experience in Global Marketing, Sales and process analysis & implementation. As a Channel Manager, she helps bridge the gap between our business partners: customers, consultants and cloud solution vendors. Curious, analytical, and a great communicator, Lucero holds a degree in international business with a specialization in Foreign Trade and Customs. Driven and hard-working, she is passionate about creating business growth through digital strategies. A dynamic leader, Lucero was able to increase…

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My #BigBangNation Story: From Montreal to Paris, and Back Again

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My #BigBangNation Story: From Montreal to Paris, and Back Again

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