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Straightforward, with clear answers

Any business with fast growth undoubtedly did their best with the information and knowledge available or shared by external consultants. However, when you limit your growth to what you know, you risk creating a cap on that growth and opportunities for expansion. At Big Bang, we offer such an extensive breadth of cloud solutions while encouraging an unbiased consultative approach. Our expert consultants are empowered to give clear, direct answers to any questions and will help level-up the knowledge base of the employees they work alongside in your organization.

Customized solution aligned with your strategy

No single solution is perfect from A to Z. It is essential to find the right mix of platforms to create your right solution that can evolve with your business strategy and goals. By leveraging the tools available at Big Bang (and even beyond), the approach of our consultants, our proprietary methodologies (below), and our value of staying grounded, the consultants create a genuinely unique strategy for your organization, to help you maximize your potential without breaking the bank. Expert consultants will aim to build upon a solid foundation, rather than overhauling your entire systems. If they suggest a significant change or upgrade, rest assured it is because your goals dictate it, or your systems are holding you back, and the cost of waiting outweighs the investment required.

Your challenges, your journey

No matter your starting point, Big Bang can help streamline your organization’s processes and systems. Your organization’s journey may start with tech strategy (Big Bang Plan), training to maximize the usability of your current cloud system (Big Bang &Co), or with an implementation of a new platform (Big Bang Solutions). Expert consultants are used to juggling many different tasks and can pick up anywhere – that’s where our team’s training pays off.

Holistic approach to planning, systems, and learning

With over 40 years of cumulative experience, the management team at Big Bang ERP leads a stellar group of consultants and project managers. Experts at Big Bang will approach your business holistically – meaning we don’t just look at the problem you are facing today, but also at trends, expected growth, check gates and the business systems roadmap to optimize your plan. If you can leverage the capabilities of each of your systems together, you will find your organization streamlined with less manual processes – freeing up your time to get back to work on value-generating activities.

our approach

Case studies

Training to accompany an ERP transformation​

Optimum Talent

Integrated software solution to support one of Canada’s largest talent management firms About Optimum Talent Founded over 40 years ago, Optimum Talent has over 260 colleagues located in 14 offices from coast to coast. The company offers integrated solutions for Executive Search, Leadership, Assessment and Development, Career Transition, and Outplacement. Optimum Talent specializes in integrated […]

PMC Commercial Interiors leveraged the RIGHT system and RIGHT Solution Partner to scale their operations

“Big Bang speaks furniture.” – Jonathan Whitehouse, IT Director at PMC   About PMC Commercial Interiors The PMC story is one of adaptation and growth in the ever-competitive office contract furniture industry. The last decade includes the addition of three distribution centers, a new PMC Collaborative Technologies division, and an additional five locations. Today, PMC creates […]

George Courey

Tell us a little bit about George Courey George Courey is a family business that provides institutional textile to various industries; namely hospitality, healthcare, and retailers, established over 100 years ago. We offer all kinds of soft and washable textiles in North America and Europe, from coast to coast.  Our typical customers range anywhere from […]


The importance of customization in optimizing security technology About BusPatrol BusPatrol aims to create a responsible and conscientious road culture. With your children’s well being at heart, BusPatrol provides safe and secure transportation for young students from their home to their school and back. BusPatrol’s security technology “Safety Tech” allows it to differentiate itself from […]


CONNECT TO LEADING SOFTWARE WITH PARTNERS YOU CAN TRUST Collaboration is a huge part of success – it is the main theme that originated from Big Bang ERP and Stampli’s business relationship. The two companies first met following Stampli’s search for a NetSuite provider with the expertise to help them with the integration of their […]

Realize your true business potential by aligning your operations and IT infrastructure to support and sustain your growth.


Big Bang Plan Business Systems Analysis (BSA) methodology

Achieve REAL Digital Transformation by aligning your business plan and growth strategy with your systems – creating organizational alignment spanning 3 to 5 years. Tailored deliverables for each BSA cover:

Marketplace analysis (current state and pain points)

Business analysis with business requirements and evaluation matrix

Final recommendation including the future state, flowcharts, and strategic roadmap specific to your organization

our approach
GAB’s Pyramid™

Big Bang Solutions leverages the Global Architecture of Business Systems

GAB’S Pyramid™ is a framework to map the systems and software environment for a modern company. It comprehensively reviews and presents how Information Systems should be implemented and work together in a company, no matter the size. To leverage best practices, a company would start with the foundation, i.e., finances, when possible. In the case where some layers are already in place, the Pyramid serves as a visual reference for all systems working together and the role of each one within the organization.

The Big Bang Experience®

Big Bang Solutions implementation methodology

At Big Bang, we leverage our proprietary 7-step methodology to maximize the success of your cloud business transformation. The Big Bang Experience® ensures that the project team ramps up effectively, needs are documented, solutions are proposed and reviewed, development work is validated, and your system is deployed smoothly. It is designed to implement cutting edge solutions seamlessly. It is vital to approach every cloud transformation with an agile mindset, a dynamic scope, and committed stakeholders.

our approach

Experienced and responsive consultants to help with all your solutions are available to support your organization.

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