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Consultants with both the industry and technical acumen configure, test, and deploy elegant solutions. With years of hands-on experience, our dedicated consultants proactively surpass check gates, avoiding common pitfalls. Best yet, Big Bang consultants want you to leverage the robust power of your software and will, when required, challenge you to get the most out of the tool straight “out-of-the-box.” This way avoiding costly erroneous customizations and optimizing your methodology with best practices.

erp implementation

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Big Bang Implementation powered by The The Big Bang Experience®

Maximize the success of your cloud business transformation with The The Big Bang Experience®, our 7-step proven methodology: designed to implement cutting edge solutions seamlessly.

erp implementation

Mavenlink Implementation, Reimplementation and Rescue

Oracle NetSuite Implementation, Reimplementation and Rescue

Salesforce Implementation, Reimplementation and Rescue

Rootstock Implementation, Reimplementation and Rescue

FinancialForce Implementation, Reimplementation and Rescue

ServiceNow Implementation, Reimplementation and Rescue

Sage Intaact Implementation, Reimplementation and Rescue

Another solution to implement?

If you don’t see the product name that you have started to implement, listed above, don’t worry – we likely already have the skills. The great thing about knowing how to work with multiple platforms is that we understand what is similar and different in each system and because our team is diverse, we track the skill set of each consultant so we can leverage varied expertise.

Looking to optimize your implementation? Trust the experts at Big Bangwho deliver tangible results.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the steps for an ERP implementation?
What are the steps for any implementation?
When should an ERP, or another solution, be implemented?

Leveraging The Big Bang Experience®, our team of expert consultants follows the 7-steps for implementation.

They are: Kick-off, Analyze, Design, Build, Validate, Deploy, and Optimize. These steps are iterative meaning, that in the optimization you may kick-off another project according to your project plan and technology roadmap.

All Big Bang’s implementations follow our proprietary The Big Bang Experience®.

In preparation for your implementation it is best to define your key pain points, your stakeholders who will be involved in the process and any limitations on your side. From there, our consultants will lead you through the streamlined implementation process.

The best software is determined based on your needs and your growth strategy.

Having the expertise of working with many platforms is invaluable when making a product decision. For more information contact us or refer to the GAB’S Pyramid Free Assessment we offer to determine which parts of your Global Architecture of Business Systems need the most attention first.


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The Big bang Experience®.​

Maximize the success of your cloud business transformation with The Big Bang Experience®, our 7-step proven methodology. It is designed to implement cutting edge solutions seamlessly.