Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release Notes & Highlights

Salesforce Summer 22 Release

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The Salesforce platform is continuously evolving and improving to deliver optimal performance for its end users. That’s why several times a year, new features are introduced. Here is an overview of the innovations and enhancements users released in the summer 2022 update:

  1. Admin Preview
  2. Sales Cloud
  3. Service Cloud
  4. Commerce Cloud
  5. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, powered by Pardot
  6. Report & Dashboards

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Admin Preview

Dynamic Related Lists

It’s now possible to customize related lists and make them dynamic using filtering, sorting, and formulas. This is really helpful for reporting purposes. These lists can be added to a page thanks to the lightning app builder.

Salesforce Summer 22 - Dynamic Related List

Picklist Value Management

Features to manage picklists have been developed with the purpose of increasing the admin’s productivity. It’s now possible to perform the following actions for multiple picklists values at the same time:

  • Delete
  • Deactivate
  • Replace

Salesforce Summer 22 - Picklist Value Management

Permission Management

Several improvements have been developed for permission management.

Permission set expiration: you can grant temporary access to your users so that the permission expires automatically after a specific predefined date.

Salesforce Summer 22 - permission set expiration

Transaction security policy: As an admin, you can be notified or block any changes that don’t match your company’s compliance in terms of permissions assignment.

Flow Builder Enhancements

Send screen flows to Slack with an invocable action: Thanks to the integration between Slack and Salesforce, you can now send a message to Slack that includes a button to launch a flow in Salesforce

Formula entry condition: you can now use the formula builder to set conditions that will start a record trigger workflow.

Salesforce Summer 22 - formula entry condition

Sales Cloud

Collaborative forecasting

This summer, Sales Cloud improved the way forecasts can be done by leveraging filters. Custom filters in forecast categories now support numeric and currency fields. It’s also possible to rename the forecast categories to better fit your business model.

Slack Integration

The way Slack and Sales Cloud are connected together is becoming more and more complete. The sales team can work faster and smarter. People can work on a Salesforce record directly from Slack. Moreover, the Sales Cloud for Slack app allows more automation regarding notifications

Salesforce Summer 22 - salesforce slack

Service Cloud


This feature helps agents to collaborate on a dedicated Slack channel in order to better resolve high severity cases. A dedicated related list of case objects can be leveraged to gather people with the necessary skills through a Slack channel where they will collaborate. As Slack and Salesforce are well integrated, workflows are out of the box and easy to configure.

Salesforce Summer 22 - swarming

Routing & Omni

With this feature, an agent can raise a flag to their supervisor and get their attention and chat with them or ask them to join the call to resolve the customer issue. Flows and bot builders can be leveraged to set up transfers from a bot to another bot, agent, queue, or skill.

Salesforce Summer 22 - routing and omni


Attention: Pardot has been renamed as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

Completion Action

It is now possible to include conditions on completion actions. So the sets of prospects are meeting specific criterias.

Email bounce data

Initially, getting email bounced reports was a fastidious task. Based on a new out-of-the-box report, we can now retrieve all of the bounced email addresses from the past year for each email sent. All of this in one single report!

List Email Report Metrics

The release brought improvements in terms of insights regarding the list email report. Thanks to these improvements, prospect and mailing list management are more efficient. Four new fields will now appear in the report:

  • Total Prospects on recipient lists
  • Total suppressed Prospects
  • Total unmailable Prospects
  • Total duplicate Prospects

Commerce Cloud


The shopper can now use new payment methods like Klarna. This payment method allows shoppers to indicate that they will pay later but they can still place their order. Another new payment method is EPS, a popular one in Austria.

Salesforce Summer 22 - Autria Payment

Order management

Order Management Basic Report Package: you can install a package that provides a report displaying insights regarding the following metrics:

  • Orders and sales
  • Fulfillment states
  • Refunds
  • Cancellations
  • Discounts

Discounts: You can now apply a discount to an order at any stage during the fulfillment process

Report & Dashboards

Selected Object-Based report

This is not always easy to find the report type that you need to build your report. You can now select the different objects that you would like to use. Fortunately, it also includes custom objects. Once objects are selected, Salesforce will only display report types that include the selected objects. Note that this is a beta feature.

Salesforce Summer 22 - selected object-based report

Median Summary

This one is straight forward but interesting to mention: median is now available as a summary field function

Salesforce Summer 22 - median option

Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release Next Steps

Some features in the Summer ‘22 release apply to all users and immediately took effect when the release went live. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality. Talk to your administrator – and we’ll help you out.

For the detailed release notes: Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Notes.

You can also learn more with additional resources for the Salesforce Summer ’22 Release:


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Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release Notes & Highlights

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Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release Notes & Highlights

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