Salesforce Winter ‘23 Release Notes & Highlights

Salesforce Winter 23 Highlights & Release Notes

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The Salesforce platform is continuously evolving and improving to deliver optimal performance for its end users. That’s why three times a year, new features are introduced. Winter 2023 update is here! Read this blog to discover the features we are excited about, including enhancements for:

  1. Sales
  2. Services
  3. Marketing
  4. Commerce
  5. Financial Services
  6. Loyalty Management
  7. Experience
  8. Analytics

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This new Salesforce release brings you improvements to boost reps productivity with flexible processes and automation. Three main aspects were covered: dynamic forms enhancements, subscription quotes, and enablement.

Dynamic Forms Enhancements:

Enhancements to dynamic forms will allow users to create more flexible records pages for accounts, contacts and opportunities. With the Lightning App Builder, users will be able to add field sections and individual fields without the page layout editor and also configure custom visibility rules for sections and fields.


The new Salesforce release will bring improvement to help scale your services through communications and equipment management. Users can expect enhanced Messaging for Facebook Messenger, Customer Service Incident Management and preventative Maintenance Enhancements.

Customer Service Incident Management:

Status updates will be broadcasted across digital channels (like emails for example). This will be particularly helpful in sending proactive updates to customers and internal users about incidents and errors. Broadcast emails will be available right from the incident record, allowing the instance administrator to send mass communications to customers to keep them informed during an incident.


Salesforce aims to create a single source of truth of customer data that puts customers first. The Winter ’23 release enhancements improve customer experience through optimized and personalized marketing features.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement:

Pardot is now known as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. The new name will be rolled out through updates in the upcoming months.

Users can now directly take action on prospects through Engagement Studio programs in third-party applications. The option to Run a full sync on the prospect database has been added in the release. Admins can now also grant better access to users through a new permission set licensing.


To make every transaction more profitable, this new release will add a TikTok Integration for Commerce, better Store Fulfillment, and B2B Commerce and B2B2C Enhancements.

B2B Commerce and B2B2C Enhancements:

Multiples languages can be now added at the same time, and can be picked from an expanded list of countries. This will also allow the user to set up taxes more quickly. B2C store’s configuration can now be migrated to a new environment, sandbox to production for example, directly from the UI.

Financial Services

The financial enhancements included in this release will help grow relationships and reduce service costs. Tear sheets can now be generated directly from Salesforce, and Actions Plans can be managed, tracked and updated with the help of Slack for Financial Services Cloud Enhancements. The Actionable Relationship Center Enhancements has been improved to better insights into the client’s relationships.

Loyalty Management

To better engage the loyalty members, interactive Member Engagement Widgets can be used to drive engagement, Member Badges can be used to build a loyal community and Loyalty Journeys for Marketing Cloud will automate member engagement across the loyalty lifecycle.


Changes have been made to the CMS workspaces to improve performance. Each instance is now limited to 2,000 workspaces and 300 channels. This limit does not include Experience Cloud sites connected to the CMS workspace. Content can now be managed in multiple languages.


CRM Analytics:

Slack Lightning reports and dashboards can now be browsed and subscribed to directly from Slack through the CRM Analytics app. Search for reports within Slack, and you’ll be able to access them, share and collaborate better with your teammates. You can subscribe to a report and have it delivered to yourself or your team every day or on a weekly basis.

Data Templates:

This release brings us another feature that will surely save time and work when preparing data: the addition of data templates. The input widget will assess outcomes and impacts in real-time, as well as show the result directly on dashboards. Snowflake data can also be added directly to the model-building process.

Salesforce Winter ’23 Release Next Steps

We hope you are excited about these new features that will surely bring for a better Salesforce experience! When will they take effect? Some features in the Winter ’23 release apply to all users and immediately took effect when the release went live. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.  Talk to your administrator – and we’ll help you out.

For the detailed release notes: Salesforce Winter ’23 Release Notes.

You can also learn more with additional resources for the Salesforce Summer ’23 Release:


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Salesforce Winter ‘23 Release Notes & Highlights

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Salesforce Winter ‘23 Release Notes & Highlights

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