Salesforce Summer ‘21 Release Notes & Highlights

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The platform’s software updates throughout the year. The summer marks the second, of three, Salesforce releases, each year.  The Salesforce Summer ’21 has plenty of new improvements to dive into — below you will find the summary of some of our top picks and notable new features in the Salesforce Summer ‘21 Release as it pertains to: 

  1. Salesforce Admin Preview noteworthy Summer Release ‘21 features
  2. Salesforce Sales Cloud noteworthy Summer Release ‘21 features
  3. Salesforce Service Cloud noteworthy Summer Release ‘21 features
  4. Salesforce Experience Cloud noteworthy Summer Release ‘21 features
  5. Salesforce Pardot (MAS) noteworthy Summer Release ‘21 features

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1 – Salesforce Admin Preview Updates

For more information about the benefits of Salesforce, click here.

Flow Enhancements (without Code)

When building Screen Flows, you are now able to configure your Screens with Multi sections and columns without touching a single line of code. Also, you can control your margin and spacing to achieve gutter margins and fine spacing.

Salesforce Summer '21 Release Flow Enhancements

There is an interesting update for those who frequently build Screen Flows and want to see what they look like, there is a list of new elements to allow canvas previewing, such as:

  • Email
  • Dependent Picklist
  • Address
  • Call Script
  • etc.

Record Sharing in Salesforce Lightning

Previously, in order to see why a user has access to a record, you had to switch the view to Salesforce Classic. But now, you can have access to this information from the Record Sharing Hierarchy available in Lightning experience directly.

Salesforce Summer '21 Release Record Sharing

Mass Action in Split view

The mass action is now available in a split view same as table view. You can select up to 200 records at once and use action on multiple records.

2 – Salesforce Sales Cloud Updates

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Pipeline Inspection

With the new release, sales managers and representatives have a better way to track and manage their pipeline in one view without leaving the opportunity page and inspect the health of their pipeline. Using this new, they can easily track the recent activities and changes such as:

  • Where the deal amount has increased
  • If the close date has changed
  • If the Opportunity’s stage has changed

Salesforce Summer '21 Release Pipeline Inspection

Collaborative Forecasting

The new forecast type configuration page can easily guide you through setup flow to select preferred object, measure, data type, and hierarchy for your forecast type. It also brings more flexibility to reflect your business model using custom fields of the currency and number data type.

High-Velocity Sales

The new custom report on engagement for contacts, users, and leads helps sales managers to observe who engages with emails and calls. In addition, Sales Condense dashboards provide sales managers with engagement analysis per sales condense, steps, email templates, and call scripts.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Activity Capture

Salesforce Einstein is the built-in Salesforce AI to engage and manage customer experiences. 

Einstein activity captures can log all the emails and events into Salesforce, and sync with internal meetings to reflect Salesforce user actual availability.

3 – Salesforce Service Cloud Updates

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Salesforce Einstein Updates for Service Cloud

Einstein Bots

Now Salesforce Einstein can intelligently answer common questions by linking knowledge articles and easily find utterances from chat transcripts.

Salesforce Summer 21 Release Einstein Bots

Einstein Case Wrap Up for Chat

Salesforce Einstein can leverage machine learning to predict discrete field value in the case wrap up process.

Einstein Case Classification

With the new custom condition logic (And/Or), the case segments can be defined. Previously, all the criteria needed to be met for the case segmentation. Also, a notification will be sent on built progress instead of manually checking the setup. For different parts of your business, you can customize up to five models per app.

Einstein Article Recommendation

Great news. Article recommendation is now turned on by default.

Email Enhancements

Previously, the system-generated reply emails could generate new cases. But now, case email alerts from process builders and flows will get threaded in the case feed and users will no longer need to clean up unwanted cases. Also, the number of characters for each email has increased to 364,000.

Service Setup Assistance

For out-of-the-box Service app, the step-by-step assistance provides more steps and new features to create the Service app. This includes sample service data for best practice, prebuilt help center, optimized record page for knowledge articles, enhanced user access to feature licenses and permissions, and case email notifications.

Knowledge Enhancements

With the new release, advanced search for knowledge is now included in the global search bar and rich text fields can automatically grow up to 750 pixels on the knowledge base.

Omnichannel Flow

Since the release, users can manage complex routing processes and dynamically route work to the best agent by defining the routing rules and processes. In order to use Omnichannel flow, you need to enable it in Omnichannel settings.

4 – Salesforce Experience Cloud Updates

Update Guest User’s Email Address

When an Experience Cloud is created, a guest site user automatically gets created. With the new release, Salesforce generates a dummy email address to be used by guest users instead of using the email address of the user who created the site.

Email Verification for Experience Cloud Users

The required email confirmations for email address changes settings are now automatically enabled to protect users’ accounts. This means that all the Experience Cloud users must verify their email address changes.

Topics for Knowledge

Previously, you could only enable topics for knowledge and other objects only in Salesforce Classic. Now, this can be done conveniently in Lightning experience.

Salesforce Summer '21 Release Lightning Experience

Redirect to Experience Builder Sites

This new feature will help to redirect your users from non-Salesforce URL to Experience Builder site URL on the same domain. Easily achieve this by adding the source and target URLs to the sample CSV file provided by Salesforce.

5 – Salesforce Pardot Cloud Updates

Click for more information about Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation Software (MAS) platform 

Salesforce Einstein Updates for Pardot

Einstein Key account

By turning on Einstein Key accounts identification in setup the Einstein Scoring component will appear on account records. Using Salesforce account data and public web information, this can predict the likelihood of an account to have an opportunity in the next six month.

Einstein Send-Time Optimization

You can optimize the timing of emails sent using Einstein’s machine learning skills and figure out the best time to send an email to individual prospects at their most desired times.

Track Accounts as Campaign Members

Accounts can be added to a campaign as a campaign member from related lists. This will allow us to create custom and standard reports to track engagement.

Mailability Model

By upgrading your mailability model in marketing settings, users will have clear visibility on whether a prospect can receive marketing email communications. They can also see the overall mailable status for each prospect.

Salesforce Summer ’21 Release Next Steps

When will these features take effect? Some features in the Summer ’21 release apply to all users and immediately took effect when the release went live. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality. Talk to your administrator – and we’ll help you out.

For the detailed release notes: Salesforce Summer ’21 Release Notes.

You can also learn more with additional resources for the Salesforce Summer ’21 Release:




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Salesforce Summer ‘21 Release Notes & Highlights

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Salesforce Summer ‘21 Release Notes & Highlights

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