Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release Notes & Highlights

Salesforce Winter 22 Release

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The platform is continuously evolving and improving to deliver optimal performance for its end users. The following article encompasses an overview of the new digital innovations and enhancements users can expect in the upcoming Winter ’22 product release. These innovations are targeted to heighten performance in critical business areas such as:

  1. Sales
  2. Services
  3. Marketing
  4. Commerce
  5. Financial Services
  6. Loyalty Management
  7. Experience
  8. Analytics

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One of the objectives of the winter ’22 release was to elevate user sales in order to drive growth. Many enhancements were created to support this goal. An example of such is the new and improved Pipeline Inspection enhancement.

Pipeline Inspection Enhancement

The power of AI has been integrated within the new Einstein Deal Insights, allowing users to view which opportunities are least likely to close within the month by providing increased filtering functionality.

Salesforce Winter 22 - Pipeline Inspection Enhancement

Filter insights based on opportunity stages and consequently create dashboard views based on said data


Salesforce understands the dependencies that exist between proactive customer service and business success. This comprehension has led to the creation of the Customer Service Incident Management enhancement.

The Customer Service Incident Management

This enhancement allows service teams to be hyper-responsive and efficient. It grants users the ability to analyze the cause, streamline agent operations, and minimize downtime. Additionally, the newly added change management features contribute to the end of repeat incident offenses by implementing meaningful changes that are tailored to the specific incident and its resolution.

 3 new objects bundled in this enhancement include:

  1. Incident
  2. Problem
  3. Change request

Salesforce Winter 22 - Customer Service Incident Management

All new Service Cloud orgs can access Incident Management right out of the box. To turn it on for existing orgs, find Incident Management in the Setup search bar and turn the feature toggle on

Salesforce Winter 22 - Visualization of the Incident Object

Example of Visualization of the Incident Object: List view

Salesforce Winter 22 - Incident Object Details

Incident Object: Details: Prebuilt fields that incident managers can edit


Salesforce CDP Enhancements were created in order to boost user analytics to power a 1-1 marketing experience.

Salesforce CDP Enhancements

The Salesforce CDP Enhancement delivers new levels of personalization and engagement by allowing users to ingest and unify data, resolve identity, create a single source of truth, segment, understand and activate profiles all while managing consent. Additionally, the Salesforce CDP now integrates with Interaction Studio, Tableau and Dataorama.

Salesforce Winter 22 - Salesforce CDP Enhancements Data Stream Tab

Data Stream tab where data can be connected from respective data sources (interaction studio)

Salesforce Winter 22 - Salesforce CDP Enhancements Data Mapping

Data mapping from a data stream to the cloud integration model


Salesforce invests in its end users by offering enhancements that allow them to grow faster and create deeper customer relationships. The Salesforce CDP for B2C Commerce is one example of the many enhancements that contribute to Salesforce end-user success.

Salesforce CDP for B2C Commerce

This enhancement gives companies a complete unified view of first-party customer data across every touchpoint. Not only does this result in a true single source of truth, but it also provides the ability to use commerce data in cross-channel marketing.

Salesforce Winter 22 - Commerce Data Stream

Create a data stream to pull data from digital storefronts – all point and click, no coding necessary

Salesforce Winter 22 - Commerce Mapped Commerce Data

Automatically mapped commerce data found in Salesforce canonical model

Financial services

New financial enhancements such as the Digital Process Automation for Financial Services have enabled automated, connected end-to-end work coordination, whereas the Record Association Builder has broken information barriers by associating data across standard and customer Salesforce objects. Lastly, the Tableau CRM for Financial Services: Insurance Dashboards contributes to efficient team management by creating prebuilt analytics that includes actionable insights and streamlines producer and claims adjuster activity.

Salesforce Winter 22 - Financial Services Customer 360

Customer 360 record that agent is instantly routed to when the corresponding client is calling

Salesforce Winter 22 - Financial Services Record Association Builder

Record Association Builder; List view of custom-created association rules

Salesforce Winter 22 - Financial Services Example

Example of a claims adjuster Analytics dashboard, accessible in the Analytics section

Loyalty management

The new Points Escrow Account feature assists in managing and developing the user’s customer loyalty.

Points Escrow Account

As a defense against point liability fraud, Salesforce has created the Points Escrow Account enhancement. This allows members’ points to be stored and accrued in an account (point escrow account) for the duration of the purchase return period.

Salesforce Winter 22 - Loyalty Points Escrow Account

Example of where to navigate to update the Escrow period for the Program to match your given return policy

Salesforce Winter 22 - Loyalty Points edit points

Data processing engine; accesses and calculates the available points for redemption after Escrow period is over.


Salesforce CMS Enhancements are offered in the new release to create actionable and personalized customer experiences.

Salesforce CMS Enhancements

This enhancement allows users to benefit from the continuity of operating in the CMS app. It eradicates the need to toggle between the experience builder and salesforce CMS by presenting an in-line content preview feature.

Salesforce Winter 22 -CMS Enhancements Preview Draft

Preview Draft functionality

Salesforce Winter 22 -CMS Enhancements Preview Mode

Preview mode: able to preview how the content will look on different sites or channels


Salesforce wants to help its users make better and more informed decisions by enabling them to leverage data patterns. The SQL Querying for Tableau CRM enhancement makes this possible.

SQL Querying for Tableau CRM

Salesforce presents… the SQL you know, in the CRM you love. Customers can now query their tableau CRM. This combines the reliable performance users have become accustomed to in the CRM with the addition of the SQL functionality.

Salesforce Winter 22 - SQL Querying account metrics report

Account metrics report: a widget that leverages the created account metric object

Salesforce Winter 22 - SQL Querying tableau

Pushed data from Salesforce has landed in Tableau

Salesforce Winter ’22 Release Next Steps

When will these features take effect? Some features in the Winter ’22 release apply to all users and immediately took effect when the release went live. Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality. Talk to your administrator – and we’ll help you out.

For the detailed release notes: Salesforce Winter ’22 Release Notes.

You can also learn more with additional resources for the Salesforce Winter ’22 Release:



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Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release Notes & Highlights

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Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release Notes & Highlights

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