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There’s a good chance that you’ve used or at least heard of the collaboration tool Slack by now. The communication platform is most popular amongst users for messaging with coworkers. But, for us at Big Bang, Slack’s functionality extends way beyond shared task lists and emojis. Sure, there are plenty of meme exchanges, too (on the proper channels, of course). Still, we use Slack day and night to help facilitate ease and efficiencies in our work by integrating Slack with other professional platforms. In an era where we want everything to be accessible as quickly as possible, this alleviates our internal business processes and makes it easier to focus on actual value-added tasks.

So here we go, we will spill all the secrets you want to know to become a Slack expert like us, by integrating it with Salesforce, NetSuite, FinancialForce, Rootstock, Mavenlink, and even Zoom.

Slack x Salesforce

View Records

As you may have heard, Slack recently got acquired by Salesforce. While we still don’t know the complete ins and outs of how the two tools will integrate, we know that it’s still possible to leverage Slack and Salesforce CRM to make your sales processes a lot easier.  For example, via specific commands in Slack, you can view different Salesforce records like Opportunities, Cases, and Contacts.

Screen shot Salesforce Slack integration search accounts and contacts command
View Salesforce accounts and contacts via specific commands (source:


Screen Shot Salesforce integration Slack view account details and contacts
View Salesforce accounts and contacts via specific commands (source:

Create Records

The collaboration platform even takes it a step further by allowing you to create new Salesforce records directly from the Slack App without ever having to open your Salesforce account. The pictures below show how you can create a new Case in Salesforce with some simple commands in Slack to update your to-do list in real-time. Hence, combined with Salesforce CRM, the Slack App becomes a potent tool to have in your ecosystem.

Screen Shot Salesforce records in Slack, new case, check status

Create Salesforce records with simple commands (source:

Salesforce records in Slack, case command
Create Salesforce records with simple commands (source:

Slack x NetSuite

Like the Slack integration with Salesforce, the collaboration app can also integrate with enterprise software like NetSuite. Big Bang created its own SlackBot to help salespeople register new Leads in NetSuite in a quick and effective way. The SlackBot works with simple commands and will ask the user some questions like “What’s the company name?” or “What’s the phone number?”. The user can simply type in the answers, and the SlackBot will make sure that no information is forgotten. Once the bot has finished asking questions, the user will be prompted to validate their answers and officially save the new Lead. The picture below shows the conversation between the user and the SlackBot. For a complete overview of the SlackBot for NetSuite check out this demo on YouTube.

Screen Shot NetSuite Slack integration with Big Bang slackbot, opportunity, pipeline
Commands to create new records in NetSuite (source: Big Bang)

Use these SlackBot commands and interactions for many other things like paying vendor bills directly from Slack.

Slack x FinancialForce

Slack integration is also possible with FinancialForce. Notably, this integration can help managers approve records quickly, directly from the Slack App, without opening the enterprise software. This efficiency means reduced waiting time for approvals and no loose ends on records waiting for approval.

Slack x Rootstock

Based on the Salesforce platform, Rootstock Cloud ERP can integrate with Slack in a very similar way as Salesforce and can bring in a lot of value for supply chain organizations by streamlining their processes and ensuring collaboration across the business. For example, it’s possible to share order statuses and transactions without opening the Rootstock software.

Nonetheless, stay on the lookout for new features integrating Rootstock and Slack together in the upcoming months since there has been some talk about creating a centralized hub for supplier communication via Slack x Rootstock.

Slack x Mavenlink

If your organization uses Mavenlink and Slack but hasn’t integrated them, you are missing out. Notably, it’s possible to synchronize Mavenlink’s activity feed with your preferred Slack channels to ensure cross-functional collaboration. Added to that, all the project members can stay up to date with the customizable Slack notifications as the work progresses in the PSA tool, like a status change. Finally, it is also possible to create Mavenlink tasks directly from the Slack channels via simple commands on top of all that. The user will then be prompted to enter the new task’s necessary information with the help of SlackBot.

Slack x Zoom

Finally, the last Slack integration we want to expose today is with Zoom. The video conferencing platform gained lots of attention in the last year and is being used daily at many organizations, from small businesses to larger corporations. Hence, there are a couple of ways you can automate Zoom calls without having to the app itself. For example, you can type in simple commands in a channel to start a zoom meeting with the people in that channel.


Want more? Give the Slack App Directory a quick tour, and you’ll see that you can easily integrate the collaboration app with most business platforms. If you’re like us and you want to optimize as much as possible the way your organization joins forces and communicates with Slack, reach out to Big Bang and we’ll happily help you.


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Slack Integrations for Productivity

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