Primeo Energie: A Reactivity Worthy of a Successful Partnership

The Challenge

Following a merger, Primeo Energie had to find a partner to migrate and implement its ERP.

The Solution

An implementation, an integration and migration by Big Bang.

The Benefits

A customization and automatization of various processes with NetSuite.

Primeo Energie Case Study

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About Primeo Energie

Primeo Energie (formerly Energies Libres), a provider of electricity, services, and solutions for businesses, was founded in 2015. It is a company that brings together specialists who ensure the development of SMEs and large national customers by distinguishing themselves through their expertise, responsiveness, and proximity. Primeo Energie provides exceptional service to their clients, optimizing their energy expenditure towards local authorities, industrials, and companies in the tertiary sector.

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In 2019, Primeo Energie (formerly Énergies Libres) had:

  • More than 22 NetSuite users
  • 1 office in Paris
  • 2 subsidiaries

The challenge

In the span of a year, following a merger and then a change of parent company, the company had to carry out two ERP migrations, first from another solution to NetSuite and then from one NetSuite instance to another. The challenge was to quickly learn how to use a new system and establish new processes to optimize it. Primeo Energie started looking for a partner who would take care of the implementation and integration of NetSuite and the migration of data from one system to another.

“It was a relatively complex process. Everything had to be reconfigured: redefine the chart of accounts, business processes, and convert everything into the new instance, all within a deadline,” said Samuel Doubliez, Project Manager at Primeo Energie.

The solution

Primeo Energie met with the Big Bang team and prepared a list of requirements to continue to run their daily operations. Big Bang developed an integration program specific to Primeo Energie while ensuring that all requirements were met. The initial responsiveness and tailored expertise of the Big Bang team further reinforced Primeo Energie’s confidence in selecting Big Bang for the project.

Big Bang developed and automated several functions, including customer billing processing and procedures specific to electricity supply. Big Bang consultants taught and trained Primeo Energie’s team, involving them in integrating and presenting the solution, taking time to explain the important features, and help Primeo Energie users master NetSuite.

“Having a consultant from Big Bang during the Go-Live (the project launch) of Primeo Energie was a real advantage. Big Bang consultants acted as intermediaries and corrected small issues immediately as the project went live. Our relationship and professionalism was very good!” said Doubliez.

After only a few months of use, the Primeo Energie team better understands the value of a reactive provider and a cloud solution adapted to their business needs. The customization of reports and dashboards in NetSuite allows users to have better visibility into all of their operations, enabling them to make better business decisions.

“Big Bang’s responsiveness made all the difference. As soon as they were asked, they were able to put competent consultants on the project and help us in a very interactive way,” concludes Samuel Doubliez.

Primeo Energie and Big Bang have maintained their professional relationship, having worked on several projects since their first meeting.

A final word about NetSuite

“From an IT point of view, NetSuite is a very good tool. It is flexible and offers many possibilities in terms of settings, customization, documentation, etc.”

PRO TIP for new NetSuite users:

” Keep an open mind! It’s a new tool, so you have to be able to adapt to it without necessarily trying to copy an old system”
– Samuel Doubliez

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Primeo Energie: A Reactivity Worthy of a Successful Partnership

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Primeo Energie: A Reactivity Worthy of a Successful Partnership

Complete the form to download your workbook today.

Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.