Bus Patrol’s Security Technology Gets a Boost

The Challenge

Lack of visibility on critical data across multiple tools and many manual processes hindering productivity and job satisfaction.

The Solution

The Big Bang Experience® was used to analyze business needs, leading to a custom implementation of NetSuite ERP to optimize their security technology.

The Benefits

Centralized data and more accurate results with greater visibility on their key performance indicators (KPIs).

Bus Patrol Feature Image Case Study

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The importance of customization in optimizing security technology

About BusPatrol

BusPatrol aims to create a responsible and conscientious road culture. With your children’s well-being at heart, BusPatrol provides safe and secure transportation for young students from their homes to their schools and back.

BusPatrol’s security technology “Safety Tech” allows it to differentiate itself from competitors. The company leverages its technology and knowledge to build partnerships, educate the community, and integrate the technology within Smart Buses in order to reduce the number of stop-arm violations (infractions for driving past a school bus stop sign).

BusPatrol allows school buses to transform into Smart Buses by integrating a camera, a telemetric GPS, and the equipment necessary to analyze and archive data. This technology, called Safety Tech, was developed by BusPatrol to help optimize transportation security and protect our children’s lives.

Currently, BusPatrol has:

  • More than 100 employees (Part and Full Time)
  • 3 offices in North America (Rosemere, New Orleans, and Lorton, Virginia)
  • 35 NetSuite users
  • NetSuite OneWorld Licenses to manage the Canada and US subsidiaries

The Problem

Marc Thibodeau, Chief technology operator (CTO) at BusPatrol, explains “A big part of my job requires real-time visibility on data in order to make the best business decisions and to ensure accurate system integration and the possibility to analyze the various processes – especially when it comes to reporting and managing expenses. To do so, it is crucial that I work with a solution that is tailored to the needs of the business and to ensure that our data is centralized with a system that integrates with all our current tools.”

BusPatrol selects Oracle NetSuite and Big Bang to ensure a successful implementation and customization based on the business needs. The solution was selected to solve the following problems:

  • Data is not centralized
  • Most processes still require a lot of manual work
  • No visibility

The Solution

Big Bang uses its proprietary methodology, The Big Bang Experience®, to analyze BusPatrol’s business needs and customize NetSuite accordingly.

Following the implementation of the solution, BusPatrol can note several positive outcomes. Since deployment, Big Bang and BusPatrol are currently still working together to optimize (last step) the customization. Marc Thibodeau shares the benefits he’s noted since the new system:

“We can see that the collected data is a lot more accurate. We now have access to real-time data and we are able to get KPIs that are more precise and reflective of our situation. Big Bang made several recommendations to help us optimize our current processes and generate results that are more accurate to make better business decisions.”


An example of a recommendation proposed by Big Bang to support the financial activities of BusPatrol was related to the count method of business days. Previously, the number of business days was calculated based on school days. Big Bang suggested looking at the number of active buses (bus that deploys its stop arms at least 3 times/day) instead to determine a business day. Today, a business day at BusPatrol is defined as any day active buses account for 15-20%. This change has allowed BusPatrol to have more accurate results and be more efficient as a company with greater visibility on their key performance indicators (KPIs).

“We had a great experience with Big Bang: the consultants, the integration, the connection between our internal system and NetSuite, etc. We were very satisfied with the work and the reliability of Big Bang. Resource management was very professional, we never lacked support. Also – it is enjoyable to work with our Montreal locals” claims Marc.

Marc’s Advice

“Technology is very important. Make sure you have the right systems. It is a big investment, but it is an investment that will generate long term benefits. Do not hesitate to jump when the opportunity arises to avoid having to repair everything manually in the future. You will grow faster than you think, so ensure you are prepared as soon as you can.”

– Marc Thibodeau, Chief technology operator (CTO), BusPatrol


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Bus Patrol’s Security Technology Gets a Boost

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Bus Patrol’s Security Technology Gets a Boost

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