Seamless AP Processes for Stampli Customers

The Challenge

Integrate their systems with an ERP solution that would include SAP, quickbooks, and others.

The Solution

Development of a custom API system and NetSuite integration.

The Benefits

Seamless NetSuite integration for AP processes that enhanced customer experience. Empowered employees that now know how to work with and maintain systems on their own.

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Collaboration is a huge part of success – it is the main theme that originated from Big Bang and Stampli’s business relationship. The two companies first met following Stampli’s search for a NetSuite provider with the expertise to help them with the integration of their application onto the leading cloud ERP platform. After working together on several projects, Stampli and Big Bang’s client-business relationship turned into a partnership emphasizing collaboration and cooperation from both parties. Even after learning a lot, Stampli keeps Big Bang for help when they need it – the sole product partner they continue to work with, many years later.

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About Stampli

Stampli offers a revolutionary accounts payable solution completely centered around the invoice. By allowing all stakeholders—AP, business units, and vendors—to easily communicate around the invoice, companies saw up to 5x faster invoice approval times and maximized efficiencies in their accounting processes and productivity.  Moreover, Stampli’s AI uses machine learning to understand an organization’s unique patterns and assists in GL-coding, approval workflows, duplicate invoice identification, and more. Finally, Stampli is an easy setup, allowing customers to “Go Live” within minutes as opposed to extensive implementations with other solutions that require weeks or months. In a few short years, Stampli has become the fastest-growing invoice management solution helping customers from every industry manage over $7 billion worth of invoices annually from over 450,000 vendors.


Stampli wanted to offer their customers a seamless NetSuite Integration for AP processes, however, they needed expert help defining and implementing this system to offer and maintain a top-of-the-line solution. They wanted a  partner who had deep NetSuite knowledge to help build the foundation and integrate their application with leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions including SAP, QuickBooks, and others. With this vision in mind, Stampli set out to look for a solution provider that could help with their NetSuite integration in order to be able to make their objectives a reality and deliver their brand promise.


Big Bang stood out from the crowd as Stampli knew that the only way to solve their problem was to find a partner with adequate NetSuite expertise who would be flexible enough to adjust to their specific needs – and they had found a match. Big Bang gathered Stampli’s requirements and developed the system API accordingly.

“We enjoyed working with Big Bang as they had many resources available to help depending on the different tasks. They understood our needs and supported us every step of the way. From consultant to project manager, the team presented the right person at the right time for every task which made the whole process flow very smoothly”

– Eyal Feldman, CEO at Stampli.

After implementing the NetSuite APIs for Stampli, Big Bang provided support and training for the Stampli team. Within a few months, Stampli was autonomous, turning only to Big Bang for other work in the future.

“With Big Bang’s help, we managed to plan and implement a working solution very quickly, and since then improve it to be very comprehensive and accurate. In addition, Big Bang helped us gain the expertise to continue working and maintain this on our own when we choose it’s needed”

– Ofer Feldman, Co-founder & Head of R&D at Stampli.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts from both Big Bang and Stampli, a partnership based on collaboration was born. Together, they established a strong bond to provide better service to their customers.

“From all the partners we had, Big Bang was our only delivery partner (we still work with). Big Bang has a deep knowledge of NetSuite and they have worked with many integrators (in the past) which makes them, by far, the best integrator in terms of quality. We really enjoy working with them and know we can count on their support to tackle any corporate problem”

– Eyal Feldman, CEO at Stampli.


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Seamless AP Processes for Stampli Customers

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Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.

Seamless AP Processes for Stampli Customers

Complete the form to download your workbook today.

Become the master of your organization’s business systems – without a headache.