The No BS Digital Transformation Workbook

The no BS guide on how to innovate in a digital world

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How to Master your Organization’s Global Architecture of Business Systems (Without the Headache)

With all kinds of whitepapers, podcasts, and books out there, it’s not like us to follow the herd. The focus of this workbook is not on telling you the answer as much as it is about you creating it. The framework of this e-book is heavily based on providing tangible value by recommending a solution that will work for you and your organization. Whether that may be implementing a business system to support your growth, customizing software for your unique operations, or optimizing your processes for better collaboration, prepare to be guided toward real results.

If we know one thing at Big Bang, it’s that: Digital transformation, we got it.

Time is precious, and we don’t want you to be staring at the screen/paper for too long.

The Digital Transformation Workbook will cover:

  • The right approach to Digital Transformation including triggers for change
  • Glossary of buzzwords with acronym definition
  • How to own your organization’s information and business systems
  • Quiz and tables to complete to uncover pain points and create your action plan
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The No BS Digital Transformation Workbook

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